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  1. Autodesk Maya 2023.3 (x64) Multilanguage x64 | Languages:Multilanguage | File Size: 2.54 GB Maya 3D animation software offers a comprehensive creative feature set for 3D computer animation, modeling, simulation, rendering, and compositing on a highly extensible production platform. Maya has next-generation display technology, accelerated modeling workflows, and tools for handling complex data. Facilities and software features of Autodesk Maya -Advanced design three-dimensional models -simulate a variety of natural and environmental elements such as climate change, water and liquids, fire, plants and ... -having a variety of tools for modeling and data management -the possibility of transferring the properties of one object to another object -Design Clothes, hair and sex and different scenarios -Coordination with other software modeling and animating -Supports mathematical model NURBS (short for Non-uniform rational B-spline) -ability to combine elements of two-dimensional and three-dimensional models -Ability to use scripting programming language and MEL (stands for Maya embedded language) and ++ C and Python in the development of software System Requirements OS:Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update (64-bit only) (version 1607 or higher) operating system CPU:64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor with SSE4.2 instruction set RAM:8 GB of RAM (16 GB or more recommended) PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY CLICK ONE OF MY LINKS IF YOU WANT BUYING OR EXTENDING YOUR ACCOUNT https://nitroflare.com/view/B51D514674E3A1E/Maya_2023_3_Update_Win_64bit.part1.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/D3890AA3B018DDB/Maya_2023_3_Update_Win_64bit.part2.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/06DB2B6FBFF1F06/Maya_2023_3_Update_Win_64bit.part3.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/3b4412166f40caa6b84ab0e8ce579ce2/Maya_2023_3_Update_Win_64bit.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/9ad25d405ea18ca2669932730b6bb49a/Maya_2023_3_Update_Win_64bit.part2.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/6b2fb821d4afebca37b2cc99fefdc170/Maya_2023_3_Update_Win_64bit.part3.rar.html
  2. Autodesk 3DS MAX 2023.3 (x64) Multilanguage x64 | Language:Multilanguage | File Size: 6.57 GB 3ds Max 2023 is a powerful 3D modeling and animation solution used by game developers, visual effects artists, and graphic designers to create massive worlds, stunning scenes, and engaging virtual reality (VR) experiences. Facilities and software features in Autodesk 3ds Max -material design a variety of models, shapes, materials and high complexity and detail -have different effects in terms of animating -having a complete and professional modeling tools -Ability to import the output of various animation software and computer design and engineering -Support for multiple extensions to apply visual effects -Create the light source in the desired location and thus the formation of the shadow object -Ability to model designed for professional video -intelligent software to recognize the beginning and end of the animation -recognize the body's response to the action taken on it -the latest rendering of the project in order to improve the speed and quality -Ability to use programming language Python in project development Modified Setup Autodesk Genuine Service Removed Autodesk Desktop App Removed Autodesk Single Sign-On Removed System Requirements OS:Microsoft® Windows 10 Professional / Windows 11 CPU:64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor with SSE4.2 instruction set Memory:4 GB of RAM minimum (8 GB or more recommended) Space:9 GB of free disk space for install or more PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY CLICK ONE OF MY LINKS IF YOU WANT BUYING OR EXTENDING YOUR ACCOUNT https://nitroflare.com/view/316F87EFD8A0F18/3ds_Max_2023_3_Win_64bit.part01.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/AA6A4DB40870F25/3ds_Max_2023_3_Win_64bit.part02.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/43F75C0A370686E/3ds_Max_2023_3_Win_64bit.part03.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/872348F5F8B5EE6/3ds_Max_2023_3_Win_64bit.part04.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/ADC750003EB4D89/3ds_Max_2023_3_Win_64bit.part05.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/1894B0DBC4C5535/3ds_Max_2023_3_Win_64bit.part06.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/69A973351718895/3ds_Max_2023_3_Win_64bit.part07.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/f93743022a7d6d469c17ec5570320e3a/3ds_Max_2023_3_Win_64bit.part01.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/7ec44725f112079866b27139fff65416/3ds_Max_2023_3_Win_64bit.part02.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/5afbff2d321e87c6b26d691818393fca/3ds_Max_2023_3_Win_64bit.part03.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/8c3d2d222501023553ea03e72cb4854a/3ds_Max_2023_3_Win_64bit.part04.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/215123d98371760e4e2286dd010076e8/3ds_Max_2023_3_Win_64bit.part05.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/f687da74453029d6429d553dc5756c1e/3ds_Max_2023_3_Win_64bit.part06.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/54b7266ce1bed1a39919e77dd475e0b0/3ds_Max_2023_3_Win_64bit.part07.rar.html
