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  1. AquaSoft Stages 10.5.01 (x86x64) Multilingual File size: 227.05 MB / 246.71 MB AquaSoft Stages is a tool for professionals, photographers, animators, and ambitious advanced users who require maximal functionality from their software and want to control every moment of their project precisely. Keyframes, unlimited timeline tracks, and a huge selection of effects and transitions are designed to present your photos, videos, and animations in a professional manner. Other features like custom aspect ratios, custom dynamic parameters for Live-Effects, and the new advanced preview modes allow comprehensive and precise control of your projects. AquaSoft Stages is the solution to your sophisticated requirements - your tool to create animated image presentations. Video export with 4K-UHD and H.264/H.265 - With 4K-UHD video export, you get 4 times the quality of Full-HD. Thanks to the higher resolution, even the smallest details will stay sharp and in focus. Vibrant images that appear to be within one's grasp will enthrall your viewers thrust them directly into the action. - Use the new H.265 video encoder to create videos with the smallest size possible, without losing quality. Dynamic titles - A professionally designed presentation requires text that matches the style of your photos and videos perfectly. With AquaSoft Stages, you can adjust your text and titles so they harmonize with your photos and videos. Visual effects - Choose from more than 100 effects, most of which can be customized and used in a variety of ways. Combine effects to create completely new impressions. Animated routes - Share your experiences with your viewers and show them the places you have been with an animated travel route. - AquaSoft Stages offers a wide variety of map materials with different styles. Customize the look of each route to create unique animations. Camera pan shots and zooms - Control Ken-Burns effects, camera pan shots, and zooms directly with the Layoutdesigner. Set the duration and direction for each movement mark to highlight details and focus the viewer's eye on the important parts. Dynamic masks - Use dynamic masks in Stages to apply effects only to certain parts of your images and compositions or to hide/show partial areas. - You can scale, animate, or modify the strengths of your masks during your presentation. A mask can be anything - an image, a text, a movie, or even a composition of several elements. Control your animations with keyframes - In AquaSoft Stages' integrated timeline, you can work with keyframes intuitively. Create and position your keyframes and optionally apply custom properties as Stages interpolates between them to create your animations. System requirements for SlideShow and Stages 10 - Operating System: Windows Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported - Processor: 2GHz, multi-core processor recommended - Graphics card: Min. 256MB memory, DirectX 9c - RAM: 2GB HOMEPAGE Download Link Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/d9a36a8903a2fcbcfe5990e1d4f53a4b/n00os.BaDshaHStages.10.5.01x64.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/2d9568a6a8ecc382c8f12586959050bd/n00os.BaDshaHStages.10.5.01x86.rar.html
  2. AquaSoft SlideShow 10 Ultimate 10.5.01 (x86x64) Multilingual File size: 226.87 MB / 246.34 MB Stand out from the crowd with exciting videos created from your photos, video, and music. SlideShow 10 is packed with new features in every category, especially video editing. Cut, reorder, speed up, or slow down your videos, you are in full control. More than just images: your story. SlideShow 10 puts the tools for comfortable video editing in your hands plus tons of new features that allow you to customize your videos down to the last detail. You like to record videos with the camera or a mobile phone? Want to speed things up or slow things down? No problem with the new time lapse & slow motion features. - NEW! Increased video functions including time lapse and slow motion - NEW! Create 3D rotations with photos and video - NEW! Combine font styles and design effects - Animated itineraries with higher resolution maps - Full HD and 4K quality export Video editing: professional quality made easy with SlideShow Take your videos into post-production: the frame-by-frame view allows for precise cuts, ensuring that you capture the essence of your videos. Accelerate your recordings for fast rides or slow them down to give special moments more time. Edit your videos in SlideShow with the use of color, mask, and lighting effects to create stunning visual experiences. The hardware accelerated decoding works in the background to ensure smooth playback even at 4K resolution. - NEW! Video editing tools