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Internetoff V3.0.1.68

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InternetOff v3.0.1.68

InternetOff v3.0.1.68 Ücretsiz / free

turnon.png v30_settings_schedule.png

Ücretsiz / İngilizce

İnternetinizi hızlıca (kısa süreli yada sürekli) kapatıp açabilirsiniz.

İnternet girişinize Şifre koyabilirsiniz.

Belirli saatlerde (1 saat araklıklarla) açık yada kapalı olacak şekilde ajanada düzenlemesi yapabilirsiniz.

10/8/7/Vista/XP, 32/64 bit
Now you can setup the timetable for internet connection. This option is useful to restrict access to the internet in specific hours of week days. For example you can disallow internet connection in the morning hours if you need to work without attractions.
Windows 10 compatibility windows10.png

Despite the previous version worked with Windows 10 without issues, we have thoroughly tested the new version on compatibility with the latest version of Windows. So now we officially say that its compatible with Win10.


indirme sayfası



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