  3. Band in a Box 2023 Build 1002 (x86/x64) With Addons | 32.86 GB Band-in-a-Box® 2023 for Windows includes over 70 new features and an amazing collection of new content including 222 RealTracks (20 more than we released in previous versions), new RealStyles, MIDI SuperTracks, XPro Styles PAK 4, Xtra Styles PAK 14 & 15, 2 new RealDrums Stems and more! Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit Interface language : Multilingual (Russian is not available) Tabletka : present System requirements : Windows®: 11/10/8/7 (32 or 64-bit version) Minimum 1 GB RAM (more than 2 GB recommended) Clocked processor 1.0 GHz or faster (2 GHz multi-core processor recommended + 2 GB free hard disk space for minimal installation (more than 150 GB recommended) Screen resolution 1024x768 (1360x768+ recommended) Sound card Includes: UltraPack+ 8.19 GB Addons 17.90 GB Other 5.18 GB PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY CLICK ONE OF MY LINKS IF YOU WANT BUYING OR EXTENDING YOUR ACCOUNT https://nitroflare.com/view/1091FC32144C166/BiaB2023_Diff.part01.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/61B817E3A2B1396/BiaB2023_Diff.part02.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/A61A710E788E939/BiaB2023_Diff.part03.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/431F0CED549AB63/BiaB2023_Diff.part04.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/84835B5F7ABB94B/BiaB2023_Diff.part05.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/7467BD217AE9442/BiaB2023_Diff.part06.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/9B9EBF77C2D3DF0/BiaB2023_Diff.part07.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/6C4887ECCEBD8AA/BiaB2023_Diff.part08.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/4409BADCF31CC56/BiaB2023_Diff.part09.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/57E12EB98F5E842/BiaB2023_Diff.part10.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/D859B9DC220F644/BiaB2023_Diff.part11.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/AA4DAB27F9002B6/BiaB2023_Diff.part12.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/DB7D830A1A5E318/BiaB2023_Diff.part13.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/4663C0D37BC9C50/BiaB2023_Diff.part14.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/C756E43AB0D46BB/BiaB2023_Diff.part15.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/59AC14DC9E79EAC/BiaB2023_Diff.part16.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/0A3B02F274C061A/BiaB2023_Diff.part17.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/DC9E56C2632682F/BiaB2023_Diff.part18.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/7F13F0FC3605617/BiaB2023_Diff.part19.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/79734A9282DC7B1/BiaB2023_Diff.part20.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/4A869DBD2015CA7/BiaB2023_Diff.part21.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/51BF9448671F50C/BiaB2023_Diff.part22.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/954F4C73ACA153F/BiaB2023_Diff.part23.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/2563564EC93F77E/BiaB2023_Diff.part24.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/B997C25D5A1D46B/BiaB2023_Diff.part25.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/7489588C68055E6/BiaB2023_Diff.part26.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/5218D4A87636CCA/BiaB2023_Diff.part27.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/7D1223261D85C61/BiaB2023_Diff.part28.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/DECB0BF67535CCB/BiaB2023_Diff.part29.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/E8631573EAE2326/BiaB2023_Diff.part30.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/39572931976888D/BiaB2023_Diff.part31.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/1FD82159717E3C7/BiaB2023_Diff.part32.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/9D17281545042C1/BiaB2023_Diff.part33.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/7699ec9f7e03bd78f56634ca18ecc914/BiaB2023_Diff.part01.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/84556976436298cb482453007d955d05/BiaB2023_Diff.part02.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/1d9810f44169e9e0e090801b6f5bf0e2/BiaB2023_Diff.part03.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/189512f384700e9ec522e1bd2614f029/BiaB2023_Diff.part04.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/922f90ce7f01d81b72968795a7e0aebf/BiaB2023_Diff.part05.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/73746b329f0af03456b84c98fe000d3b/BiaB2023_Diff.part06.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/94016196ff4ab0603d5c825ad7443174/BiaB2023_Diff.part07.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/cd30f90a58886dd8631f0dae8936ebc7/BiaB2023_Diff.part08.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/28a5d9f995b4564b098e103c207f3cb1/BiaB2023_Diff.part09.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/c04eae7f66f6c02a050c137936ad53ca/BiaB2023_Diff.part10.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/61999a55f2016464a84a81aad1737689/BiaB2023_Diff.part11.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/3e3ed70983097be357bc62d16038b81c/BiaB2023_Diff.part12.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/bafd5a9a17666d22acfe77e72efbd997/BiaB2023_Diff.part13.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/0f343a18b57950e96183143b9ace24ce/BiaB2023_Diff.part14.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/6281b3bc7507805a490070c7c0754c5d/BiaB2023_Diff.part15.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/25d22abca9b31925e88d3f9433bd3151/BiaB2023_Diff.part16.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/c51a2b47f319f8dba4c72eff3c4e43da/BiaB2023_Diff.part17.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/604590e6c8cecc2c20918a256ebb585a/BiaB2023_Diff.part18.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/e8f43f8bb02b7a331f33b5d3c5fec6e3/BiaB2023_Diff.part19.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/f2055e0f7f7490ab8af13be21a90b5f2/BiaB2023_Diff.part20.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/437c7e77e4c9a3e88d6c0897292fbc1f/BiaB2023_Diff.part21.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/a75ff41811d628671981b92407c3cf13/BiaB2023_Diff.part22.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/40cc0c2be6ff4fa00cc52cc852b255a2/BiaB2023_Diff.part23.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/8f4ab95a5118cb41944a2799c025f617/BiaB2023_Diff.part24.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/eb7c6755794315b86381b42ea345766c/BiaB2023_Diff.part25.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/1f8588076966eee811de57ef4e0e1c19/BiaB2023_Diff.part26.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/be5e7b84d6cd20896109ad3636118a8c/BiaB2023_Diff.part27.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/f1c6648eada765e5267311f2f9c00a2b/BiaB2023_Diff.part28.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/3af568cc12454b7ecc45bf19582cf483/BiaB2023_Diff.part29.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/83898bbeb97314d93db47bbfe1f435f0/BiaB2023_Diff.part30.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/92fae9add6c4fa0b7010741fd4297611/BiaB2023_Diff.part31.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/9117355a946bea20eb28a3993e7cca78/BiaB2023_Diff.part32.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/6920d248ff532acb88c055b37bcb8b2c/BiaB2023_Diff.part33.rar.html