directly in the Timeline - NEW! Optimized deinterlacing: no more combing - NEW! Adjustable speed (time lapse/slow motion) - NEW! Frame-by-frame view for videos - NEW! Professional Playhead - NEW! Hardware accelerated video decoding Text, in all shapes and sizes Combine fonts and colors in one text object - in SlideShow 10 using Rich Text is finally possible. You can make each letter of your text a different color or highlight a word by making it in a different font, all without the need of several text objects. Do you want to see the author, date, or the place where your images were taken? Now your camera data and GPS information are automatically loaded and easily accessible using the variables feature. - NEW! With the rich text editor, you can now use different fonts, sizes, and colors combined in a single text object. - NEW! Popular effects from the image editor can now be applied to text. - NEW! With variables, all you photo info including aperture, camera type, date and location taken are easily accessible. Experience detailed photos Using camera pans, zoom in on details or pan across panoramic views; in version 10, you can even add a spin. Selecting the right zoom area is now much easier, the selected segment is now outlined with a dark lined border, so you can see exactly what will be visible and what won't. You can also enjoy a newer and faster layout designer. Now scroll with the mouse wheel continuously in and out, up and down. Your Enjoying your photos and videos has never been this simple. - NEW! Rotated Camera Pans - NEW! Zoom around the Layout designer - NEW! Scrollbars in the Layout designer Maximum quality output We stay on top of technical advancements to ensure that the resolution outputs in SlideShow meet the highest standards. Whether you still want to burn a DVD to give away or if you want 4K resolution, the Video Wizard offers different export options which can all be configured in Ultimate and Stages down to the last detail. Export your video in various formats, including: - Other computers - As HD/4K video on your TV, Mac, smartphone, tablet, or other device - As a video or as a PC-Show for projectors - Social media; YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc - As a CD, DVD (with menu), AVCHD or Blu-Ray disc System requirements for SlideShow and Stages 10 - Operating System: Windows Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported - Processor: 2GHz, multi-core processor recommended - Graphics card: Min. 256MB memory, DirectX 9c - RAM: 2GB Download Link Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/b5f3b80fc6db61a258262a9059863590/kml76.BaDshaHDiaShow.10.5.01x64.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/54c62908b0cfe680372de6509426e133/kml76.BaDshaHDiaShow.10.5.01x86.rar.html
  3. Allegorithmic Substance Painter x64 Allegorithmic Substance Painter x64 | 1.23 GB Substance Painter is a brand new 3D Painting app with never before seen features and workflow improvements to make the creation of textures for 3D assets easier than ever. It is acknowledged as the most innovative and user-friendly 3D Painter out there. 3D PBR Painting Use a complete and familiar set of texturing tools: PBR and particle painting, Substance procedural effects, smart materials and smart masks, and fast baking. Iray Pathtrace Rendering - Render directly with NVIDIA Iray and enhance your images with Yebis post-process effects. - Toggle the viewport in new fullscreen mode for an immersive painting experience. Automated Texturing Use and reuse presets and integrated bakers to speed up texturing. Smart Materials Create and reuse your own mesh-adaptive materials Smart Masks Create and reuse your own mesh-adaptive mask presets Integrated Bakers AO / normal map / etc. Premium Content The updated material library contains scan-based Substance textures and grunge maps, plus hundreds of alphas and brushes. System Requirements: Windows: Minimum: - OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 - 64 bit mandatory - Memory: 4 GB RAM - Graphics: VRAM 1GB - DirectX: Version 10 - Hard Drive: 150 MB available space (+500 Mo per project) - Additional Notes: Integrated GPU are not recommended Recommended: - OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 - 64 bit mandatory - Memory: 4 GB RAM - Graphics: VRAM 2GB - DirectX: Version 11 - Hard Drive: 150 MB available space - Additional Notes: Integrated GPU are not recommended Homepage Download Link Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/976872838383fa2bbb970e6786c7ebe5/7inns.Allegorithmic.Substance.Painter. http://rapidgator.net/file/1a143aa65943ba9371c2f942bd1fa9e8/7inns.Allegorithmic.Substance.Painter. http://rapidgator.net/file/72a0a470b073d0b93152869c6944517e/7inns.Allegorithmic.Substance.Painter.
