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    Design Science MathType v6.9c

    [u][color="#0066cc"]MathType 6.8 FinaL • Incl. Fixed Keymaker-CORE[/color][/u] [u][color="#0066cc"]DOWNLOAD:[/color][/u] [u][color="#0066cc"]http://netload.in/dateidq7H6BsVAU/mt68.rar.htm http://disk.karelia.pro/fast/d39YTFc/mt68.rar http://www16.zippyshare.com/v/37240963/file.html http://jumbofiles.com/p2n2zfrl168j/mt68.rar.html https://rapidshare.com/files/628827436/mt68.rar[/color][/u]
  2. trendmark

    Design Science MathType v6.9c

    Design.Science.MathType.v6.6a.Cracked-EAT DOWNLOAD: http://rapidshare.com/files/335025414/Design.Science.MathType.v6.6a.Cracked-EAT.rar http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9OD5OBEV http://hotfile.com/dl/24169504/8541737/Design.Science.MathType.v6.6a.Cracked-EAT.rar
  3. Forumun Anasayfa Uzmanı. Bak Benim Avatara Senin Karektere Benzio :D

  4. trendmark

    Sony Vegas Pro

    Sony Vegas Pro Move Studio 8.0 http://rapidshare.com/files/77242450/sv8wem.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/77244442/sv8wem.part2.rar[/CODE]
  5. , ImageToPDF is a windows application which can directly convert dozens of image formats, such as TIF, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PSD, WMF, EMF, PDF, PCX, PIC and so on, into PDF format. ImageToPDF can automatically skew-correct B/W images by employing special techniques to insure high quality output after conversion. ImageToPDF can operate Adobe Acrobat independently and it has faster processing speed. If your application doesn't require OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality, ImageToPDF provides a very convenient, simple way to compose electronic books which can then be issued to the Web. You can scan paper documents directly to image files and then convert them to PDF using ImageToPDF. Handles multipage-image files correctly by incorporating all images sequentially into PDF. This is new software programs and utilities convert TIFF files (black and white and color) into exceptionally high quality PDF files with an excellent compression at a impressive speed and performance. ImageToPDF is perfect for high-volume document archive/database systems that require unattended batch image conversions (TIFF or other images) to PDF format. Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/57682958/pdf.rar[/CODE] pass:tnctr.com
  6. ConvertXtoDVD is a video converter software to convert and burn your videos to DVD. With ConvertXtoDVD and a few clicks you can backup your movies to DVD playable on any home DVD player. ConvertXtoDVD supports most popular formats such as AVI to DVD; Mpeg, Mpeg, Mpeg4, MP4, VOB, WMV, DV and stream formats to DVD. It converts your files into a compliant DVD Video set of files and burns it on a DVD media. The ConvertXtoDvd does not need an external AVI codec download. It uses its own AVI codecs. Looking for free video converter software? ConvertXtoDVD is free video converter evaluation software - a small payment and you no longer have the VSO watermark on the video output. The aspect ratio can be automatically selected or forced to a specific format. The program works for NTSC and PAL video formats and creates chapters automatically. Multiple audio tracks are supported. Version 2 uses a completely rewritten interface with subtitles support and a lot of new settings. VSO ConvertXtoDVD is neither affiliated with, nor using technology from Divx Networks! ConvertXtoDVD : convert avi to dvd with burning video converter software ConvertXtoDVD is a video converter software to convert and burn your videos to DVD. With ConvertXtoDVD and a few clicks you can backup your movies to DVD playable on any home DVD player. ConvertXtoDVD supports most popular formats such as AVI to DVD; Mpeg, Mpeg, Mpeg4, MP4, VOB, WMV, DV and stream formats to DVD. It converts your files into a compliant DVD Video set of files and burns it on a DVD media. The ConvertXtoDvd does not need an external AVI codec download. It uses its own AVI codecs. Looking for free video converter software? ConvertXtoDVD is free video converter evaluation software - a small payment and you no longer have the VSO watermark on the video output. The aspect ratio can be automatically selected or forced to a specific format. The program works for NTSC and PAL video formats and creates chapters automatically. Multiple audio tracks are supported. Version 2 uses a completely rewritten interface with subtitles support and a lot of new settings. VSO ConvertXtoDVD is neither affiliated with, nor using technology from Divx Networks! DownloadBuy Key Features Supported video formats: Convert AVI, Mpeg, Mpeg4, DivX, Xvid, MOV, WMV, WMV HD, DV, MKV, DVD to DVD and more... Supported sources: existing files from digital camcorders, TV/Sat, capture cards Can merge up to 4 hours of material from several movies or episodes Supported audio formats: AC3, DTS, PCM, OGG, MP3, and more... Handles subtitles files (.SRT .SUB/IDX .SSA) with color and font selection, and supports tags (italic, bold) Video format choice: NTSC, PAL, or automatic and PULL-DOWN Picture output: Widescreen, Fullscreen, or automatic Create Automatic chapters or edit your own Fast preview mode to check if the source is loaded correctly Save the DVD structure on hard drive or burn it to a blank DVD Reliable burn engine integrated (supports all DVD formats) Fast and quality encoder (typically less than 1 hour for converting 1 movie) Variable options and settings for advanced users Control of the conversion speed vs quality DVD Menu control (auto-start, loop etc) DVD Menu edition (background, font, color) Customizable interface (themes, dockable windows) Multilingual support (available languages...) Optimized for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/57665494/ConvertXtoDVDbyTNCTR_com.rar[/CODE] Registration key: VSXL4-DTTQS-3W3CU-CDNM3-62KQ4-2 Pass:tnctr.com
  7. ConvertXtoDVD is a video converter software to convert and burn your videos to DVD. With ConvertXtoDVD and a few clicks you can backup your movies to DVD playable on any home DVD player. ConvertXtoDVD supports most popular formats such as AVI to DVD; Mpeg, Mpeg, Mpeg4, MP4, VOB, WMV, DV and stream formats to DVD. It converts your files into a compliant DVD Video set of files and burns it on a DVD media. The ConvertXtoDvd does not need an external AVI codec download. It uses its own AVI codecs. http://rapidshare.com/files/38723400/Convert.X.to.DVD-[/CODE]
  8. trendmark