  4. Toyota EPC 06/2022 V1.0 L60 R050 (06.2022) | 7.11 GB Original Toyota&Lexus parts catalog.The program is distributed as an installer. To install, you just need to select the disk on which you want to install the program. Installation time - 30-40 min.ATTENTION THE INSTALLATION PATH AND THE NAME OF THE FOLDER MUST BE IN ENGLISH AND WITHOUT SPACES!!! Administrator rights may be required. Do not delete the link on the "C" drive with the name "TMCEPCW3". When installing to "C:\TMCEPCW3" there will be installation problems - DO NOT PUT IN THIS FOLDER!Установленные discs: Europe: A1- 06/2022, A2 - 01/2022 General: A1- 06/2022, A2 - 01/2022 USA, Canada: A1- 06/2022, A2 - 01/2022 Japan: A1- 06/ 2022, A2 - 01/2022, F1- 06/2022 Overseas: F1 - 01/2022, F2 - 01/2022, F3 - 06/2022 JPIO: M1 - 04/2022Lexus Code: 22060110 Release Year/Date : 2022/06 Version : V1.0 L60 R050 Developer : Toyota motor corporation Interface language : English Tablet : not required PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY CLICK ONE OF MY LINKS IF YOU WANT BUYING OR EXTENDING YOUR ACCOUNT https://nitroflare.com/view/C51E5884CB32883/TOYOTA_EPC_2022_06.part1.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/433507C48039E02/TOYOTA_EPC_2022_06.part2.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/970F8BF20CF2EF1/TOYOTA_EPC_2022_06.part3.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/B499793CA68667D/TOYOTA_EPC_2022_06.part4.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/90900B4D34B87C2/TOYOTA_EPC_2022_06.part5.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/A905FD85E9CC897/TOYOTA_EPC_2022_06.part6.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/87C1275263AC849/TOYOTA_EPC_2022_06.part7.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/3EF25141BE153AD/TOYOTA_EPC_2022_06.part8.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/6b544035eb1b81b1d77b0507261cdd76/TOYOTA_EPC_2022_06.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/7f9d7d0b7d27c7fbc2487e88c397eef0/TOYOTA_EPC_2022_06.part2.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/ce3018e0b1c45413c0482791c5fb3db8/TOYOTA_EPC_2022_06.part3.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/85dbc66d05940ec3719ab3cbf02f3ee7/TOYOTA_EPC_2022_06.part4.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/d6a66bd83613c3d355aac26bc9353d12/TOYOTA_EPC_2022_06.part5.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/3c6ebd9d04a7a5ce918ea8fe0b9eb90e/TOYOTA_EPC_2022_06.part6.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/9658296c28b1a418022220bae9aa9e31/TOYOTA_EPC_2022_06.part7.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/410686f2f69c7b16d39940bb78eeb3c3/TOYOTA_EPC_2022_06.part8.rar.html
  5. DxO FilmPack ELITE Edition U2B macOS File size: 753.35 MB DxO FilmPack 6 ELITE Edition reproduces the colors and grain of iconic films as closely as possible using an exclusive calibration procedure developed in the company's laboratories. The software recreates the hues, saturation, contrast, and grain of 84 authentic analog renderings within digital images. It also offers a decidedly original approach to browsing the various eras of photography. Praised by professionals for the faithfulness of its analog film renderings, DxO FilmPack lets photographers apply to their digital images all of the characteristics of the analog films that have made photo history, as well as numerous original renderings, filters, toning, and visual effects — all of which can be infinitely combined. Rediscover the magic of analog in the age of digital! DxO FilmPack traces the history of analog photography through 84 high-fidelity film renderings. → The soul of analog. A truer-than-life analog rendering DxO FilmPack, a direct product of DxO’s expertise as a pioneer of optical corrections, demosaicing, and denoising, faithfully reproduces the colors and grains of analog films thanks to an exclusive calibration process developed in its laboratories. Faithfully rendered colors (NEW) Choose from 46 color film stocks that made history. Capture fantastic images using the vivid red and intense blues tones of EKTACHROME Professional Infrared EIR. Rediscover the softness of Kodak Portra 160 NC for your portraits, the magic of Polaroid, or the contrast and the vibrant colors of Fujichrome Velvia 50 for macro photography. Legendary black-and-white film stocks (NEW) Discover the grain and contrast of iconic or missing black-and-white film stocks, including the legendary Kodak Tri-X, Fujifilm Neopan, Ilford FP4 Plus, or even Polaroid 664. DxO FilmPack helps you uncover your inner artist with its collection of 38 black-and-white film stocks. With IMPOSSIBLE PX 600 SILVER SHADE, you can also rekindle the effect of Polaroid 600 by creating the pastel sepia look of monochrome instant film. Add a grain of truth to your images Explore a new aspect of photography with the many grain effects available. Using the denoising tool, remove digital noise from your high-ISO images and replace it with authentic analog grain. Time Machine: harnessing history to power your creativity (NEW) Version 6 features a completely new, interactive exploration of photography’s history, presenting era-defining images and describing major events that shaped its evolution. Infuse your photos with the look and feel of the eras that inspire you. → Image processing. The advantages of digital but with the spirit of analog Thanks to RAW format support and the use of DxO’s optical modules, you can correct all of your camera’s lens defects, effectively reduce unwanted digital noise, and