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Apple Macos Sonoma V14.5 (23f79) Multilingual + Hackintosh + Vmware Ed

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Apple macOS Sonoma v14.5 (23F79) Multilingual + Hackintosh + VMWare Edition


Experience enhanced power and enjoyment with Apple macOS Sonoma, where work and play on your Mac reach new heights. Elevate your video call presence, access information innovatively, improve gaming performance, and explore a multitude of ways to personalize your Mac.

Enjoy stunning new screen savers featuring slow-motion views of breathtaking locations worldwide. These seamlessly transition into your desktop wallpaper upon login. Add widgets directly to your desktop from the new gallery, including iPhone widgets through Continuity. Widgets intelligently fade when using apps or windows, allowing better focus on your tasks.

In video conferencing, the Presenter Overlay keeps you at the forefront during screen sharing, with customizable overlays for a polished appearance. Easily share apps during calls and control your video composition using Studio Display or iPhone as your camera. Safari introduces profiles for separate browsing experiences, faster and more relevant search, and enhanced Private Browsing. The update also includes new features in messaging, such as catch-up arrows and swipe-to-reply functionality. Additionally, share and view locations seamlessly within conversations. Apple macOS Sonoma transforms your Mac experience by combining power, functionality, and an element of fun.

Key Features of Apple macOS Sonoma :

  1. Stunning new screen savers with slow-motion views
  2. Widgets on desktop with Continuity support for iPhone widgets
  3. Widgets fade for improved focus when using apps or windows
  4. Presenter Overlay for an enhanced video conferencing experience
  5. Small overlay option for a movable bubble during screen sharing
  6. New Screen Sharing picker for easy app sharing during video calls
  7. Control video composition with zoom, pan, and Recenter options
  8. Safari profiles for separate browsing experiences
  9. Responsive and relevant search suggestions in Safari
  10. Enhanced Private Browsing with window locking and tracker blocking
  11. Search filters for quicker message searches
  12. Catch-up arrow and swipe-to-reply features in messaging
  13. Share and view locations directly within conversations.

Files Password :











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    • By _2024_
      LastOS Ever After Edition – Windows 10 (x64/x86) IoT 2021 May 2024

      LastOS Ever After Edition – Windows 10 (x64/x86) IoT 2021 May 2024
      Windows 10 IoT is a build of Windows 10 that gets updates until the early 2030s, so an operating system built not to get new features , built to be more secure than all other versions of Windows since it's just the basic operating system so there are fewer attacks. This operating system should never have CoPilot and other AI content that tries to embed itself in Windows 11 and even Windows 10 Pro.