  4. Allavsoft Video Downloader Converter Multilingual File size: 31.8 MB This powerful Video Downloader supports downloading movies, music videos, playlist, sport videos, lectures and more from free video sharing website like Facebook, Dailymotion, eHow, and more than 100 video sharing sites. Besides downloading video in its original format, Allavsoft also features one-click to download as well as convert the downloaded video to popular video format like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VOB, ASF, RMVB, DV, TS, Apple ProRes, WebM, FLV, OGV and etc. This ideal Web Video Downloader app enables selecting among all video qualities available for downloading like download videos in ultra high definition (4K), 3D video, HD 2k, HD 1080p, HD 720p, and stand definition 480p, 360p, and 240p. This professional Video Downloading and Converting tool also helps to extract and download audio from online music video or movies as well as convert to popular audio format like MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, AAC, Apple Lossless M4A, AIFF, RA, FLAC, OGG, AU and etc. Batch download and convert Allavsoft supports adding multiple video URLs and batch downloading and converting multiple videos at a time. When download web video files, this wonderful Video Downloader will automatically detects advertisements and does not download them. Preview and playback downloaded video files There is a built-in video player in Allavsoft for us to preview and playback the downloaded video files. Breakpoint Resume You can pause and resume downloading at any time. It is very convenient to use. Action after download done You can set automatically shut down computer after all the download tasks are finished, if you have lots of videos to download and want to leave your Windows on to download them. Keep history for downloading. Whats New : Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version Download Link Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/7975f7dd894152c0de83ab5daef8a44e/4lohp.Allavsoft.Video.Downloader.Converter.
  5. Big Fish Audio Modular Analog Tech House MULTiFORMAT Big Fish Audio Modular Analog Tech House MULTiFORMAT FANTASTiC | 12 May 2017 | 11.66 GB Modular: Analog Tech House is one of the most unique libraries Big Fish Audio has ever released. This massive 50 Construction Kit library of modern Tech House kits delivers the true analog synth sounds and drum beats that make the genre so great. Modula Analog Tech House was recorded using only Modular Synths, delivering a sound that is truly valuable and impossible to fake. Each track in this library has a sound that you can only get out of true analog signal path manipulation and real-time sequencing with no digital elements in sight. Tech House was the obvious genre choice for the equipment to tackle and it does so seamlessly while stepping into new age ground and modern sequences so that these loops will drop into modern pop, EDM and RnB tracks without skipping a beat. Each file has been recorded at the highest quality 24-bit rate and meticulously edited, formatted, and arranged up to the Big Fish Audio standards for ultimate ease of use. Modular: Analog Tech House has been formatted in the most widely-used formats: Apple Loops, Acidized WAV, and REX files, making it usable in virtually every piece of software and hardware on the market today. In addition, this library comes fully formatted for Kontakt as part of the Big Fish Audio KLI 3.0 Series which transforms this loop library into a truly moldable and musical writing instrument. MULTI FORMAT Modular: Analog Tech House has been formatted in all the industry standard file types: Apple Loops, Acidized WAV and REX. Every piece of commonly used hardware and software will be compatible with at least one of these fully developed and usable formats. Each audio file has been expertly cut and edited to loop perfectly, and has been recorded in the highest quality 24-bit rate to ensure absolutely top quality end results. If you work primarily with Apple products, be sure to utilize the extra loop tagging functionality in Garageband and Apple Logic as well as Apple's proprietary time stretching and pitch bending algorithms. If you're working inside Protools, Cubase, Fruity Loops, Ableton Live, Sony ACID, or any other DAW on the market, the Acidized WAV files are the perfect fit for time stretching and pitch bending capabilities. The Acidized WAV files can also be used as standard WAV files in almost any music tool in production today. Beat-makers and artists who love sampled melodic slices can take advantage of our REX/RMX format that utilizes all the powerful programming found in Stylus RMX and the Dr. Octo REX player in Propellerheads Reason. MULTI-FORMAT VERSION Apple Loops: * 4.25 GB Total Content * 869 Files Acidized WAV: * 4.31 GB Total Content * 862 Files REX/RMX: * 1.7 GB Total Content * 735 REX Files Download Link Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/0205fff4011644e2c5304cd2c220b107/uhu28.Big.Fish.Audio.Modular.Analog.Tech.House.MULTiFORMAT.part10.