faithfully restore color. The ultimate in lens corrections DxO FilmPack 6 perfectly rectifies all lens defects thanks to the advanced measurements made in the DxO laboratory. From sharpness and distortion to chromatic aberrations and vignetting, discover the best lens corrections available. • Sharpness • Distortion • Chromatic aberrations • Vignetting 8-channel HSL adjustments (NEW) Enjoy even greater color precision using the new rendering engine which now uses eight channels instead of six. Gain better control over the orange and purple tones of your photos. Take your creativity even further • Textures with a vintage look • Simulate an accidental exposure of the film to light and create areas of overexposure or color saturation around the edges of the image • A wide range of frames • Vignetting and a host of creative options • Selective blurring to focus the viewer’s attention Reveal the subtleties of black and white Create subtle conversions with color filters. Using the channel blender, enhance the tones in your images with finely tuned precision. Add intensity to your black-and-white photos With the fine micro-contrast tool, precisely adjust local contrast in your photos. The algorithm applies a multi-scale filter which removes unwanted details while preserving the sharp edges of the image. For more advanced processing Customize your editing process. • Save your settings for intensity, grain, and contrast and apply them easily to other images in your library. • Create consistent renderings across all of your photos • Share your presets • Snapshots → Workflow. Total efficiency with DXO FilmPack FilmPack was created from film characterizations that were built in the laboratory using the best digital development technologies. Simply put, it delivers the most authentic film renderings on the market. Software that is seamlessly integrated into your workflow DxO FilmPack can be used as an independent application, as a module within DxO PhotoLab, or in addition to Adobe Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, or Capture One. Release Notes Supported Operation System • macOS 10.15 or later • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY CLICK ONE OF MY LINKS IF YOU WANT BUYING OR EXTENDING YOUR ACCOUNT https://nitroflare.com/view/E2C2A453BB499B9/DxO_FilmPack_6.6.0.1_ELITE.dmg https://rapidgator.net/file/a0a4b4fb4aeb6be6f673953257281f4d/DxO_FilmPack_6.6.0.1_ELITE.dmg.html
  6. Siemens Star CCM+ 2210.0001 17.06.008 single precision (x64) Multilingual | 3.82 GB STAR-CCM+ is one of the most up-to-date, in comparison with competitors, software package designed to solve problems in continuum mechanics. It is exceptionally easy to use. STAR-CCM+ includes the latest numerical algorithms such as advanced solvers, segregated solver and coupled solver, and is also built using the latest programming techniques. All this allows STAR-CCM+ to provide unprecedented accuracy, reliability and flexibility in solving problems of computational continuum mechanics. New powerful meshing tools: from restoring the integrity of the surface (surface wrapping) to creating meshes from polyhedral cells. Using these new meshing tools can reduce the time to solve a problem by hours. A large set of physical models: laminar and turbulent flows, Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, multiphase flows, cavitation, radiation, combustion, boundary layer development, flows with large Mach numbers, conjugate heat transfer, as well as new models for calculating heat exchangers and fans. Using arbitrary polyhedral cells: requires less memory and speeds up the solution of the problem. Powerful visualization tools: and control of simulation parameters during the calculation. Has, including, the Russian interface. Reliable results: Based on the robust, AV-free STAR-CCM+ solver. Compatibility of models with existing software products: STAR-CD, ICEM, GridGen, Gambit. Models consisting of 1 billion or more cells: Unlike all other CFD packages, STAR-CCM+ is specifically designed to perform scalable parallel computations on arbitrarily large computational grids. Allows solving relatively simple problems of strength (together with gas dynamics). Release Year/Date: 2022 Version : 2210.0001 Build 06/17/008 Developer: Siemens Developer website: www.mdx.plm.automation.siemens.com Bit depth: 64bit Interface language: Multilingual (Russian is present) Tabletka: Present ( TeAM SOlidSQUAD-SSQ ) System requirements: Windows 7/10 64-bit System requirements: From junior i7, min 8 Gb RAM, nVidia, Logitech mouse. PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY CLICK ONE OF MY LINKS IF YOU WANT BUYING OR EXTENDING YOUR ACCOUNT https://nitroflare.com/view/64BC960A1A5DEAC/Siemens.STAR-CCM%2B2210.0001_17.06.008.Siingle.Precision.part1.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/07969A315D011C0/Siemens.STAR-CCM%2B2210.0001_17.06.008.Siingle.Precision.part2.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/26D3A74D724C19D/Siemens.STAR-CCM%2B2210.0001_17.06.008.Siingle.Precision.part3.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/2F86DCD89353E1A/Siemens.STAR-CCM%2B2210.0001_17.06.008.Siingle.Precision.part4.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/27204b23089d88db60342c73b41ed8a7/Siemens.STAR-CCM_2210.0001_17.06.008.Siingle.Precision.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/29cb063dee991b8dd4e5dae483efde3b/Siemens.STAR-CCM_2210.0001_17.06.008.Siingle.Precision.part2.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/c13cd47774dd8f865c50fde7a09b15de/Siemens.STAR-CCM_2210.0001_17.06.008.Siingle.Precision.part3.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/b52febde216c24ffd653add364f99df5/Siemens.STAR-CCM_2210.0001_17.06.008.Siingle.Precision.part4.rar.html