    Diskeeper 16 Professional 19.0.1214.0

    Gayet iyi bir program.Windows tan daha hızlı olduğu da kesin.Size kalmış
  9. trendmark

    Total Recorder 8.4 Build 4990

    Total Recorder is a powerful, yet simple audio recording solution. Total Recorder records streaming audio directly from systems like Real Player, Windows Media Player, QuickTime and WinAmp. It can also record from cassette tapes, LPs, DVDs, CDs or through a microphone connected to your PC. The resulting recordings may be saved as wav, wma, mp3, Ogg Vorbis or FLAC audio files. The recordings may then be copied to a CD using a standard CD burner and associated software. Total Recorder Professional Edition has many of the features usually associated with much more costly sound edition programs. With the Professional Edition, users may: Use a Split facility that automatically breaks a large file into smaller files, based on selected criteria. The Split facility can be used to break up a single recording of a number of songs, into separate files for each song. It can also be used to automatically break a file into standard sized smaller files. See this link for more details. Delete a portion of a file, using precise markers and the Sound Image facility. The Sound Image facility provides the user with a visual representation of the levels of sound on the file. Follow this link for more details on the Sound Image feature. Insert a file into another or Copy and Paste a portion of an audio file to/from the Windows Clipboard. A mini-browser incorporated into the scheduler, that removes the requirement to leave your usual browser active and on the site that you wish to record. Use of the mini-browser allows users to browse and pre-select links they would like to record. At the scheduled time, Total Recorder Professional will activate the link and record the requested broadcast. A batch processing facility that allows you to process one or more files at the same time. You can use batch processing to change the format, apply fading effects, create or change tags, and other operations. Support for High Quality Audio formats including PCM formats (up to 192kHz 24bit and float mono and stereo), high-quality FLAC formats (up to 192kHz 24bit mono and stereo), high-quality Windows Media Audio Lossless stereo formats (up to 96kHz 24bit), and the stereo formats of Windows Media Audio Professional codec. Additional Total Recorder Features Audio File Format Support During different operations, Total Recorder provides support for a number of various audio file formats. On most PCs, Total Recorder can capture and record any audio played, regardless of its original format. This includes streaming audio from Internet sources or any input source on the PC's sound card. The resulting audio files may be saved as wav (compressed or non-compressed), wma, mp3, Ogg Vorbis or FLAC files. Total Recorder can be used to directly convert files between wav, wma, ogg, mp3 or FLAC formats. It can also edit any of these file types and allows editing of mp3 and Ogg Vorbis tags. Total Recorder compresses the sound "on-the-fly" and unlike other programs, when editing a segment of a file, Total Recorder does not decompress and then re-compress the segment to be saved. Instead, the original compression is preserved. http://www.highcriteria.com/ add-ons http://www.highcriteria.com/AddOnMain.htm AGC + Speech Enhancement Add-on + keygen Audio Restoration 1.0 + keygen Free add-ons Send to iTunes/iPod Add-on Ogg Vorbis Support Add-on Digital Mixer Add-on Spectrum Analyzer and Graphic Equalizer Add-on (Name + Serial included. No patch needed). Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/17070123/To.Re.6.0.rar [/CODE]
  10. Incomedia Website Evolution X5 v7.0.6 | FULL | 71.5 MB Incomedia Website Evolution X5 v7.0.6 | FULL | 71.5 MB Over 1000 graphic templates included Creation of e-commerce carts E-mail forms, Feed RSS, Reserved area, multi-language sites Sites compatible with all Browsers Sites navigable from palms and mobile phones XHTML codes optimized for search engines Windows Vista compatible http://bravoshare.com/download.php?sid=3066&name=Incomedia.Website.Evolution.X5.v7.0.6.rar This Keygen work. http://rapidshare.com/files/35291509/Incomedia_Website_Evolution_X5_v7.0.6.rar.html PSW: www.sozluk.dk [/CODE]
  11. trendmark