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/819ec34cbb92612878014a4683ec2a9f/uhu28.Big.Fish.Audio.Modular.Analog.Tech.House.MULTiFORMAT.part09.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/2f3ca36e797cf6238fd5e492f770b55d/uhu28.Big.Fish.Audio.Modular.Analog.Tech.House.MULTiFORMAT.part08.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/a16691d85cefbe33f405d3381130d8df/uhu28.Big.Fish.Audio.Modular.Analog.Tech.House.MULTiFORMAT.part07.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/05f73fa7defcf1e2bf50bf8accc2d523/uhu28.Big.Fish.Audio.Modular.Analog.Tech.House.MULTiFORMAT.part06.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/b1dba5acd1d1b1a2f06312172e8ddfba/uhu28.Big.Fish.Audio.Modular.Analog.Tech.House.MULTiFORMAT.part05.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/c5a8961891f065de23535fcc73228613/uhu28.Big.Fish.Audio.Modular.Analog.Tech.House.MULTiFORMAT.part04.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/d76a41377edf699fb9a93ab124f97b78/uhu28.Big.Fish.Audio.Modular.Analog.Tech.House.MULTiFORMAT.part03.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/84cf379883ef0ff3cf509332356d3f85/uhu28.Big.Fish.Audio.Modular.Analog.Tech.House.MULTiFORMAT.part02.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/7fd406d638a3c44940432c988794bcb1/uhu28.Big.Fish.Audio.Modular.Analog.Tech.House.MULTiFORMAT.part01.rar.html
  6. Chrysler PAIS DVD 3 International 2009.08 Chrysler PAIS DVD 3 International 2009.08 | 4.59 GB Original spare parts catalog for European Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge. 1984-2010. Built-in spare parts prices in America. Extras. Information: updating of registration is not required, picks up the old license. You can install both from scratch and upgrade previous versions. To install on MS windows Vista, when emulating the image, on the setup.exe file, install compatibility with windows xp sp2 (right click on the file - properties - compatibility - set the checkbox to "run the program in compatibility mode" - select windows xp sp2) Install as usual. Later on the "proquest product licenser" and the program shortcut also set the compatibility mode with XP. If suddenly the installation does not go, we download a fresh version of java from the site sun.com. Http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp , the version of the Java SE Runtime Environment, is currently 6u18. In this version there was a car of 2010 model year. Year of manufacture: 2009 Version: August Platform: Windows Compatibility with Vista: yes Interface language: English only Tabletka: Present Download Link Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/320494ad669e89d952750265ec525bf0/j7sw8.Chrysler.PAIS.DVD.3.International.2009.08.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/2ad99946ff4301294e28899755bdcf13/j7sw8.Chrysler.PAIS.DVD.3.International.2009.08.part2.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/8e7506e3247f5c62895f8e68807b8b72/j7sw8.Chrysler.PAIS.DVD.3.International.2009.08.part3.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/87f4d6b0c79dbcac1319ba2cabd32e7f/j7sw8.Chrysler.PAIS.DVD.3.International.2009.08.part4.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/51e5f8bd3ecef8b5b50069faab729214/j7sw8.Chrysler.PAIS.DVD.3.International.2009.08.part5.rar.html
  7. Camnetics Suite 2017 (Revision 09.05.2017) File size: 320 MB Camnetics Inc., a provider tools to engineers and designers for creating solid models of drive components, announced the release of Camnetics Suite 2017. This softwares provides the designer advanced tools for creating solid models of drive components and assemblies. Camnetics is dedicated to improving the way automation components are designed. We offer gear and cam design software. GearTrax provides the designer with an easy-to-use tool for creating solid models of drive components. It is intuitively easy to use for the designer with limited gear experience yet powerful enough for the gear expert. The animation window shows the spur/helical gear mesh which updates as the data is changed. It is extremely useful in understanding how changes to the gear parameters reflect on the gear mesh. GearTeq provides the designer with advanced tools for creating solid models of drive components and assemblies. With CAD-like features, users can view components with drag, rotate, and multiple zoom options. Users can also drive the components for immediate animation! Work with multiple parts and assemblies and more. Compatibility: CAMTrax64 2017 for Autodesl Inventor > Autodesk Inventor 2017 GearTeq 2017 for Autodesl Inventor > Autodesk Inventor 2017 GearTrax 2017 for Autodesl Inventor > Autodesk Inventor 2017 CAMTrax64 2017 for SolidWorks > SolidWorks 2010-2017 GearTeq 2017 for SolidWorks > SolidWorks 2009-2017 GearTrax 2017 for SolidWorks > SolidWorks 2009-2017 CAMTrax64 2017 for Solid Edge > Solid Edge ST4-ST9 GearTeq 2017 for Solid Edge > Solid Edge ST4-ST9 GearTrax 2017 for Solid Edge > Solid Edge ST4-ST9 Include: CamTrax64_AI_2017_21_0_252 CamTrax64_SE_2017_109_0_254 CamTrax64_SW_2017_25_0_256 GearTeq_AI_2017_21_0_505 GearTeq_SE_2017_109_0_503 GearTeq_SW_2017_25_0_506 GearTrax_AI_2017_21_0_256 GearTrax_SE_2017_109_0_260 GearTrax_SW_2017_25_0_260 HOMEPAGE Download Link Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/643179266c2b8c3ee01135f930f59d7a/btwvf.Camnetics.Suite.2017.Revision.09.05.2017.rar.html