      This operating system has been modified to not include hidden running tasks that can interfere with your hard drive, memory, and CPU, which are causing old PCs and Laptops to struggle to the point of being nearly unusable.
      Some of the things I disabled were; Defender, Dot.NET 3.5, Search Indexer, and a host of other things related to tasks that most home users won't miss. But don't worry, because on the default screen there is a folder called "LastOS-Options", which can reactivate most of these items again.
      This one has all the scripts to re-enable many changes for users who need them.
      The Microsoft Store is not installed by default but is available to install from this folder.
      You can reactivate Windows Defender by running ! Enable SmartScreen and System Guard Runtime Monitor ssApp, then use Defender Control from the Start Menu to turn Defender back on, the last step, go into your security settings and turn it all back on (This will again slow down the system a lot, so make sure you really need to enable Defender).
      StartIsBack is included by default to make the start menu and explorer customizable.
      This release is designed to mount on a USB or HDD of 16 GB or higher. Using Rufus is the easiest but you can mount iso and use the built-in tools to create a USB installer.
      Name: Last10_v8_x64. ISO
      Size: 12.6GB
      Included in windows settings by default:
      7-Zip_v24.06_x64+ x86_ssApp.apz
      Apply. Last10.Tweaks_2024.05.23_Win10_ssApp.apz
      z BurnAware.Pro_v17.8_x64+x86_ppApp .apz
      IrfanView_v4 .67_ssApp.apz
      Java.Runtime_ v8.0.411_x64+x86_ssApp.apz
      MS. DirectX.Runtimes_v9.29.1974.1_x64+x86_ssApp.apz
      . APZ Dán.As . File_v5.0.0.5_ppApp.apz
      Sumatra.PDF.Reader_ v3.5.2_ppApp.apz
      khóa_v1.9.2 _ppApp.apz
      zApply.Minimal.Win.System.Protection.Settings_v2015.09.04_ ssApp.apz
      zzRun_00 _User_Acct_No_Expiry.cmd
      These are the tweaks and tools that are essential for all PC users, with a few small tools copied as a backup. I've also included them in the ISO's Appz so you can install some of them from ssWPI, even on a non-LastOS PC.
      I also created two more post-login install apps (UltraISO and WinRAR) because they didn't integrate properly into install.wim. These can be easily deleted if you don't want to, but I always install those later, so automate them.
      ssWPI App/Game Options:
      ! Add SavePE to HDD WinRE.wim v2023.10.03
      ! Add Windows Store to LTSC 2024 v2024.05.26
      ! Disable SmartScreen and System Guard Runtime Monitor v6
      ! Disable SuperFetch v1
      ! Disable Windows Search v2017.05.27
      ! Enable SmartScreen and System Guard Runtime Monitor v5
      ! RemoveAppX And Deprovisioned them v7
      ! Sort As LastOS Menu v1.1
      ! Sort As Standard Menu v1.1
      2023 Fonts Pack v2023-09-06
      7-Zip v24.06
      Advanced Renamer v3.95 x64
      AIMP v5.30.2549
      AnyBurn v6.1
      Apply Compress Applications on C v2023.04.28
      Apply Last10 Tweaks 2024.05.23
      Apply LastOS Win Power Settings v2015.09.04
      Apply Minimal Win System Protection Settings v2015.09.04
      Apply Quick Launch Toolbar (1 Line Version) v2.0
      Atlantis Word Processor v4.3.10.3
      Attribute Changer v11.20a
      BurnAware Pro v17.8
      Defender Control v2.1
      DirectX Runtimes v9.29.1974.1
      Driver Magician Lite v5.57
      Foxit PDF Reader (Lite) v2024.2.1.25153
      Gamers Runtimes Lite v23.04
      Games Launcher v24.5.22.0
      Garden Defense
      Google Chrome v125.0.6422.142
      IrfanView v4.67
      Java Runtime v8.0.411
      K-Lite Mega CodeC v18.3.0
      KMS VL ALL AIO (Activate Windows & Office) v50
      Luxor 1
      MediaInfo Lite v24.04
      Microsoft Visual Runtimes AIO 2024.05.02
      MS Office 2007 SP3 Portable v12.0.6683.5000
      One Click Firewall v1.0.0.2
      Partition Wizard Technician v12.8
      Paste As File v5.0.0.5
      Plants Vs. Zombies Game Of The Year Edition
      qBittorrent Enhanced v4.6.4.10_QT5_LT1 x64
      R-Studio (Technician) v9.3.191269
      Rufus v4.5.2180
      Sanitize v1.23.5.15
      SetupS SendTo Suite v24.05.22.0
      Slingo Supreme
      Speccy v1.32.803
      StartAllBack v3.7.10.4910
      x64 Steam v8.90.88.32
      TeraByte Image v3.64
      TreeSize Pro v8.6.1.1764 x64
      Tri Peaks 1 – Solitaire To Go
      Tropix 1
      UltraISO v9.7.6.3860
      Unlocker v1.9.2
      Virtual Villagers 1
      Virtual Villagers 2 – The Lost Children
      WinRAR v7.01
      WizFile v3.10
      WizTree v4.19

      See more details here
      Download LastOS Ever After Edition – Windows 10 (x64/x86) IoT 2021 May 2024
      File size : 12.6GB
      Name: Last10_v8_x64.ISO
      Size: 12.6GB
      CRC-32: 0bfabce2
      MD4: ef57218ddff70a6fc1fa6ac712eaf887
      MD5: 49f622abe128207d61f763ee750a6217
      SHA-1: 5e67e21c3cbb2a7e67a44e632c5a00e1a0d2f0e0
      Torrent Link :  magnet:?xt=urn:btih:283ace403c4226d30a19dbf2fe99d540f3d0b4c2&dn=Last10_v8_x64_Public.iso&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.opentrackr.org%3A1337%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.tracker.cl%3A1337%2Fannounce ISO Link (Archive) : https://archive.org/details/last-10-v-8-x-64-public Link ISO (OneDrive) : https://1nfng3-my.sharepoint.com/personal/baominhtech_1nfng3_onmicrosoft_com/_layouts/15/onedrive.aspx?id=%2Fpersonal%2Fbaominhtech_1nfng3_onmicrosoft_com%2FDocuments%2FLast10_v8_x64_Public.iso&parent=%2Fpersonal%2Fbaominhtech_1nfng3_onmicrosoft_com%2FDocuments&ga=1 Home Page:
      SCREENSHOTS & FEATURES:            
    • By _2024_
      Windows XP Professional SP3 (x86) – Integral Edition 2024.6.6
      Windows XP Professional SP3 (x86) – Integral Edition 2024.6.6 is build of Windows XP is updated to latest months 06/2024 including the security updates, POSReady 2009 Updates/Hotfixes integrated Driver LAN, WLAN, SATA/AHCI, NVMe and USB3 as well as SATA/AHCI drivers for the machine line plant life as well as integrate the library Windows, and utility applications.