    Image-Line FL Studio Producer Edition

    Fruity Loops 7 XXL + Update + Addons + fiX ! FL Studio (formerly Fruity Loops) is a digital audio workstation, developed by Didier Dambrin (also known as 'Gol'), lead programmer of Image-Line Software. Music is created by recording and mixing audio and/or MIDI data together to create a song, which can then be saved to the program's native .FLP (Fruity Loops Project) format. Songs can be exported to a Microsoft WAV or MP3 file compatible with most media players. As the developers like to say, you will be creating wav, mp3 or midi songs or loops only minutes after launching it. FL Studio is a pattern-based music sequencer, which allows the artist to create songs in pieces (patterns) using the Step Sequencer and the Piano Roll view, then merge those pieces together using the Playlist window. The Effects Panel provides access to a wide range of software effects that can be automated for dynamic sweeps, rolling bass lines and texture changes. The program is especially well known within the hobbyist music community as a relatively low-cost, user-friendly platform for the creation of hip hop, electronica and dance music, although the complete version contains a sufficient amount of features for handling the production of songs in many different genres. User interface The FL Studio user interface comprises 5 main screens: Step Sequencer - enables quick assembly of drum patterns and short melodic parts. Piano Roll - a two dimensional grid for composing purposes. The vertical axis represents pitch, and the horizontal axis represents time. Playlist - allows the arrangement of sets of patterns and audio files for assembling a complete song. Mixer - used for balancing audio levels, adding effects processors (VST plugins, etc.), and recording audio input. Sample Browser - allows for quick access of audio samples, plugins, presets, and other FL Studio song files (FLPs). Features FL Studio has become widely used by both amateur and professional musicians alike, because of its easy-to-use step sequencer and powerful piano roll editor, good monetary value, wide support of industry standards, extensive automation capabilities, and high-quality effects. One particularly alluring feature of (the online version of) FL Studio is the lifetime free update policy. As of version 6.0, all of the mixer tracks can be used as Send tracks; multiple MIDI devices can be used. Instrumental effects include reverb, chorus, flanger and the like. It uses internal 32 bit floating point audio mixing at sampling frequencies of up to 192kHz. Due to widely variable Piano Roll techniques, drum sequences can be "sliced" and re-arranged to create breakbeat-style rhythms, as well as complex IDM and DnB patterns. The standard version of FL Studio includes quite a number of generators (software synthesizers). Some of these must be purchased separately. Generally, these additional plugins are inexpensive. The "Producer Edition" includes a mixer and multi-track audio recording capabilities for sound hardware with ASIO drivers. The "FL Studio XXL" offer includes all optional components with a 40% price reduction. FL Studio uses its own extended internal plugin API but it can use VST, Buzz, ReWire and DirectX plugins via special adapter plugins, making it compatible with the vast majority of software synthesizers and effects processors. The demo version is fully functional, with the restriction of not being able to save projects for later work; it does, however allow projects to be exported to WAV or MP3 format. Also, not being able to access full versions of some plug-ins in the program is another restriction when using the demo product. As of version 7, FL Studio now supports multithreading and multiple-core processors. Included generators 3x OSC - a flexible 3 oscillator virtual analog synth with custom wave shapes, a tempo-synced AHDSR envelope and LFO for Volume, Filter, Resonance and Pitch, an LFO for panning and a pitched MIDI delay for unison effects. BeepMap - generates unusual sounds from Bitmap image files (.bmp files). BooBass - a realistic bass