  7. Siemens Star CCM+ 2210.0001 R8 (17.06.008 R8 double precision) x64 | 3.81 GB STAR-CCM+ is one of the most up-to-date, in comparison with competitors, software package designed to solve problems in continuum mechanics. It is exceptionally easy to use. STAR-CCM+ includes the latest numerical algorithms such as advanced solvers, segregated solver and coupled solver, and is also built using the latest programming techniques. All this allows STAR-CCM+ to provide unprecedented accuracy, reliability and flexibility in solving problems of computational continuum mechanics. New powerful meshing tools: from restoring the integrity of the surface (surface wrapping) to creating meshes from polyhedral cells. Using these new meshing tools can reduce the time to solve a problem by hours. A large set of physical models: laminar and turbulent flows, Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, multiphase flows, cavitation, radiation, combustion, boundary layer development, flows with large Mach numbers, conjugate heat transfer, as well as new models for calculating heat exchangers and fans. Using arbitrary polyhedral cells: requires less memory and speeds up the solution of the problem. Powerful visualization tools: and control of simulation parameters during the calculation. Has, including, the Russian interface. Reliable results: Based on the robust, AV-free STAR-CCM+ solver. Compatibility of models with existing software products: STAR-CD, ICEM, GridGen, Gambit. Models consisting of 1 billion or more cells: Unlike all other CFD packages, STAR-CCM+ is specifically designed to perform scalable parallel computations on arbitrarily large computational grids. Allows solving relatively simple problems of strength (together with gas dynamics). System requirements: Windows 7/10 64-bit System requirements: From junior i7, min 8 Gb RAM, nVidia, Logitech mouse. What News? Read: releaseNotes_17.06.008_en.pdf https://www.siemens.com/global/en.html PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY CLICK ONE OF MY LINKS IF YOU WANT BUYING OR EXTENDING YOUR ACCOUNT https://nitroflare.com/view/6594B40A0ADF8E4/Siemens.STAR-CCM%2B2210.0001_17.06.008.R8.Double.Precision.part1.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/30C9C5D355F4D05/Siemens.STAR-CCM%2B2210.0001_17.06.008.R8.Double.Precision.part2.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/E380C4BD076A81B/Siemens.STAR-CCM%2B2210.0001_17.06.008.R8.Double.Precision.part3.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/8224110C78F47CF/Siemens.STAR-CCM%2B2210.0001_17.06.008.R8.Double.Precision.part4.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/ff775d6ba7f37c9415970c827af50c6a/Siemens.STAR-CCM_2210.0001_17.06.008.R8.Double.Precision.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/aeb979f2d76d2a2b4a3f9038eade8ff0/Siemens.STAR-CCM_2210.0001_17.06.008.R8.Double.Precision.part2.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/3a7c419fe3133c44be41b2e13f0900d6/Siemens.STAR-CCM_2210.0001_17.06.008.R8.Double.Precision.part3.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/8b1749ab16238b0878498e03ba377591/Siemens.STAR-CCM_2210.0001_17.06.008.R8.Double.Precision.part4.rar.html
  8. Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 2023.1.0 (x64) File size: 246.5 MB Magic Bullet Suite adds 2 new film and lens emulation tools for Looks, Halation, and Optical Diffusion. It also gives a first look at the new Color Management system OpenColorIO - ACES in Looks adding greater control when mixing a variety of sources, creating deliverables, and working with Looks within complex post pipelines. COLOR CORRECT Magic Bullet Suite is a complete set of plugins that gives you everything you need to make your footage look great, right on your editing timeline. Balance out your shots with powerful color adjustments. Then, go beyond color correction, with accurate simulations of lens filters and film stocks. And now, with both input and output color handling in Looks, Magic Bullet Suite fits in perfectly anywhere within your high-end color workflow. STYLIZE Give your footage the look of a Hollywood film. With the tools in Magic Bullet Suite, your footage can instantly have cinematic contrast and the sophisticated color palettes of big budget movies. With tons of fully customizable presets based on popular movies and TV shows, you will have beautiful results in seconds. REFINE Quickly balance skin tones, reduce wrinkles and remove skin blemishes, so your talent can look their best. Magic Bullet Suite makes cosmetic cleanup fast and easy, and gives you natural results that look untouched. CLEANUP Save your footage from video noise caused by shooting in the dark or at high ISOs. Magic Bullet Suite can clean up the noise while still preserving the details in your shot. At the end of your color grading process, Magic Bullet Suite can also reintroduce some subtle texture and a natural film grain that gives your final product a look that feels genuine and unprocessed. PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY CLICK ONE OF MY LINKS IF YOU WANT BUYING OR EXTENDING YOUR ACCOUNT https://nitroflare.com/view/FB5471BD02A71E0/Bullet.Suite.2023.1.0..rar https://rapidgator.net/file/6e1cc44d5a5b7f74a2fd1b5d70faf3f5/Bullet.Suite.2023.1.0..rar.html
  9. Nik Collection by DxO Multilingual Windows x64 | File size: 771.21 MB Even More Possibilities for Even Greater Creativity. New interface, even more precise Control Points, and optimized tools for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom: Nik Collection 5 helps your creativity reach even greater heights. New Interface, New Experience The new interface of Nik Viveza and Nik Silver Efex is more modern, more appealing, and more functional. It also provides quicker access to all available tools and presets so you can concentrate on what’s most important—finding your very own style. Add Control Points to your custom presets Save your favorite presets that you’ve created with Control Points, and then apply a similar style to a series of images—all while preserving a specific area in your photo. This is the perfect way to apply a color effect to several portraits as well as a blurred background! Create an optimized and easier-to-use workflow Because the Control Points now feature fewer sliders, you can now see the applied effects more easily. To really optimize your workflow, you can even rename them. Adjust the saturation of a specific tone range Thanks to the new Color Tolerance setting, users can not only select the color they want to edit, but