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Cam Wizard 8.01


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Cam.Wizard.v8.01.TEAM-Full Katılımsız - Unattended


Açıklaması :

Software Cam Wizard ile Webcamınız Tam Bir Güvenlik Kamerası Oluyor Hareket Alğıladığı An Kayıt İşlemine Baslıyor

Bu Sayede Gereksiz Video Kayıdı Yaparak Sizlerin Kayıt Alanlarında Yer Kaplamıyor.


Cam Wizard v8.01

Effective & Easy - The BEST DIY CCTV Solution.

Incorporating Microsoft® WMV technology.

With CAM Wizard it's possible to set up a multiple camera CCTV audio/video surveillance system with motion detection capabilities in a matter of seconds. You can use any video device that's compatible with WindowsXP™ and Windows Vista™.

CAM Wizard monitors the video feed from your camera, sophisticated motion detection algorithms look for motion in the scene, our state of the art algorithms make sure that false trigger events are minimized.

After motion is detected video and audio is captured as a compressed WMV movie and instantly archived straight to your hard drive or network drive.

CAM Wizard features Time Slide technology which is pre-event triggering of video capture. So video recording can start BEFORE any motion gets detected. For example: if someone walks into frame then the archived footage will start some time before the motion was detected. An amazing feature, only found on the best and most expensive CCTV systems.

You also have the option of automatically sending the captured footage as Email. CAM Wizard features a built in SMTP server that doesn't require any user interaction with outlook express etc. Just leave CAM Wizard running in your system tray and let it capture detected motion into a WMV file that is then sent efficiently and discreetly to any email address.

CAM Wizard also features a robust FTP upload engine, so it can be used to push live cam JPEG pictures onto a web server using the standard FTP protocol. This allows you to even view a webcam that's behind a corporate firewall, very handy for setting up an office cam or cubicle cam.

CAM Wizard also has a robust HTTP server built right into the application enabling it to broadcast live JPG video feed to the internet. We supply you with a static URL to access your cam page and remote view up to four cams from anywhere in the world. You don't need to install any special software in order to view your cam. Just wander into any internet cafe and enter your cam URL. Unlike most other solutions Cam Wizard also features UPNP technology, so it works straight away through most routers and firewalls.



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[center][b][size="4"]Ledset Cam Wizard 10.14 Full + Katılımsız[/size]
[spoiler][img]http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/4434/camwizard.jpg[/img] [/spoiler]

[color="#8B0000"][quote]Boyut:11.07 MB
Sıkıştırma: Rar/ Şifresiz
Tarama: Kaspersky Pure / Durum Temiz[/quote][/color]

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