guitar simulation. Buzz Generator Adapter - used to run most Buzz plugins. Dashboard - customizable interface for controlling external MIDI hardware as well as controlling specific internal parameters. FL Slayer - an electric guitar simulator created by refx. FL Keys - a multi-sampled synth for various piano sounds. Keyboard controller - internal controller for pattern-based filter applications, trance gates, etc. Fruit Kick - for generating synthesized kick drum/bass sounds. Fruity Granulizer - for applying granular synthesis effects to a sample. Fruity Slicer - A tool which slices and enables the rearrangement of audio files with well-defined transients (akin to ReCycle). FPC - Software drum machine modeled after the Akai MPC series. WaveTraveller - spline-based playback of samples, useful for record-scratch effects. MIDI Out - provides MIDI control of external hardware. Plucked - a Karplus-Strong plucked string generator. Sampler - a simple but flexible sampler that has the same envelopes, LFOs, and MIDI delay as the 3x OSC described above. Optional generators (require additional purchase) Sytrus - a powerful FM synthesizer featuring 6 customizable operators for FM, RM, VA and plucked-string synthesis, numerous multi-point, tempo-syncable envelopes and LFOs, 12 filter types & 3 waveshapers, a unique programmable unison mode, and an effects module consisting of chorus, 3 delay lines, and reverb. Toxic III - a powerful synthesizer that combines additive and subtractive synthesis, producing a "softer" or more ambient sound than Sytrus. Includes more than the standard number of waveforms, low, high and band-pass filters, and numerous programmable modulation windows. PoiZone - an easy to program synthesizer capable of producing a wide variety of trancy sounds Slayer II - a guitar simulation that improves upon the included FL Slayer (VSTi plugin by reFX) SimSynth Live - 3 oscillator MiniMoog simulation combined with Oberheim style SVF filters Wasp - a broad analog emulation synth with an aggressive distortion effect (after the EDP Wasp) Wasp XT - an updated version of Wasp DX10 - FM sound with a simple, intuitive interface Soundfont Player - gives the ability to load, play and render soundfonts (.sf2 files) DrumSynth Live - a complex drum synthesizer BeatSlicer - easily 'slice' any wav file (not only loops) into its specific parts and edit those slices EZ-Editor - An audio editing program (not needed if one has the Producer Edition) SimSynth Standalone - A free-standing program that is used to generate synth sounds in WAV or SYN (SymSynth native file format) format. DirectWave - A multisampler that can sample VSTi instruments directly Deckadance - A powerful DJing tool similar to Traktor DJ FL Studio supported standards DirectX plugins VST plugins VST2 plugins Buzz plugins Rewire host and client Driver support ASIO driver (a generic driver ASIO4ALL is also included for cards without native ASIO support) DirectSound driver Effects plugins Buzz Effect Adapter - is a wrapper for Buzz effect machines. You can find a huge collection of Buzz machines at BuzzMachines.com EQUO - Equalizer that can be automated to morph different aspects sound Fruity 7 Band EQ - 7 band equalizer Fruity Big Clock - Displays songtime in various formats Fruity Balance - A stereo balance plugin to create a panning effect Fruity dB Meter - Shows the decibel level of sound sent to the dB Meters' specific FX track Fruity Bass Boost - Bass enhancing effect Fruity Center - Removes DC offset in real-time Fruity Delay - Adds delay (echo) Fruity Delay 2 - An enhanced version of Fruity Delay Fruity Delay Bank - Allows complex delay effects by having 8 identical banks in parallel where each bank can be fed to another Fruity Fast Dist - A simple distortion effect Fruity Blood Overdrive - A distortion effect suitable for guitar sounds Fruity Flangus - Allows you to enrich the stereo panorama of your mix, add complex flange effects and simulate unison mode synthesis via a set of controllable "stacked" flangers Fruity Formula Controller - Allows you to write a formula returning a value which is then