  8. CSI SAP2000 version 19.1.1 OS: Windows | Language: ENglish | Size: 500 + 527 MB Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI), a structural and earthquake engineering software company, has released 19.1.1 version of SAP2000, is general-purpose civil-engineering software ideal for the analysis and design of any type of structural system. SAP2000 is general-purpose civil-engineering software ideal for the analysis and design of any type of structural system. Basic and advanced systems, ranging from 2D to 3D, of simple geometry to complex, may be modeled, analyzed, designed, and optimized using a practical and intuitive object-based modeling environment that simplifies and streamlines the engineering process. The SAPFire � Analysis Engine integral to SAP2000 drives a sophisticated finite-element analysis procedure. An additional suite of advanced analysis features are available to users engaging state-of-the-art practice with nonlinear and dynamic consideration. Created by engineers for effective engineering, SAP2000 is the ideal software tool for users of any experience level, designing any structural system. Integrated modeling templates, code-based loading assignments, advanced analysis options, design-optimization procedures, and customizable output reports all coordinate across a powerful platform to make SAP2000 especially useful for practicing professionals. SAP2000 is also an excellent medium for education. Open SAP2000 and follow the Watch & Learn video series to receive not only instruction on software use, but also insight into structural engineering philosophy and practice. SAP2000 19.1.1 Enhancements Implemented: A new feature has been added to enable sending model geometry and results to CSI Cloud, an online storage service, for subsequent display on available mobile viewer apps. This feature is accessible from within SAP2000 using the new command File > Upload to CSI Cloud. Before using this feature, you will need to (1) Download and install the separate CSiCloudExplorer application that connects to CSI Cloud, and (2) Create a CSI Cloud account. The command File> Upload to CSI Cloud will automatically direct you to download and install the latest version of CSiCloudExplorer if it is not already present on your machine. About Computers and Structures, Inc Founded in 1975, Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI) is recognized globally as the pioneering leader in software tools for structural and earthquake engineering. Software from CSI is used by thousands of engineering firms in over 160 countries for the design of major projects, including the Taipei 101 Tower in Taiwan, One World Trade Center in New York, the 2008 Olympics Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing and the cable-stayed Centenario Bridge over the Panama Canal. CSI's software is backed by more than three decades of research and development, making it the trusted choice of sophisticated design professionals everywhere. Product: CSI SAP2000 Version: 19.1.1 Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit Language: english System Requirements: PC Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8.x / 10 Download Link Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/d9fbd8849e766efe63aa07f499f00d6b/ub2l9.CSI.SAP2000.version.19.1.1.rar.html
  9. Creative Edge Software iC3D Suite v4.1.1 (x64) File size: 365 MB iC3D is the first real-time, all-in-one package design software that lets you generate live 3D digital mockups on-the-fly, including cartons, labels, flexibles, bottles, shrink wraps and in-store visualization. Other software applications frustratingly separate design applications into specific model types. iC3D encompasses all these and more, allowing these elements to be seamlessly combined in the same scene. iC3D is the first 3D packaging visualisation software to offer patented Smart Mesh which allows labels and artwork to be instantly slid over models without needing tedious UVW texture co-ordinate mapping. Quickly design and generate asymmetric 3D models such as perfume bottles, trigger sprays and molded containers using iC3D's unique Shape Modeller feature. Visualize fast, accurate shrink and shrink artwork corrections on single & multiple objects, so they will be ready for production. Once finished you can output hi-resolution images, 3D PDF's, generate proofs or print your models with leading 3D printers. Share your designs internally, with customers, by email, animated movies or with the free viewer, iC3D opsis, to make collaboration quick and simple. What's New in This Release: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version Download Link Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/bfacf4bf5cc9c383c4f651783c295d35/5sl4a.Creative.Edge.Software.iC3D.Suite.v4.1.1.x64.rar.html