also adjust the tolerance of similar color hues. Combine the settings from several plugins with a single click Meta Presets, which can be accessed directly from the Nik Selective Tool in Adobe Photoshop, combine all the presets and settings from the various Nik Collection plugins so you can apply several effects with a single click. Incredible photos Discover 10 Meta Presets created by professional photographers and instantly infuse your landscape and wildlife photography with a unique style—all without leaving Adobe Photoshop. Lightning-fast retouching With the Last Edit feature, you can recreate the last preset you used with one of the Nik Collection plugins. Smart Copy & Paste Selectively reapply a plugin’s finish to one or several images directly in Adobe Lightroom—all without having to launch the Nik Collection interface. The definition of efficient. Even more striking black-and-white photos Nik Silver Efex now features revolutionary ClearView technology, which was first released as part of DxO PhotoLab. Remove haze, boost local contrast, and give your photos an entirely new dimension. Add color Nik Viveza features ten native presets designed by professional photographers. Pick the style you like the most and make your own local adjustments. The possibilities are endless! Reconnect with the emotional impact of analog Accurately recreate the finish of films that left their mark on the history of photography: Nik Silver Efex features 39 ultra-realistic grains to help you produce authentic black-and-white photos. Create and share Create and save your personalized presets in Nik Viveza. Easily share them or import them to another computer so you can continue editing, no matter where you are. Control your tones With Nik Viveza’s new Selective Tone Tool, you can edit your images with even more control over bright lights, midtones, and shadows. Adjust color temperatures Nik Viveza’s new Color Temperature Selector lets you select the true white value in your image for flawless white balance. What's new System Requirements • Intel® Core® 2 or higher (Intel® Core™ i7 4th generation or higher, or AMD Ryzen™ recommended) • 8 GB of RAM (16 GB recommended) • 4 GB or more of available hard-disk space • Microsoft® Windows® 10 version 1903 (64-bit) and above, Microsoft® Windows® 11 (64-bit) • Microsoft Surface is not supported • Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 through 2022 • Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 through 2022 (apart from Nik HDR Efex, which is not compatible with Photoshop Elements) • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic 2021 through Classic CC 2022 • DxO PhotoLab 4 and later • Serif Affinity 1.8 and later (apart from Nik Perspective Efex, which is not compatible with Affinity) PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY CLICK ONE OF MY LINKS IF YOU WANT BUYING OR EXTENDING YOUR ACCOUNT https://nitroflare.com/view/682F291DB7F6BC3/Nik.Collection.by.DxO.5.3.0_x64.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/6af7c8f289536eed7d5c0909de683d7b/Nik.Collection.by.DxO.5.3.0_x64.rar.html
  10. http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/0.1649818598.jpg Civil 3D Addon for Autodesk AutoCAD 2023.2.1 (x64) x64 | Language: English, Russian | 4.81 GB Civil 3D is a BIM-based infrastructure design and documentation solution. Civil 3D is designed for engineers working on transportation, land management, and water protection projects. Users are able to coordinate projects, explore design alternatives, simulate facility operation, and produce high-quality documentation. Civil 3D allows you to create more complex and information-rich projects by improving the performance of the platform and expanding user functionality. Among the new features of the product are work with pressure pipeline networks, improved topographic survey, creation of basic maps and design of railway tracks. The work of many functions of the design of transport structures has been improved - the formation of corridors, 3D navigation, query execution and determination of surface boundaries. New opportunities - Project Explorer for Civil 3D Explore and share design data in a Civil 3D model with an intuitive viewing and reporting tool. - Collaboration for Civil 3D Process more different types of files faster and navigate your project easily with the cloud-based Collaboration for Civil 3D solution. - Bridge object support Assign layers to subtypes of standard bridge objects and customize layers for existing bridges. - Connector for ArcGIS Edit and save utility functions and work efficiently with geometry enhancements and other Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS enhancements. - Pressure pipe network Use the many options available to work with pressure pipe networks. For example: snap to specific corners or piping and add RTA elbows. - Profile view data areas for railroads Create new settings - specify additional information for the profile data area - and check the elevation data of the outer rail based on the requirements of the railway project. System requirements: • Pre-installed Autodesk AutoCAD 2023 with the same interface language as the installed Civil 3D Addon • 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 10 (version 1809 or later), Windows 11 ; Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (version 1607 or later), Windows 11 • 2.5-2.9 GHz processor (3 GHz or faster recommended) • 8 GB RAM (16 GB recommended) • Video adapter with 1 GB VRAM, 29 GB/s bandwidth, DirectX 11 support (4 GB and 106 GB/s DirectX 12 support recommended) • 1920x1080 screen resolution with True Color (up to 3840x2160 recommended for high resolution and 4K displays) • 10 GB free disk space (SSD recommended) • .NET Framework 4.8 or higher Optional for 3D modeling and large amounts of data • At least 16 GB of RAM • 6 GB of free disk space (not including space required for installation) • Workstation-class video adapter with 8 GB of VRAM or higher, with a screen resolution of 3840x2160 (4K) or higher, True Color, Pixel Shader 3.0 or higher, and DirectX - The assembly is based on the original Russian and English distributions