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Portable Unified Color Hdr Express 2.1.0


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[b]Portable Unified Color HDR Express 2.1.0|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|16 mb[/b]

HDR Express 2 is an application that allows you to create HDR images.

Dear users! We do not forget about our rights holders!
All portable assembly, designed exclusively for the promotion of the software and can be used for informational purposes only!
After testing the program and decide on the usefulness and necessity of you, this software - you are required! remove the assembly and turn to the developer, to purchase a license for a full version. Good luck!
Release Notes

HDR Express 2 is the second version of the "kinder garden HDR" software that promises us to let every photographer doing HDR images without any particular skills and for that, the new version has improved its workflow, but not only it is easyer to paste bracketted images with HDR Express 2, it should also be easier to avoid ending up with uggly grungy HDR photos thanks to new color management and tone mapping tools.

Release New

HDR Express 2 gets a new tool to align the various exposure bracketted images at a pixel scale. This avoids blurry images. I will make sure to check this function when I'll review HDR Express 2 because every single HDR sofware editor comes with its magical solutions for really not so good end results.
HDR Express 2 also has a new deghosting algorythm which will erase moving subject ghosts. Neat when shooting HDR around a walking crowd or cars.
HDR Express 2 gets a new workflow : it automatically detects and stacks bracketted images of a single scene. You don't have to look for the right files of an HDR project anymore, the software will do it for you like Autopano Pro does for panned images of a panrama image you wish to stitch.
You know this crazy uggly grunge HDR caricatural look ? That is a devience of the technology which has benn adopted by some to produce what they call "art" when I'd say they just torture their images with the complicity of technology. Well, Unified Color Technology, the editor of HDR Express 2 has understood that most photographers were tired of it and now were expecting a more true to life image look. So they come with two tools for that : "Beyond RGB" color technology which allows you to fine tune the colors of the image to get rid of uggly too saturated colors and color cast HDR images sometimes lead to, and the "adaptive tone mapping" that optimizes exposure, color, sharpness while preserving the contrast of shadows areas. These low light areas are often too much enlightened by some tone mapping algorythm.
You can now create HDR slideshows directly in HDR Express 2 and later export them in JPEG, TIFF or 32-bit BEF format files or play it on your computer in full screen mode.
HDR Express 2 lets you create your own presets and apply them with one single click like Nik Software HDR Efex Pro 2 does.

[b]Download link:[/b]




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