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C J Box [joe Pickett 005] Out Of Range V5

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C J Box [Joe Pickett 005] Out of Range v5
Type : epub |
Size : 510.33 KB |

9780425209455 |

From Publishers Weekly
In Box's taut, suspenseful fifth Joe Picket novel (after 2004's Trophy Hunt), the Wyoming game warden is temporarily transferred from his backwater base, Saddlestring, to Jackson, a sophisticated tourist mecca, to replace warden Will Jensen, who apparently shot himself to death. Joe has his doubts about Will's "suicide," but little time to investigate given other distractions: a vast and remote territory to patrol, questionable practices by a hunting outfitter, pressure to approve an exclusive housing development on a wildlife trail and protests by animal rights activists. At home, Joe's contentious wife, Marybeth, deals with mysterious threats and daughter Sheridan's teenage angst. To complicate matters further, Joe's reputation as a hardheaded law enforcer, unwilling to play politics, precedes him. Unusual for the genre, the skillfully orchestrated climax doesn't include a chase and the conclusion is ambivalent. Adept at setting his scenes, physically and psychologically, Box approaches Nevada Barr in his ability to describe the West's natural beauty. With each book he creates plots of greater complexity, but in contrast to his ever more nuanced male characters, his women remain too often flirtatious or angry.
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

From Booklist
Starred Review When a fellow game warden kills himself, Joe Pickett is transferred to Jackson Hole--"Wyoming's very own California"--where the new and old Wests collide head-on. Pickett investigates the suicide, meanwhile angering both a hotheaded developer and an irascible outfitter--and attracting the developer's beautiful wife. (Back home in Saddlestring, Joe's wife, Marybeth, calls family friend Nate Romanoki for help with threatening phone calls and finds herself tempted, too.) Contemporary issues are always integral to Box's books, and here he examines the modern quest for authenticity through something called the "Good Meat Movement." In the fifth installment of any series, even one this good, one might reasonably expect a creeping sense of routine. But, if anything, Box is getting better. Incorporating his own natural curiosity into his characters' opinions, he strides a Teton-sharp line between the hard-boiled ethos, where concepts of right and wrong are almost meaningless given the world's ways, and a western sensibility, where a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do--Joe eventually delivers the line: "I just killed the only man in Jackson Hole I really understood." But although Pickett is a laconic western archetype, there's no mythmaking here. He's a family man, likably flawed, and evolving every year. Recommended for practically everybody. Keir Graff
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

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