combined into a single package, from which everything that is not directly related to the installation of the Civil 3D add-on has been removed. - For a modern installer, a solution was developed and implemented for choosing the interface language of the program being installed. - The interface language of the installer itself is set based on the OS interface language. - Added the ability to opt out of installing the Autodesk Batch Save Utility (Standalone) module in the installation package. - Added the ability to opt out of installing the Dynamo for Autodesk Civil 3D 2023 plug-in to the install package. - Added the option to opt out of installing the Autodesk Civil 3D 2023 Object Enabler plug-in to the install package. - The Civil 3D 2023.2 Update has been integrated into the installation package. - The Civil 3D 2023.2.1 Update has been integrated into the installation package. - The Civil 3D Object Enabler 2023.2 Update has been integrated into the installation package. - AutoCAD Map 3D 2023.0.3 Update has been integrated into the installation package. - AutoCAD Architecture 2023.0.1 Update has been integrated into the installation package. - Updated Autodesk On-Demand Install Service from version to version - Installer updated from version to version - The assembly does not include medicine. The cure is included in my build of AutoCAD 2023, on top of which it is recommended to install this addon. https://www.autodesk.com/ PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY CLICK ONE OF MY LINKS IF YOU WANT BUYING OR EXTENDING YOUR ACCOUNT https://nitroflare.com/view/B528906BD0FDC8D/Civil.3D.2023.2.1.Addon.part1.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/A8EED9EFD8D58AC/Civil.3D.2023.2.1.Addon.part2.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/778CCC23D9432DF/Civil.3D.2023.2.1.Addon.part3.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/2B8B714F4048A5B/Civil.3D.2023.2.1.Addon.part4.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/ED130387D9CE1E3/Civil.3D.2023.2.1.Addon.part5.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/ee4784600ea3f27fbc8144d0e86b2ba5/Civil.3D.2023.2.1.Addon.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/84bc56455e712b0b681094e9b1662d2e/Civil.3D.2023.2.1.Addon.part2.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/6af63d405814a9bacc29cb396952f213/Civil.3D.2023.2.1.Addon.part3.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/a7437ea1aeb31b23e80ac57abeb6ae52/Civil.3D.2023.2.1.Addon.part4.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/856c03a19f04d691bb1e625b4dd9d87b/Civil.3D.2023.2.1.Addon.part5.rar.html
  11. DxO ViewPoint 4.1.0 Build 168 Multilingual Windows x64 | File size: 237.34 MB DxO ViewPoint 4 gives you complete control over lines, angles, and shapes. Adjust perspectives, fix distortions, warp specific areas, and correct wide-angle stretching for perfect images. Get the perfect angle, every time DxO ViewPoint 4 can be used as a standalone application, as a tool palette within DxO PhotoLab, and as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop®, Lightroom Classic®, and Photoshop Elements®. ReShape: A warping tool that delivers magic In some shots, details matter more than others. Thanks to DxO ViewPoint 4’s innovative new ReShape tool, fixing imperfections has never been easier. Choose a Distortion Grid that fits the image, then simply drag points to correct individual elements within the frame. You’ll quickly bring the world under your control. Defeat distortions in an instant Lenses aren’t perfect, but DxO ViewPoint 4 makes them better. In fact, even cheap optics can look pro once they’re processed with our award-winning optical correction tools. Draw on DxO’s renowned lens correction technology and fix barrel, pincushion and fish-eye distortion with a single click. Get the right balance When balance is key, you can achieve perfect poise with DxO ViewPoint’s powerful perspective tools. Choose from four methods to get exactly the results you need, no matter what the subject. • Auto • 8 points • Vertical & Horizontal • Rectangle All of the drama, none of the distortion Wide-angle lenses are vital for tight spaces, getting close to subjects, and showing the dramatic scale scene. But that doesn’t come for free. A wide-angle will also stretch and distort anything close to the edge of the frame. DxO ViewPoint’s Volume Deformation tool can return a subject’s natural proportions in just a few clicks. Flip and rotate your images with ease Mirror your images through a vertical or horizontal axis in just a single click, and rotate your image to find the right composition. Find your level the easy way Landscape and architectural shots need a straight horizon. Anything else won’t do. ViewPoint 4’s upgraded Crop Tool makes this easy with full rotation control direct from the cropping box, so it’s easier to reframe your photos with absolute precision. Get creative Use the Miniature Effect tool to simulate a tiny world like that produced by tilt-shift lens. The smooth bokeh produced by DxO ViewPoint 4 can also replicate a shallow depth of field, and can be used to reduce distractions and push the viewer’s eye exactly where you want it — something that can be very useful when adding text to an image. What's new Versions of DxO ViewPoint 4 There are 2 versions of DxO ViewPoint -- As a standalone application, DxO ViewPoint is completely autonomous. Images corrected using DXO Viewpoint can subsequently be opened in a host application for further processing. -- The DxO ViewPoint plugin can be used with four applications • DxO PhotoLab • Adobe Photoshop (2019 to 2022) • Adobe Photoshop Elements (2019 to 2022) • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic System requirements • Any CPU supporting SSE 4.1 • 8 GB RAM • 4 GB available disk space • Microsoft® Windows® 10 version 20H2 or higher (64-bit, and still supported by Microsoft®) PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY CLICK ONE OF MY LINKS IF YOU WANT BUYING OR EXTENDING YOUR ACCOUNT https://nitroflare.com/view/522306110EC5CB1/DxO.ViewPoint. https://rapidgator.net/file/64f872c88b98437e8afb9a187d89d966/DxO.ViewPoint.