      [---- CHANGELOG ----]
      (#) 2024.6.6 Changes:
      * Added a few cosmetic improvements.
      * Added new Registry Settings for the TermSrv Patch.
      * Added some additional Windows XP Preconfigured Security Settings.
      * Added IconRestorer v2.8.1-SR1.
      * Added PC Tools Firewall Plus v7.0.0.123 (In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”).
      * Added Sandboxie v5.40-XP (In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”).
      * Added Microsoft Tablet PC 2005 v1.7.2600.5685 (In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”).
      * Added MCI-MIDI Patch v1.0 (Fixes a 4 second freeze when switching MIDI tracks with the Media Control Interface).
      * Re-Added Toshiba UDF2.5 Reader Driver v1.0.0.3 (Still needed for reading UDF 2.5 discs).
      * Changed the “Extra Goodies” Pack from a ZIP-Archive file to an ISO file so that it can be mounted without having to extract it.
      * Replaced “360 Extreme Explorer” with “Thorium” (In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”).
      * Updated Microsoft .NET Framework AIO Pack from “v2022.6.20” to “v2024.4.10”.
      * Updated Windows XP Time Zone from “November 2023” to “May 2024” (Backported from Windows 11 23H2.3593 – May 2024).
      * Updated Windows XP Revoked Roots Certificates (SA3123040) Update from “December 2023 v8.0.2195.2309” to “May 2024 v41.0.2195.2405”.
      * Updated RAID-5 Patch from “v1.0” to “v2.0” (Now also supports 2TB Mirror RAID).
      * Updated 7-Zip from “v23.01” to “v24.06”.
      * Updated ImDisk Toolkit from “v2022.08.26” to “v2024.01.13”.
      * Updated Patch Integrator script from “v4.0.1” to “v4.0.3”.
      * Removed Paragon GPT Loader (Causes data corruption when partition storage exceeds 2TB).
      * Removed Server 2003 GPT files (Causes data corruption with some GPT drivers when a partition storage exceeds 2TB).
      * Removed Vista Update KB2756651-v2 (Can cause problems with some Windows XP language packs).
        ReadMe File:
      [---- SHORT SUMMARY ----]
      Includes ALL the latest Windows XP and POSReady 2009 Updates/Hotfixes until 22.5(May).2019 and will also automatically receive new Windows XP (POSReady 2009) Updates until at least April 2019 and no Windows XP Activation or Cr4ck or CD-K3y is required.
      Also included are over 330 MB of additional LAN, WLAN, SATA/AHCI, NVMe and USB3 drivers. Including with some Desktop Personalizations, Runtimes, Patches, Fixes, Tweaks and some optional Programs and Preconfigured Settings.
      A Help file is also included in the ISO/Disc folder “.\OEM\WinXPPx86IE” with lots of useful information, such as on how to install Windows XP with an USB Flash Drive and on how to integrate your own SATA/AHCI drivers and much more.
      [---- INCLUDES ----]
        (#) Windows XP Updates:
      * Windows XP Service Pack 3 (KB936929).
      * Windows XP and POSReady 2009 Updates/Hotfixes until 22.5(May).2019.
      * Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.9.42.0 (KB905474) {Cr4cked/LgtCkCtl.dl_}.
      * Windows Internet Explorer v8 (Roll Back to 6 possible).
      * Windows Media Player v11 (Roll Back to 9 possible).
      * Windows Remote Desktop Connection 7.0 (KB969084, KB2813347-v2).
      * Windows Rights Management Client (KB979099).
      * Windows Driver Frameworks 1.9 – User Mode (KB970158) and Kernel Mode (KB970159).
      * Windows Feature Pack for Storage v1.0 (KB952013) – Image Mastering API v2.0 (KB932716-v2, KB952011).
      * Windows Feature Pack for Storage v1.0 (KB952013) – ICCD Smart Card Driver.
      * Windows Installer v4.5.6002.24298 (KB942288, KB4087398).
      * Windows XP exFAT file system driver update package v1.0 (KB955704).
      * Windows XP Root Certificates Update [May 2024 v41.0.2195.2405] (KB931125).
      * Windows XP Revoked Roots Certificates Update [September 2023 v8.0.2195.2309] (SA3123040).
      * Windows XP CAPICOM v2.1.0.2 (KB931906).
      * Microsoft European Union Expansion Font Update v1.2.
      * Microsoft WinUSB 2.0 (KB971286).
      * Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack v1.2 (KB971276-v3, KB977585-v2, KB2958997-v4).
      * Microsoft XML Core Services v4.0 SP3 4.30.2117.0 (KB2758694).
      * Microsoft XML Core Services v6.0 SP2 6.20.2509.0 (KB2957482, KB4493790).
      * Microsoft Web Folders v12.0.6606.1000 (KB907306, KB2526086=msdaipp.dll,msonsext.dll).
      * Windows High Definition Audio “Function” Driver v1.0a (KB888111).
      * Windows Browser Choice (KB976002-v5).
      * Windows Update v7.6.7600.256.
      * Windows Update Web Control v7.6.7600.257.
      * Microsoft Update Web Control v7.6.7600.257.
      * Microsoft Update Catalog Web Control v7.4.7057.249 (build timestamp 130620-1021).
      (#) Windows XP Runtime Libraries:
      * Microsoft DirectX 9.0 c End-User Runtimes v9.29.1974.1 (June 2010).
      * Microsoft .NET Framework [Up-to-Date/10.4(April).2024]: 1.1 SP1, 2.0 SP2, 3.0 SP2, 3.5 SP1, 4.0 Full – {Optional}.
      * Microsoft Visual C++: 2002 (v7.0.9975.0), 2003 (v7.10.6119.0), 2005 SP1 (v8.0.50727.6229), 2008 SP1 (v9.0.30729.7523), 2010 SP1 (v10.40219.473), 2012 Update 5 (v11.0.61135.400), 2013 Update 5 (v12.0.40664.0), 2015-2019 (v14.28.29213.0) – {Optional}.
      * Microsoft Visual Basic: v1.00, v2.0.9.8, v3.0.5.38, v4.0.24.22 (16-bit), v4.0.29.24 (32-bit) v5.2.82.44, v6.1.98.39 (SP6 Update KB3096896) – {Optional}.