  10. Flatpack Analogik Waves II v1.1 ALP-SYNTHiC4TE Flatpack Analogik Waves II v1.1 ALP-SYNTHiC4TE | 1.53 GB Flatpack Analogik Waves II offers a new collection of unique, highly customizable analog sounds to add to your arsenal. Sampled from boutique analog oscillators and chromatically tracked across the keyboard, Waves II offers a wide spectrum of sonic possibilities. Crafted by UK-based sound designers Flatpack, the Analogik Waves II Pack expands on the comprehensive Analogik Waves I collection. In their return to analog sampling, Flatpack has decided to focus their new Waves Pack around three analog oscillators that are distinctive as their names suggest: the Verbos Harmonic Oscillator, the Endorphin.es Furthrrr Generator, and the Whimsical Raps Mannequins Mangrove. In their natural hardware habitat, each of these oscillators can create a wealth of intriguing audio possibilities, and Waves II adds to that power by giving users the ability to combine these unique sounds and textures into entirely new creations, and further customize them using the flexibility inherent to Live's Instrument Racks. Containing 110 different Simpler/Oscillator patches, Analogik Waves II makes everything from warm, piercing leads to dense pads and kaleidoscopic bursts of analog noise possible with the right patch and a few turns of the knobs. Each Waves II patch begins with a sample that was recorded directly from one of the trio of analog oscillators. To provide extra sonic character, the samples were recorded using a variety of signal chains, ranging from simple and clean to heavily processed signal paths. From there, Flatpack have chromatically mapped out (using 2,815 individual oscillator samples) each sound so that they can be played across the full range of the keyboard, from C0 to C6. Ultimately, the aim of Analogik Waves II is to provide Instruments that can be either monophonic or polyphonic and stay in tune, yet can also still keep the idiosyncrasies that make analog hardware synths so appealing. In terms of controls, each synth patch gives users substantial sound shaping capabilities via eight pre-mapped macros. Some macros control basic functions, such as a Filter Cutoff and Resonance, while others control complex sequences of events that can result in drastic sonic transformations. Like Flatpack's other creations (which includes the excellent Analogik Drums pack), Analogik Waves II balances the grit and unpredictable quirk of genuine analog gear with the immense customization available in the digital realm. For artists and producers who love working with odd and unique sounding synths, this Pack has a lot to offer. Download Link Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/67ae7e06b853139bf37273fe34e9396c/ggv0x.Flatpack.Analogik.Waves.II.v1.1.ALPSYNTHiC4TE.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/21756cda41c02079510032f742f50537/ggv0x.Flatpack.Analogik.Waves.II.v1.1.ALPSYNTHiC4TE.part2.rar.html
  11. Esko Studio Advanced 16.0.2 x86x64 Esko Studio Advanced 16.0.2 x86/x64 | 784 MB The set of Studio Advanced programs is an opportunity to see your design in 3D with all post-print processing, it is ideal for companies offering design and prepress services that need to work with all possible forms of packaging. It includes the following modules: Designer, Toolkit for Boxes, Toolkit for Labels, Toolkit for Flexibles, Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves and Visualizer. Extras. Information: Designer adds to the editor a preview window of a three-dimensional image and allows you to create PDF files with three-dimensional images and sets of product images in TIFF format. Toolkit for Boxes is a plug-in for Adobe� Illustrator�, which allows you to clean drawings of dies and add three-dimensional forms from them. Toolkit for Labels is a plug-in for Adobe� Illustrator� that helps you model round objects with one or more labels. Toolkit for Flexibles is a unique application for creating three-dimensional models of flexible packaging. Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves is a unique, award-winning application for modeling shrink packaging on one or more objects. The Visualizer allows you to add finishing touches. The patented dynamic imaging technology allows real-time display of a wide range of materials, printing effects and post-processing. System requirements: 64-bit Intel processor. At least 8 GB of memory. Video card NVIDIA, AMD / ATI, Intel� HD and Intel Iris Pro and supports OpenGL 2.1 (or newer). A minimum of 512 MB of video memory is required. If in doubt, please use the free trial version of Studio to check compatibility with your system. Installed by Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 and higher Version: 16.0.2 Developer: Esko Developer's website: www.esko.com/en/products/studio Bit depth: 64bit Language: English Tabletka: present Download Link Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/5fa210256441d1952689a017f4cc8d45/0ztfw.Esko.Studio.Advanced.16.0.2.x86x64.iso.html
