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Turbomosaic All Editions Portable


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TurboMosaic All Editions Portable | 74.9/74.9/74.9/74.9 Mb
A mosaic is a photo made out of many smaller photos. When viewed from a distance the big picture is prominent whereas when viewed from close up the individual smaller pictures show out distinctly.

The application provides you with various options that allow you to create a high quality picture mosaic with very little effort
Did you ever have the idea to compose an image out of hundreds of other tiny little pictures so that when you view everything from a distance, the big image is still prominent? If you did and also tried to do it all by yourself, without any tools that could aid you, I think we can both agree that the result was not really what you wanted, or there wasn't really a result at all.

TurboMosaic was designed for exactly that purpose, to ease and help you in the process of creating such a massive image with just a few, simple clicks.

Yes, a program like this truly exists
Maybe not many people think about building a piece of art called a mosaic, made out of tons of pictures, or maybe some want to create one, but do not know that there's a tool like TurboMosaic out there to give them a helping hand.

It is a great and fun way to keep a set of memories or events inside a single, huge picture. Let's say you have a string of photos you made in the happy moments of your life that you really cherish, or you just want to put some different events together in a special way.

TurboMosaic provides you with everything you need for bringing such an idea to life without any hassle.

In-depth customizations
The application offers you a variety of options to tweak the mosaic to your liking. From layout size options, either predefined or custom set by you, to the shapes of the tiny images and the number of rows and columns within the mosaic, there are plenty of options to pick from and find the best match for your mosaic.

After you are happy with your design choices, all there is to do is generate your mosaic and then export it in your preferred image format to be able to enjoy it in its own splendor.

It's fun, go for it
If you value your memories and want to keep them in an unconventional way, or you just want to have all the pictures from your wedding in one place, TurboMosaic is the right thing for accomplishing that.

TurboMosaic Professional-Plus Edition
Make images for your personal, business, or organization use. Make images for clients or third parties. Same features as the Professional edition but lets you make more massive photo mosaics.

Operating System: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10

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Download link:



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