      * Microsoft XNA Framework 1.0 (v1.1.10405.0), 2.0 (v2.0.11128.1), 3.0 (v3.0.11010.0), 3.1 (v3.1.10527.0), 4.0 (v4.0.30901.0).
      * Microsoft Visual F# 2.0 SP1 (v2.0.40219.1).
      * Microsoft Visual J# 2.0 (v2.0.50727.937).
      * Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime (v10.0.60828.0).
      (#) Windows XP Applications:
      * Microsoft Calculator Plus v1.0.0.908 {Replaces the default Calculator}.
      * Microsoft BitLocker To Go Reader v1.0 (KB970401).
      * Microsoft Active Directory Application Mode SP1 – {In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”}.
      * Windows Management Framework Core v6.3.15.0 (KB968930) – {In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”}.
      * Windows PowerShell 1.0 (KB926139-v2) – {In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”}.
      * Windows XP Powertoy – ClearType Tuner v1.01 – {Optional}.
      * Windows XP Powertoy – Alt-Tab Replacement v1.0 – {Optional}.
      * Windows XP User Profile Hive Cleanup Service v2.0.49 Beta – {Optional}.
      * Windows XP GDI+ Detection Tool v1 (KB873374).
      * Windows XP QFEcheck v6.2.29.0 (KB282784).
      * Windows Movie Maker 2.1.4028.0 Plus – {In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”}.
      * Outlook Express 6 – {In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”}.
      * Microsoft Tablet PC 2005 v1.7.2600.5685 – {In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”}.
      (#) Additional Applications:
      * 7-Zip v24.06 – {Optional}.
      * MyPal v68.13.7 b (Backported Firefox v68.12.0 with Firefox JavaScript engine v78) – {Optional}.
      * Thorium M122 v3 (Backported Google Chrome v122.0.6261.168 Browser) – {In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”}.
      * XP Codec Pack v2.1.2 (Includes: MPC-BE v1.4.7, LAV v0.70.2.17, ffdshow v1.3.4534, madVR v0.92.17.0, xy-VSFilter v3.0.0.306, XySubFilter v3.1.0.752, Icaros v3.0.3.0) – {Optional}.
      * IconRestorer v2.8.1-SR1 – {Optional}.
      * Unlocker v1.9.2 – {Optional}.
      * HashCheck v2.4.1.58-alpha – {Optional}.
      * ImDisk Toolkit v2024.01.13 – {Optional}.
      * Open Command Prompt Shell Extension v2.1.0.1 – {Optional}.
      * Take Ownership XP v1.2.1 (Allows to take ownership of a file or folder from the Right-click menu) – {Optional}.
      * Toshiba UDF2.5 Reader Driver v1.0.0.3 (Allows you to browse HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs in Windows Explorer) – {Optional}.
      * PC Tools Firewall Plus v7.0.0.123 – {In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”}.
      * Sandboxie v5.40-XP (Allows you to run programs in an isolated environment) – {In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”}.
      * Windows XP Certificate Updater v1.6 – {In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”}.
      * Naraeon SSD Tools v5.4.0 (For SSD Trim on IDE&SATA) – {In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”}.
      * WinSetupFromUSB v1.10 (For creating a Windows USB Installation) – {In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”}.
      (#) Windows XP Patches/Fixes:
      * Extended Update Support Patch v1.0: Extends the Windows XP update support from “April 2014” till at least “April 2019” (POSReady 2009 Updates).
      * TCP/IP Patch v1.0: Increase the number of Half-Open outgoing TCP connections from 10 to 16777215 (Maximum) [tcpip.sys].
      * UxTheme Patch v1.0: Allows you to apply unsigned Custom Visual Styles (Windows XP Themes) [uxtheme.dll].
      * TermSrv Patch v1.0: Allows you to have multiple concurrent remote desktop connections [termsrv.dll].
      * SFC Patch v1.0: Allows you to disable and enable the Windows File Protection with the registry entry “SfcDisable” [sfc_os.dll].
      * FlopX NT5.1 Patch v1a: Allows Non-standard Floppy Formats [flpydisk.sys].
      * SndRec32 Patch v2.0: Fixes a Sound Recorder error message on computers that have more than 2GB of RAM and Increases the Recording Time Limit from 60 Seconds to 999 Seconds [sndrec32.exe].
      * Shell32 Patch v1.0: Fixes the missing Icons in the notification area [shell32.dll].
      * WOW32 Patch v1.0: Fixes the Win16 Subsystem insufficient resources problem [wow32.dll].
      * NTDETECT Patch v1.1: Deactivates the resetting of the USB controller to prevent a crash of the USB drive on which the Windows XP installation is carried out [NTDETECT.COM].
      * RAID-5 Patch v2.0: Enables RAID-5 software support and enables 2TB Mirror RAID support [dmadmin.exe, dmconfig.dll, dmboot.sys, dmio.sys].
      * MCI-MIDI Patch v1.0: Fixes a 4 second freeze when switching MIDI tracks with the Media Control Interface [mciseq.dll].
      * SERVICES Patch v1.0: Includes more assigned port numbers for well-known services defined by IANA [services].
      * NF4SBF v3.1: Fixes a Microsoft .NET Framework 4 bug that causes a slow Windows XP boot up (File is placed in the Startup menu).
      * Fixed missing ClipBook Viewer shortcut in the Start Menu (accessor.inf).
      * Fixed missing dll registry entries for the Microsoft Jet and OLE files (KB4034775 Update Bug).
      (#) Windows XP Tweaks:
      * Preconfigured Windows XP Settings – {Optional}.
      * Preconfigured Program Settings – {Optional}.