  12. JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2017.1.3 Build 171.4424.56 File size: 529 MB Deep insight into your code. IntelliJ IDEA analyzes your code, looking for connections between symbols across all project files and languages. Using this information it provides indepth coding assistance, quick navigation, clever error analysis, and, of course, refactorings. Features: Smart completion Ctrl+Shift+Space gives you a list of the most relevant symbols applicable in the current context. This and other completions are constantly learning from you, moving the members of the most frequently used classes and packages to the top of the suggestions list, so you can select them faster. Chain completion Digs a tad deeper than Smart Completion and lists applicable symbols accessible via methods or getters in the current context. Say you're looking for a value of Project and only have the Module module declaration. Press Ctrl+Shift+Space twice to get module.getProject() without any additional effort. Static members completion Lets you easily use static methods or constants. Offers a list of symbols matching your input and automatically adds required import statements. Data flow analysis When offering completion variants, IntelliJ IDEA analyses data flow to guess the possible runtime symbol type and refines choices based on that intel, automatically adding class casts. Language injection Brings coding assistance for a selected language to expressions and string literals in another one, complete with all advantages you would normally have. For example, you can inject fragments of SQL, XPath, HTML, CSS, or javascript code into Java String literals. Cross-language refactorings Knowing everything about usages of a symbol, IntelliJ IDEA offers extremely effective, thorough refactorings. For example, when you Rename a class within a JPA statement, it will update everything, from JPA entity class, to every JPA expression where it is used. Detecting duplicates Finds duplicate code fragments on the fly. Even if you're only about to extract a variable, constant, or a method, IntelliJ IDEA will let you know that there is a similar code fragment that can be replaced along with the one you're woking on. Inspections and quick-fixes Whenever IntelliJ IDEA detects that you're about to make a mistake, a little lightbulb pops up in the editor. Clicking it or pressing Alt+Enter opens a list of actions you can take to make things right. Developer ergonomics Every aspect of IntelliJ IDEA is designed with ergonomics in mind. IntelliJ IDEA is built on a principle that every minute a developer spends in the flow is a good minute, and things that break developers out of that flow are bad and should be avoided. Built-in developer tools To streamline your workflow, IntelliJ IDEA offers an unbeatable toolset right from the first start: decompiler, bytecode viewer, FTP and many more. Polyglot experience In addition to Java, IntelliJ IDEA offer/s first-class support for top JVM and non-JVM frameworks and languages out of the box. Download Link Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/303174d432b7b01525584b1a24dc7db3/9n3sj.JetBrains.IntelliJ.IDEA.Ultimate.2017.1.3.Build.171.4424.56.rar.html
  13. InnovMetric PolyWorks 2017 IR0.3 (x64) File size: 1.53 GB Defining the cutting edge of 3D metrology, the PolyWorks software suite maximizes productivity, quality, and profitability when integrating 3D measurement technologies into an industrial manufacturing process. From part and tool design and prototyping down to final inspection of assembled products, PolyWorks offers advanced solutions to cover the complete product development cycle. Interfacing directly with major brands and technologies of single-point and point cloud 3D measurement devices through plug-in extension modules, this universal platform also supports a wide array of native point cloud and polygonal model file formats. With its fully customizable user interface and powerful, user-friendly macro programming language, PolyWorks offers the most adaptable software solution on the 3D metrology market. This flexibility allows our customers to successfully develop and deploy automatic inspection processes or guided operator-driven workflows for effective shop floor operations. PolyWorks|Inspector is a powerful industrial 3D metrology software solution to control tool or part dimensions, diagnose and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues, guide assembly building through real-time measurements, and oversee the quality of assembled products by using non-contact point cloud digitizers and single-point contact-based probing devices. PolyWorks|Modeler is a comprehensive reverse-engineering software solution that allows extracting optimal CAD entities-curves, surfaces, parametric sketches, and prismatic features-from polygonal models of digitized parts to serve as the starting point in your professional CAD modeling solution. A single measurement specialist performs a measurement task that normally requires two people. An operator measures a part twice as fast by eliminating back-and-forth trips to the computer running PolyWorks. These are just a couple of examples of the outstanding productivity gains that the free PolyWorks|Talisman mobile app generates. While engineering a new product or managing a manufacturing process, having access to 3D measurements and geometric analyses of parts, tools, assemblies, or products can be critical to making the right decision. Thanks to InnovMetric's free PolyWorks|Viewer, 3D measurement specialists can share their PolyWorks|Inspector projects across the organization, allowing team members to extract the information they need from the measurement database. Download Link Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/cbc40ed0735d1a29b8bc11bae0e33e87/j9oee.InnovMetric.PolyWorks.2017.IR0.3.x64.