used to control an internal parameter. Fruity HTML NoteBook - The same as the Fruity Notebook but with the ability to use HTML. Fruity LSD - Wraps the functionality of the DirectMusic software synthesizer to FL Studio and provides 16 MIDI instruments with an option to import DLS level 1 banks. Fruity Love Philter - A multi-mode, multilevel all-encompassing filter. Fruity NoteBook - An internal sctratchpad. Fruity PanOMatic - Pans and controls volume of sounds sent to its FX track. Fruity Parametric EQ - A parametric equalizer for sounds traveling through its FX track. Each band can act as high shelf, low shelf, peaking, band pass, notch, high pass or low pass filter. The plugin also contains global gain wheel to adjust the overall volume. Fruity Parametric EQ 2 - An expanded parametric equalizer with realtime visual spectrum feedback, as well as oversampling and a quick state recall function. Fruity Peak Controller - An internal controller which returns a value based on the peak level of sound sent to the controllers specific FX track. By default, it mutes the sound being sent to it. The returned value is used to control any internal parameter. Fruity Fast LP - A Low-pass filter Fruity Filter - A filter plugin with knobs to adjust the level of the cutoff frequency and resonance, with low pass, band pass, and high pass modes. Fruity Free Filter - A simple filter plugin Fruity Flanger - Applies flanging effect to audio Fruity Chorus - Creates chorus effect Fruity Scratcher - Simulates a turntable. Load a .wav file and play with it like it's a record. Fruity Send - Sends its input to one of the 4 send Mixer tracks. This allows you to include effects in the insert track after the signal is sent to a sent track Fruity Soft Clipper - Very similar to the compressor, except it is more CPU friendly. Fruity Spectroman - Monitors the spectrum of its specific FX track Fruity Stereo Enhancer - A filter and processor for sound being sent to the FX track Fruity Vocoder - Takes left and right channels of sound being sent to its specific FX track and combines them in such a way where one channel modulates the other. Fruity Wrapper - Brings compatibility with Steinberg's VST2/VSTi plugins and DXi2 plugins Fruity X-Y Controller - An internal controller using a coordinate plane to return an X value and Y value which can both be used to control any internal parameter. Fruity Mute - Automates mute Fruity Compressor - Scales the output volume, making quiet parts louder without causing loud parts to clip Fruity Multiband Compressor - A 3 band stereo compressor Fruity Phase Inverter - A simple legacy channel phase inverter Fruity Phaser - Creates effect similar to flanging, but with a wider 'sweep' effect Fruity Reverb - Simulates sound reflecting in enclosed space, creating a 'live' feel Fruity Reverb 2 - A more sophisticated version of Fruity Reverb Fruity Wave Shaper - A wave distortion effect which maps input to output values in a graph Fruity Squeeze - A distortion effect that adds a gritty feel to sounds such as drumloops Editions of FL Studio FL Studio is available in three editions, each with a different set of features. Each edition is available for download, and each edition except Express Edition is available, at a higher price, as a boxed set. Additionally, upgrades from one edition to the next are available. Express Edition - This is the smallest version, and with the most limited selection of features. It is meant to be used more as a drum machine rather than a full-fledged audio production program. Fruityloops Edition - This is the second version, and is meant to be an "entry level virtual studio", according to the Image-Line store. It is more or less a stripped down version of the Producer Edition. It is included with more plug-ins than Express, but not as many as the Producer Edition. Producer Edition - It includes the following features: Automation Clips, and an integrated wave editor (replaced by Edison in version 7). http://rapidshare.com/files/37987197/FL.7.0.0.XXL.Prod.Edition.PLUS.fiX.Plus.Addons.Plus.Update.faXcooL.rar [/CODE] Size : 98MB
  12. trendmark