      * Suppressing Microsoft Update nagging to install Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications v1.9.40.0 (KB905474).
      * Suppressing Microsoft Update nagging to install Windows XP End Of Service Notifications (KB2934207).
      * Suppressing Microsoft Update nagging to install Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool v5.39.12900.0 (KB890830).
      (#) Extras:
      * Compatible Updates/Hotfixes and RTM files from Office 2000, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows POSReady 2009, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (More details in the ReadMe file).
      * DriverPacks BASE v11.09.01.2 f with Driver Pack Mass Storage v18.04.21 (SATA/AHCI) – Compressed = 10 MB / Uncompressed = 62 MB.
      * Separate Driver Packs: LAN (Cable Ethernet) v18.04.21 – Compressed = 12 MB / Uncompressed = 81 MB – {Optional}.
      * Additional Drive Packs: WLAN (Wireless Ethernet) v15.01.23.1 – {In ISO/Disc file “Extra Goodies”}.
      * Desktop Personalizations – {Optional}:
      Themes = “Windows XP Embedded”, “Black Mesa v2.0”, “ChaNinja Style RC5 v1.0”, “Disney – It's a Magical World v2.0”, “NeoGeniX LS v1.0”, “Luna Element Black v5.1 + CSS”, “Royale Remixed v1.47”, “Windows 7 Colors v1.1”, “Zune Final v1.0”.
      Wallpapers = Windows XP Pirated Edition, Bliss (1920×1080), Seychelles – La Digue – Beach (1920×1080).
      Fonts = “Noto Emoji Regular”.
      * Windows File Protection Utility v1.6.2 (In “Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools”).
      * Windows XP CD-K3y Changer v1.2 (In ISO/Disc folder “.\OEM\WinXPPx86IE”).
      * Windows NT Registration Changer v1.0 (In ISO/Disc folder “.\OEM\WinXPPx86IE”).
      * Text file with some valid WGA CD-K3ys (In ISO/Disc folder “.\OEM\WinXPPx86IE”).
      * Help file with lots of useful information (In ISO/Disc folder “.\OEM\WinXPPx86IE”).
      * All Modified and Patched files are digitally signed with a custom certificate.
      (#) Patch Integrator v4.0.3:
      * Kai-Schtrom SATA/AHCI driver v1.0 (Backported Windows 8 driver).
      * Microsoft SATA/AHCI driver v6.3.0.1 (Backported Windows 8.1 driver).
      * ASMedia SATA/AHCI driver v2.3.0.1 (Best for GPT disks on Intel boards).
      * AMD SATA/AHCI driver v1.2.001.0337 (Backported Windows 7 driver).
      * Universal Intel SATA/AHCI/RAID Drivers+Software v11.2.0.1006.2 (For RST Series).
      * Microsoft NVMe driver v6.1.7601.23403 (Backported Windows 7 driver).
      * Kai-Schtrom NVMe driver v1.3 (Backported Windows 7 Open Fabrics Alliance driver).
      * Intel NVMe driver v4.0.0.1007 (Backported Windows 7 driver).
      * Samsung NVMe driver v3.3.0.2003 (Backported Windows 7 driver).
      * Silicon Motion NVMe driver v10.4.49.0 (Backported Windows 7 driver).
      * Microsoft USB3.x xHCI driver v2.2 (Backported Windows 8 driver).
      * AMD/Intel USB3.0 xHCI driver v3 (Patched Windows 7 AMD driver).
      * Microsoft SD+MMC Card driver v6.2.8056.0 (Backported Windows 8 driver).
      * ACPI Patch v5.1.2600.7777 (2023.4.6): Adds support for mainboards that are newer than 2016.
      * PAE Patch v3.6: Allows you to set the RAM limit from 3.5 Gigabytes to 4 Gigabytes or to 128 Gigabytes.
      * AM/RTC Timer Fix v1.2.1: For 2015 or newer Intel CPUs.
      * Intel USB3.x HC-Switch v1.2.1 (Uses ACPI v5048).
      * AVX/AVX2 Enabler v1.1: Allows you to use AVX 256-bit on Multi-Core CPUs with Physical Address Extension.
      * Live USB Setup configuration settings: Allows you to Install and Boot Windows XP from a USB Hard Drive.
      * DriverPacks BASE-Remover (Also removes all the included Driver Packs).
      * Windows XP SSE2 Updates Remover v1.3.3: For CPUs without SSE2 support.
      [---- REMOVED ----]
      (#) Windows XP Components:
      * Nothing was removed that could cause System or Software problems, only outdated and unneeded components were removed.
      1. Applications: “Address Book”, “Internet Games”, “Program Manager.”
      2. Multimedia: “Images and Backgrounds”, “Movie Maker”, “Music Samples”.
      3. Network: “MSN Explorer”, “Netmeeting”, “Outlook Express”, “Windows Messenger”.
      4. Operating System Options: “Blaster and Nachi removal tool”, “Desktop Cleanup Wizard”, “Out of Box Experience (OOBE)”, “Tour”.
      5. 3rd-party Drivers: “Display Adapters”, “ISDN”, “Logitech WingMan”, “Scanners”, “Sony Jog Dial”, “Toshiba DVD decoder card”.
      6. Disc Files: “clock.avi”, “flash.ocx”, “mmc.chm”, “plugin.ocx”, “rdsktpw.chm”, “swflash.inf”, “swtchbrd.bmp”, “yahoo.bmp”.
      7. Disc Folders: “DOTNETFX”, “SUPPORT”, “VALUEADD”, “I386\WIN9XMIG”, “I386\WIN9XUPG”.
      (#) Bugged Updates/Files that have not been added (Manual installers in ISO/Disc folder “.\OEM\Bugged Updates”):
      1. KB960921 (Including default SP3 file “videoprt.sys”) / This update was not added as it will reduce the 2D performance by around 150% and also slows down the browser scrolling when using PAE (Physical Address Extension) with a AMD Radeon graphics card.
      2. KB2926765 (shlwapi.dll) / This update was not added due to a Microsoft bug with the changing of the Internet and E-mail item on the Start menu.
      Download Windows XP Professional SP3 (x86) – Integral Edition 2024.6.6
      File size : 1.22 GB
      Home Page:
    • By _2024_
      Windows 10 Pro (64-Bit) 22H2 v19045.4529 Multilingual Pre-activated