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/bc910b55ee36f7d4d523468c32d53d00/j9oee.InnovMetric.PolyWorks.2017.IR0.3.x64.part2.rar.html
  14. Icecream PDF Converter Pro 2.72 Multilingual File Size: 126 MB Icecream PDF Converter is a powerful tool for converting many file types to PDFs, or converting PDFs to individual images. The process starts by choosing a conversion type ("From PDF" or "To PDF"), then dragging and dropping your target files onto the program. PDF files can be converted to various image formats: JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, EPS or WMF. In theory these can also be packaged as HTML, although this didn't work for us. There's better support for creating PDFs, with the program importing some Office documents (DOC/ DOCX, XLS/XLSX, ODT, ODS), images (JPG, PNG, BMP), ebooks (EPUB, MOBI, FB2), HTML and more. You get various options to control the conversion process. It's possible to extract page ranges from a document, for instance (10-15, 123-131), or to merge various input files into a single PDF. Finally, you're able to choose the output folder. When converting "From PDF" this defaults to a subfolder (MyFile.PDF > MyFile\MyFile_1.JPG, MyFile\MyFile_2.JPG), but this can be set to whatever you like. For some reason this didn't always work for us. One test PDF had its images missing from the original DOCX, and we had significant problems converting to HTML (that is, nothing happened at all). Most of our conversions delivered excellent results, though, and if you need this kind of tool then Icecream PDF Converter is worth a try. Download Link Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/8f81b37ee1037aa40a3737eabde41cc5/k6ez4.Icecream.PDF.Converter.Pro.2.72.Multilingual.rar.html
  15. Geometric DFMPro 4.2.1-4.6.1 for ProE WFCreo (x86x64) File size: 881 MB Geometric's DFMPro, a CAD-integrated design for manufacturing solution helps you identify and correct downstream issues early in the design stage, leading to reduction of cycle time and, in turn, resulting in high-quality products with lower product development costs. DFMPro is a powerful Design for Manufacturability & Assembly (DFM/A) software, fully integrated inside CREO Parametric. It helps designers to check their designs for manufacturability and assembly within CREO and Pro/ENGINEER and take corrective actions without multiple rounds of design iterations. It generates results in interactive 2D and 3D reports for easier analysis and design for manufacturing collaboration. Seamlessly integrated within Creo, it allows you to Eliminate rework due to manufacturing and assembly errors downstream Run DFM checks at the click of button within CREO and Pro/ENGINEER, plus edit and update the design without leaving the CAD environment. Use DFMPro for common manufacturing processes like plastic injection molding, sheet metal, machining (Turning, milling & drilling) and assembly operations New in DFMPro 4.2.1 Bend Relief Closed Hem Parameters Closed Hem with a Bend Parameters Countersink Hole Distance To Form Emboss Distance to Cutouts Emboss Spacing Emboss To Bend Distance Emboss To Part Edge Emboss With Extruded Hole Parameters Extruded Form Spacing Extruded Form To Bend Distance Hem Distance To Cutouts Hem Distance To Bend Hem Distance To Form Hem Spacing Non Uniform Bottom Radius Shut-off Parameters Recommended Bottom Radius for Lip New in DFMPro 4.6.1: The highlights of the latest release of DFMPro include: Functionalities DFMPro now remembers import selection information on Import or Rerun. Instead of re-entering multiple pulling direction data and mold wall classification on complex parts at the time of repeating an analysis, DFMPro now remembers these integral details. User would also be notified of modification or deletion on running a new analysis with a previously selected pulling direction. Grouping Results is now supported for Injection Molding and Casting module. The latest release of DFMPro for Creo Parametric also lets user import bulk data into rule configuration. This functionality supports the following rules- Fastener Clearance Fastener Engagement Length Standard Hole Sizes Captured images now appear in a separate column Download Link Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/357ef95107fd031ff1716a69e292834a/mumb8.Geometric.DFMPro.