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  1. I want to remove all my accounts from this online world forever as S1ave77 did in year 2020.

    only 5 accounts are there MDL , msfn , hacknitosh related accounts . Nothing happened , i am good too just want to remove.

    TNCTR will always remain there as its not a account for me but its a family & all of you are very good in nature to me allways. I love to be here till my heart beats . trying my best to come turkey someday & settle down there with all of you. yes i am still single at this age of 52 yrs old.

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    2. PeterWilkinson


      Turkish kebap is freaking delicious come Turkey whenever you want with yeşils, we'll be grateful to host you

    3. asil111


      We are the big family and you are a member of that family. You are our bigbrother  
    4. MamLeter


      Don't forget to stop by from time to time. We are always welcome.🤝

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