      Languages: Arabic,English,German,Greek,French,Spanish,Italian,Dutch,Portuguese-Portuguese,Portuguese-Brazil,Turkish,Czech | 5.61 GB
      Windows 10 is a Microsoft Windows operating system for PCs and workstations that is part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. This operating system was introduced on September 30, 2014 under the Build 2014 program and was officially released on July 29, 2015
      Windows 10 x64 Bit is the most powerful version of windows that comes with Microsoft Edge, a brand new browser built to give you a better web experience. This is a version of Windows 10 Pro - Pre-activated providing the latest technologies to users, this effort hopes to help increase Microsoft's strong influence on the computing market that Windows is suffering from. Competition is fierce against other platforms, but Microsoft's Windows platform is losing its upper hand.
      The most notable improvements of Windows 10 Pro x64 Bit can be mentioned as: Task View allows previewing images on an intuitive, clear interface; Timeline becomes more handy; Focus Assist is more effective when you need to focus on completing tasks; Edge is much lighter now; Windows Update has been changed to help users inconvenience. All these improvements make Windows 10 Pro x64 Bit immensely worthwhile. You will enjoy a modern, intuitive interface across your devices (tablets and phones). The Start menu is no longer a problem like in Windows 8 when many users are confused about how to find different buttons and links.
      This Windows 10 installer includes versions:
      Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Home Single Language Windows 10 Pro Education Windows 10 Pro for Workstations Windows 10 Education Windows 10 Enterprise Newly added applications:
      Office 2019 ProPlus VL 64bit Servicing Stack Update: KB4577266 CumulativeUpdate: KB4571756 NET Framework 3.5 Defender Updates. System Requirements:
      Processor: 1 GHz Memory (RAM): 2 GB minimum or 4 GB RAM or more Minimum size: 16 GB Free hard disk space.
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      Windows 11 Pro 23H2 v22631.3737 NoTPM Multilingual Preactivated

