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Automation On Mainframe Using Rexx


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Automation on Mainframe using Rexx
MP4 | h264, 1280x720 | Lang: English | Audio: aac, 48000 Hz | 13h 2m | 5.16 GB
Rexx Programming [Full Course to create customized tools like SAVE, Change, Find and etc..]

What you'll learn
How to Create Tools/Routines that Simplify Your daily Work or save time
Creating automation tools
Mainframe basics.
Minimum any programming language basics
The below are the topics are covered as part of this course:

Introduction to Rexx

Writing and Running a REXX Exec

Rexx Basics/Components of Rexx

Using Variables and Expressions

Control Instructions:



Looping Instructions:







User-defined functions

System supplied functions

Trace i.e Debugging Rexx program

Introduction to Compound Variables

Introduction to Stack and Queue

File Handling in Rexx:

Different ways of creating files,

Rename the file name

Delete the file

Copy the data from one file to another file

Read the data from a sequential file

Read the data from Member of PDS

Demos on Automation tools creations


Demo on tools creation using Macros

All the Rexx programs also added in the resources section.

The course is designed in such a way that you can able to create tools/automate your tasks once you are done with this course.

About REXX:

The REXX language is a versatile general-purpose programming language that can be used by new and experienced programmers. This course for programmers who want to learn the REXX language.

That Rexx is easy to learn and use does not mean that it has limited features or is some sort of "beginner's language." Rexx competes, feature for feature, with any of the other major scripting languages. If it didn't, it certainly would not be the primary scripting language for mainframes, nor would it have attained the widespread use it enjoys today on so many other platforms. Nor would there be many hundreds of thousands of Rexx users distributed around the world.*

Ease of use and power traditionally force language trade-offs. It is easy to get one without the other, but difficult to achieve both. Rexx is specifically designed to combine the two. It achieves this goal through these principles:

Simple syntax

Small command set, with functions providing the power

Free-form language

Consistent, reliable behavior

Modularity and structured programming

Fewer rules


Who this course is for:
Who are interested to learn automation on Mainframe.
(Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)



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