    Fund Manager Personal 8.3

    Fund Manager makes keeping track of your investments easy by offering convenient features such as powerful price and transaction importing features as well as single push button price updates from the internet. Feature List: Investment Records Management Record your transaction history for an unlimited number of investments and portfolios. Track stocks, mutual funds, options, bonds, and cash accounts. Keep track of your purchases, redemptions, distributions, as well as advanced transactions, such as splits, re-combinations, mergers, and spin-offs. Supports both long and short positions. Transactions can be entered manually, imported from a wide variety of formats, or retrieved directly from your broker or mutual fund company. Hierarchical Portfolios Track an unlimited number of portfolios. Portfolios can contain an unlimited number of hierarchical sub-portfolios. Display graphs/reports on any portfolio or sub-portfolio. Sub-portfolios are useful for organizing your investments into specific accounts, and/or for investment advisors tracking investments for multiple clients. For managing your portfolios see the Portfolio Editor. There is also a tutorial on using the Portfolio Editor. Automated Price Updates Retrieve daily and historical prices from the internet. Retrieve Transactions Directly from your Broker or Fund Company Retrieving transactions makes keeping your records updated easy. Learn more here. Graphing Extensive graph options allow you to view your investments and portfolios in a variety of ways. Compare performance and gain insight into your positions. Choose from 29 customizable graph types displayed in the Graphs window. See screen shots of graphs. Reports Choose from any of the 13 available report types, including a "Custom" report that offers over 150 available fields to choose from. Reports are very flexible, so you can get the exact format you need. See Report windows and sample screen shots of reports. Capital Gains Reporting Support for First In First Out (FIFO), Average, or Specific Lot accounting methods. Capital Gain reports provide all the information required for tax reporting. Export capital gains to TurboTax or other popular tax preparation software. Wash sales are supported in the Professional and Advisor versions. Price Alerts Choose from a variety of price alert types, such as fixed price, trailing stop loss, or moving average alerts. When an alert is triggered you can be notified with a popup window, sound, have an e-mail sent to you, or you can be paged. Yield Calculations True AIMR compliant yield calculations. Multiple yield types are available to report how well your money performed, or how well the underlying investment performed. See Yield Calculations in the documentation. Markers and Trendlines Markers can be shown on graphs for the following: Buy, Sell, Distribution, Notes, Splits, Price Alerts, Un-Specified Lots, Trendlines. Trendlines are a special marker type that you can draw on any of your graphs. Multiple Currency Support Track investments in up to 8 different currencies. See the tutorial on tracking investments in different currencies. Import Transaction History Supports transaction data from a wide variety of sources, including a "Generic" import, where you can specify the format of your incoming data. Makes it easy to get started if you're coming from another software package, such as Quicken or Microsoft Money. Asset Type and Investment Goal Allocation Each investment can be assigned in percentages to 25 asset types, and also 25 investment goals. Graphs and reports are available for analyzing your allocation among, and performance in, these categories. Download http://rapidshare.com/files/23283751/Fund.Manager.Advisor.v8.3.WinAll.Cracked-CRD.zip[/CODE]
  13. trendmark

    Genopro 2016

    GenoPro 2007 http://rapidshare.com/files/23287944/GenoPro_2007.rar[/CODE]
  14. trendmark

    Ashampoo Office 2016.741

    Ashampoo Office 2006 ver. 1.10 Download App + Fix - 24.3 MB: http://rapidshare.com/files/21726908/AO6_110_pc1.rar[/CODE]