      Windows (x64) | File Size: 7.11 GB

      Windows 11. The main part of this announcement was to be a presentation of a significant user interface change, codenamed Sun Valley. As we know, a significant portion of the UX changes will be borrowed from the Windows 10X shell, and Windows 10X is not coming to market. Now, as expected, the Windows 11 information leak begins.

      What's new in Windows 11
      - Windows 11 will receive a completely new design. Microsoft clearly needs a good reason to reverse its past claims and still ditch Windows 10 by introducing a new operating system number. And a completely new design is great for that. The Redmond giant has long been preparing a redesign for an update with the code name Sun Valley ("Sun Valley") - apparently, under this naming it was Windows 11. The Sun Valley project flashed on the network for a long time - Microsoft regularly disclosed details of the new interface style, insiders shared the unknown previously information, and popular designers in their circles drew realistic concepts based on all this data.

      - Start and system elements will float above the bottom bar. Start is the calling card and face of every recent version of Windows. Not surprisingly, in Windows 11, developers will transform it again, but not so much in functional as in visual terms - the Start window will hover above the bottom bar. We have to admit that this small change makes the appearance of the system much fresher. Judging by information from the network, Microsoft will not radically change the "insides" of this menu - the innovations will affect only the design of the window itself. The control panel will also float, and its design will be exactly the same as that of the "Start". The action center will be combined with the control buttons together - a similar one has long been used in some other operating systems. Almost all mentions of this new menu indicate that it will be island - the control buttons will be located on one separate panel, notifications will be on another, and specific elements (like a player) on another separate one.

      - Right angles will disappear, they will be replaced
      by fillets. In truth, insiders and concept designers disagree on this point - some are confident that Microsoft will not change its traditions and will keep right angles, while others are convinced that in 2021 Microsoft will follow the fashion for fillets. The latter fits better with the definition of "ompletely new Windows" - just hovering menus are not enough for a new design to be considered truly new. Fillets are expected to affect virtually everything in the system, from context menus and system panels to all application windows. True, even on this issue, the opinions of concept designers differ - some draw fillets in all possible interface elements, others combine them with right angles.

      - There will be a translucent background with blur everywhere. There is disagreement on the web about the island style of displaying windows, the design of the corners and the levitation effect of the menu, but almost everyone is unanimous about the transparency of the windows. The vast majority of leaks and design renders show transparency and blur in all windows, be it at least the Start menu or Explorer. Moreover, these effects are even in the assembly of the canceled Windows 10X operating system, which Microsoft was developing for devices with two screens and weak gadgets in parallel with the Sun Valley project. The so-called acrylic transparency implies the use of new effects when hovering over elements, as well as increased spacing between elements - those areas of the interface with which the user interacts will certainly become larger, and page titles will be thickened.
      - New font that has already been shown. Windows 11 will most likely use the default responsive Segoe UI Variable font, which has already appeared in Windows 10 Build 21376 for Insiders. Its advantage is that it is equally well suited for small texts and large inscriptions. This distinguishes it from standard fonts, which are initially created for either small size or large size. For example, the stable version of Windows 10 currently uses the Segoe UI font, designed for 9pt. In smaller inscriptions, it becomes poorly legible, and in large inscriptions it looks expressionless.

