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Automatic Email Processor Ultimate 2.17.3


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Automatic Email Processor Ultimate 2.17.3 | 37 Mb

Automatic Email Processor is the complete solution for Outlook to store and print incoming emails and their attachments automatically.

For this, various filters, flexible configuration options, such as individually definable storage folders and the possibility of subsequent processing are available. For example, the path of the location where you want Automatic Email Processor to save certain emails or email attachments, can be assembled dynamically from individual properties of an email.
For storing email messages, among other things, the output format can be specified (e.g. PDF, RTF or HTML). The standard Outlook message format (save email as MSG file) is particularly suitable for archiving important messages. The program supports the creation of an unlimited number of rules in order to be able to make separate settings for different email accounts. In addition, rules can be applied to emails of a certain period of or to all emails already received in an Outlook folder.
Monitor Outlook folders
Examine incoming emails and apply appropriate rules.
Automatically save emails and attachments
Save emails and email attachments from Outlook automatically into dynamically created folders.
Print emails automatically
Send certain emails and attachments directly to the printer (for example, fax emails).
Optional further processing
Perform subsequent tasks, e.g., run a program with the filename of a saved attachment passed as parameter.
With Automatic Email Processor, you can:
save emails automatically (as PDF file or in the original format)
automatically print emails and email attachments (PDF files, Office documents etc.)
save attachments automatically (save all or certain attachments of an email by using a filter)
extract or print certain or all files from ZIP files
monitor an unlimited number of Outlook folders
create custom rules for different tasks
filter by subject, sender, recipient, attachment file name .
receive status reports by email, forward messages or inform the sender
use command line parameters: only one run, exit, catch-up
create storage folders dynamically from properties of an email
perform subsequent actions such as start a program with parameters, mark the message as read, or move the email into another Outlook folder
re-process all emails (with certain criteria) of an Outlook email folder
archive emails from any Outlook folder and period (e.g. as MSG files)
have the email moved to a different Outlook folder after processing and have subfolders generated dynamically from properties of the email
have an Excel report with an overview and detailed information sent to you on a regular basis
limit the automatic processing of email messages to certain days and s
Automatically print emails and attachments from Outlook
Automatic Email Processor monitors Outlook and allows you to send emails or attachments that meet pre-defined criteria directly to a printer upon receipt. Different print settings can be defined for each rule, for example to be able to print certain emails in a different quality. The respective printer can be defined individually for each rule as well as separately for printing the email message or attachment. You can also specify that only certain pages of the email should be printed automatically (for example, print only the first or last page of a PDF attachment of the email).
Automatically save incoming emails as PDF files
With Automatic Email Processor, emails received in Outlook can automatically be saved into a specified directory as PDF file, for example, in order to keep a copy of the message for backup purposes. Attachments and the email itself can also be embedded (as MSG file with or without digital signature) in the PDF file. The path as well as the folder and file name of the PDF file to be saved can be composed of various properties of the email, such as the date and, for example, a part of the subject.
Automatically save and optionally detach Outlook email attachments
In addition to archiving the complete email, Automatic Email Processor can also automatically save attachments. The properties of the email and the name of the attachment can become part of the path, i.e. properties such as the sender name can be integrated in the folder and file name. After successfully saving the attachments, they can be detached or, more precisely, replaced by a link file containing only the path of the saved attachment. This can prevent problems caused by too large Outlook PST files and save storage space. The detachment of the attachment can optionally be done with a delay - for example, two weeks.
Windows 10, 8, 7 or Server (32-bit or 64-bit version).English
(Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)



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      Of course, all the traditional font and paragraph formatting commands are present:
      choice of typeface, font size, font color. A state of the art typeface preview.
      bold, italic, underline, strikeout, double strikeout, superscript, subscript, small caps, all caps, shadow, outline, emboss, engrave.
      choice of 17 underline styles; choice of underline color.
      character spacing, scaling, kerning, vertical offset.
      fully customizable tab stops.
      left/right paragraph indent, first line indent and outdent.
      spacing before/after paragraph, 6 types of interline spacing.
      keep with next paragraph, keep intact, page break before, widow/orphan control.
      and plenty more, only a key press or mouse click away...
      Operating System:Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
      Home Page http://www.atlantiswordprocessor.com/

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      A collection of programs for automatic driver installation in Windows x86-x64.
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      Snappy Driver Installer 1.22.1
      DriverPack Solution 16.22
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      Driver Easy Professional
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      UpdatePack 7 22.2.10
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      MHDD 4.6
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      Kon-Boot 2.5
      HDD Regenerator 2011
      At the root of the image is the utility "Burn ISO to flash drive.exe".
      Place it next to the ISO file, run it and follow the instructions (Format the flash drive and record). Or use other methods that are convenient for you.
      Download BELOFF image [dp] 2022.07.1 (11.5 GB):

      ISO Image Checksum:
      MD5: 7EEF59DFE8E2DA975A994C59BD15A870
      SHA-1: 813151F823775AB7294985C6CBB0DC7E06F33951

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