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  1. Anybody Interested in W11 22H2 22621.x BareBone OS Project shall raise there hand . I will for sure share complete W11 22H2 Barebone OS Project tool with them. TNCTR W11 22H2 Barebone OS / TNCTR W11 22H2 Extreme Barebone OS Both Projects are ready to be shared. Plus Pl let me know how am i doing ?
  2. For those who dont want to spend there money on NTLite can use this : Extreme BareBoneOS v2 Project : Download Password : TNCTR ( Now this Extreme BareboneOS Project will take arround 1 hour to complete the script functions as compared to First Shared BareBoneOS Project which was taking a lot of time ie 3-4hours ). Edit : Trying to share all my TNCTR Community Projects with Level best hard Efforts & looking Forward how we can increase number of users on our TNCTR Most loving Community where everyone is like a family member Staff / Forum admins / moderators are a lot supportive to all of us & doing awesome. I love to be on this most loving family community rather then others online.
  3. Master i will share it with you in private msg tmrw . thanks a lot
  4. If Somebody Wants to go Extreme in Barebone OS ISO like i am sharing screenshots then can connect with me in Private :
  5. Remove Disabled Services Permanently from your OS using Single Powershell Command | For Those Running Built in Windows Powershell v5 : Powershell -C "Get-Service | Where { $_.StartType -eq 'disabled' } | ForEach { cmd /c sc delete $_ }" Remove Disabled Services Permanently from your OS using Single Powershell Command | For Those Running Powershell v6 / v7 Core : Powershell -C "Get-Service | Where { $_.StartType -eq 'disabled' } | Remove-Service -Verbose" Silent Commandline Switch to install Powershell Core | Be Sure to Put Powershell MSI Installer Next to Script | I always use Base Powershell V7.0.0 Core @echo off cd /d %~dp0 START /WAIT "%windir%\System32\msiexec.exe" /i "PowerShell.msi" ADD_PATH=0 REGISTER_MANIFEST=0 /qn
  6. Many Many Thanks to Master @deli_petro06 for creating a wonderful video tutorial on how to use BareBoneOS tool in his topic : Sharing his youtube video link for friends who want to know how to use it : Credits to Master @deli_petro06
  7. As per your Query : W11 22H2 22621.latest LCU will work fine as per your system / machine config but if i have to install os on this machine of mine then i will go straight forward with 19041. latest LCU at priority list but never w11.
  8. Password is TNCTR as i love to be a member of TNCTR family . i will always set Standard Domain name TNCTR as password of my shared archives. Regards, Karan Kumar INDIA
  9. Sorry for that my dear friend but to calculate the number of users who will try this tool i have set the password . till date nobody from our TNCTR community has asked for a password & only 29 MDL community members have used this who asked me for a password to this zip archive using aes256 encryption standard can be decrypted using rainbow tables. Pl if you need a password i will provide it to you in a PM . no need for you to start a new pm with me as i will do it for you. Edit : 3 of my dearest friends from my loving TNCTR family asked for a password . i thanks my loving family TNCTR members who started using my script tools as well as who are thinking to give it a try. Total download is 51 but only 39 + 3 have asked the password . why those 9 people havent asked might be they have cracked the encryption using there system with highest power GPU as well as high end CPU + RAM with rainbow tables.
  10. So Much Thanks for this Article . Very Very Nice Sir.
  11. NT 10 1904x.xxxx BareBone OS Project . No any competition with other thrid party tool developers 1. Pl use "19041.1 base uup dump created iso" "single index install wim" Turkish Language in this project ie for example PRO sku. Pl uncheck Updates Option. 1a. Pl put install wim from sources folder of iso to project root path as we did in LTSC project. 1b. Pl use W10UI by abbodi1406 to update the iso first to latest Edition with only Combined LCU + SSU & .net CU & nothing else. Be Sure to Put Updates in Updates Directory. & Execute W10UI. Plus be sure never ever enable .net35 Optional Feature before execution of barebone os script via start.cmd or else result in access denied for removal of many packages. 1c. After Install wim is successfully updated close w10ui by pressing 9 & simply execute start. it will take arround 3-4 hours to complete the script console functions. 1d. included NSUDO for executing BareBoneOS with TI rights plus ToolkitHelper from MSMG to remove systemapps which script cant cuz they are not the system packages but appx packages. 1e. Pl never ever use your current OS account username Desktop to do this much extent barebone os of M$ OS . i always use Common Public User Desktop Directory to do my script projects. as you all know M$ will know whatever will be done to there OS image offline or online Currernt installed State right after image is installed on primary machine & connected to internet. Component Packages Removal script will always left logs in CBS registry as from which account this most extent barebone image is created so that M$ will do weird things on that account user everytime it is created on any machine any OS. Edit = [ BareBoneOS Project Version2 With Improved Script Code is ready ]
  12. Win10 Single Index 19041.1 Pro UUP Dump Base install wim to LTSC 2021 Reconstruction Script Tool : Download Put install wim from your iso next to script & run the script as administrator | results in En-US x64 LTSC 19041.1 wim if you want to update tr-tr language to it then download this esd from uupdump & extract it to lp directory be sure to remove all existing "lp" files first as they are for en-us language . then edit script & change en-us to tr-tr everywhere. Microsoft-Windows-Client-LanguagePack-Package_tr-tr-amd64-tr-tr.esd Apply updates whenever needed. 22h2 EP can be applied too & resulting LTSC wim must be 2.1gb in disk size. Credits to Abbodi1406 & Xinso MDL. & Most Especially "Whatever127" for crediting his main project on MDL.
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