      - Windows 11 will have new icons, and Windows 95 icons will disappear. Yes, they are still in use today. Microsoft will finally transform the icons that are used throughout the system. It's not just about shortcuts to folders, trash cans and other icons found in Explorer. We are talking about all the icons available in the Shell32 directory. There are still icons from the days of Windows 95, and only recently Microsoft updated their design in one of the insider assemblies - of course, they will migrate to Windows 11.
      - Windows 11 will have functional innovations - there are many of them, but they are all small. Much less is known about the features of the upcoming update than about its design. But since Windows 11 and Windows 10X (the canceled OS for weak and foldable devices, the image of which has leaked to the network) were developed in parallel, we can safely assume that all the functions from the latter will appear in Windows 11. For example, Windows 11 will show when the camera is in use computer - the corresponding indicator will be displayed in the system tray.


      System Requirements
      Processor: 2 gigahertz (GHz) or faster.
      RAM: 2 gigabyte (GB).
      Free space on hard disk: 30 gigabytes (GB).
      Graphics card: DirectX 9 graphics device or a newer version.
      Additional requirements to use certain features.
      To use touch you need a tablet or monitor that supports multitouch.
      To access the Windows store to download and run apps, you need an active Internet connection and a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels

      Screen : What's New
      https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/june-11-2024-kb5039212-os-builds-22621-3737-and-22631-3737-d7f574c0-2b13-48ca-a9fc-a63093b1a2c2 HOMEPAGE
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      CareUEyes v2.3.1.0 TR Multilingual
      Gözlerinizi Koruyun
      http://care-eyes.com/assets/images/display-v2-1.gif http://care-eyes.com/assets/images/focus-v2-1.gif
      Anasayfa: http://care-eyes.com/
      Tanım: CareUEyes, göz yorgunluğunu azaltmanıza ve gözlerinizi dinlendirmenize yardımcı olduğu için çok faydalı bir göz bakım yazılımıdır. Bilgisayar ekranının uygun olmayan parlaklık ayarları, mavi ışıklar içerdiğinden göz yorgunluğunun en önemli kaynaklarından biridir. Ancak bu yazılımı kullanarak artık ekrandaki mavi ışık filtresini uygulayarak bu mavi ışıklardan kurtulabilirsiniz.
      Göz yorgunluğunu önleyin
      Mavi ışık, kısa dalga boyuna ve yüksek enerjiye sahip, titreşmesi kolay bir ışık türüdür. Görsel kontrastı azaltır ve keskinliği etkiler, göz yorgunluğuna neden olur. CareUEyes, renk sıcaklığını ayarlayarak mavi ışığı filtreler. Renk sıcaklığı ne kadar düşükse, ekranın yaydığı mavi ışık o kadar azdır.
      Göz ağrısını azaltın
      Çok parlak veya çok karanlık ekran parlaklığı gözlerin tahriş olmasına neden olabilir. CareUEyes, ekran parlaklığını yaklaşık olarak çevrenizdeki parlaklık ile aynı şekilde otomatik olarak ayarlar. CareUEyes, parlaklığı PWM olmadan ayarlar, titreme sorunlarına neden olmasını önler.
      Görme sorunlarını azaltın
      Laboratuvar çalışmaları, mavi ışığa çok fazla maruz kalmanın retina hücrelerine zarar verebileceğini göstermiştir. Bu, yaşa bağlı makula dejenerasyonu gibi görme sorunlarına neden olabilir. Mavi ışığı azaltmak için CareUEyes kullanmak görme sorunlarını azaltabilir.
      'Odaklanma' özelliği, okuma alanının boyutunu ve şeffaflığını özelleştirmenize olanak tanır, bu da okurken odaklanmanızı ve üretkenliği artırmanızı kolaylaştırır.
      20-20-20 kuralıyla göz yorgunluğunu önleyin: Her 20 dakikada bir, 20 fit uzaklıktaki bir şeye 20 saniye bakın, CareUEyes zamanlayıcı size akıllıca bir mola vermenizi hatırlatacaktır.
      Uykuyu iyileştirin
      Geceleri mavi ışık melatonin üretimini baskılayabilir ve uyku problemlerine neden olabilir. Geçmişte uyku problemleriniz varsa, geceleri mavi ışığı en aza indirmek için CareUEyes'ı kullanabilirsiniz.
      Gün doğumu gün batımı
      Seçeneklerde gün doğumu / gün batımı özelliklerini etkinleştirebilir, gündüz ve gece için farklı renk sıcaklığı ve ekran parlaklığı ayarlayabilirsiniz. BakımEvet, gün doğumu ve gün batımı saatlerine göre ayarları otomatik olarak değiştirir.
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