  12. DxO PhotoLab 6.1.0 Build 74 (x64) Elite Multilingual File size: 765 MB Produce RAW and JPEG images with the best image quality, effortlessly: DxO PhotoLab provides a complete set of smart assisted corrections that you can manually fine-tune at any time. Take control on every aspect of your photos: effectively remove noise, get rid of light constraints, recover color details, apply sophisticated optical corrections, and enhance details. Unparalleled image quality DxO’s unique DeepPRIME denoising and exceptional color science raise the bar for RAW processing. Legendary optical corrections Market-leading corrections built on 20 years of research, giving you sharper images, free of imperfections. Innovative creative tools Master color and tone with powerful, creative editing tools that you won’t find anywhere else. Intuitive local adjustments With DxO’s exclusive U Point™ technology you can make targeted edits without tricky masks. Powerful photo management Search and sort your photos with simple, effective tags, keywords, and project hierarchies. New features in DxO PhotoLab 6 - Introducing DxO Wide Gamut working color space: Harness the potential of the latest printers and monitors with DxO's new color space. Avoid clipping in highly saturated areas and ensure accuracy across your workflow. Easily switch between the legacy color space (for all images coming from previous versions of DxO PhotoLab) and the new DxO Wide Gamut working color space (for your new images loaded in DxO PhotoLab 6); - New Soft Proofing mode: For beautiful, accurate reproduction, whatever the screen or print type. Preparing your images for different output has never been easier. Achieve accurate color at every stage of your workflow; - New DeepPRIME XD denoising option: Alongside DeepPRIME, DeepPRIME XD adds another level of performance when required. Expect less noise, more detail and smoother bokeh; - New ReTouch tool: The brand-new ReTouch Tool gives you unprecedented control when cloning and repairing. Rotate, flip, or transform source points, and edit source areas for absolute precision; - New nested Projects: Organize your virtual collections of images more efficiently with the new hierarchy of Projects. Create Projects and groups of Projects and simply organize them by drag-and-drop; - Crop tool improvement: You can now rotate your images when in Crop mode; - Embedded Perspective tools: Perspective correction tools (keystoning) are now natively available in the ELITE version; - New Color labels support: Identify, classify, and cull your images more easily with the new Color tags; - New Exif & IPTC fields: For complete metadata management; - Keyword tokens improvement: Keyword tokens now show the full hierarchy if children have the same name; - More than 77,000 camera/lens combinations are now available. Whats New New features • Color tags have been added to full screen mode • Additional options for Projects and Group of Projects • Histogram now displays CMYK colors if a CMYK profile is used for Soft Proofing • A new preference has been added to put keywords hierarchy in XMP DC subject • A new preference has been added to apply all keyword hierarchy or just the selected keywords to an image (available in the new “metadata” tab in Preferences) • A new option has been added to search images with the whole keyword hierarchy applied on them • A new slider to protect saturated colors has been added in Soft Proofing (This additional slider helps you protect saturated colors in Soft Proofing, when using a display ICC profile with a narrower color gamut.) • A new option has been added in the export dialog window to protect saturated colors (useful when exporting to a narrower color space) • New entries to filter images by optic modules status have been added to the filtering menu New supported cameras • Fujifilm X-H2 • Nikon D100 • Sony FX30 Bug fixes and improvements • The cropped areas are now displayed when using the ReShape tool, ReTouch tool and Local Adjustments • Shapes’ outlines for the ReTouch tool are now more visible • The intensity slider (in the ‘Color rendering’ palette) is now limited to 100 when using the DxO Wide Gamut working color space • The ReTouch tool’s shapes are now kept when activating/deactivating the “show mask” option • Fixed an issue where PhotoLab could block Photoshop saving operation • Fixed an issue where moving images and sidecars with Windows Explorer could fail • Minor bug fixes PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY CLICK ONE OF MY LINKS IF YOU WANT BUYING OR EXTENDING YOUR ACCOUNT https://nitroflare.com/view/95EA8B142DEC08C/PhotoLab6.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/f8a96901faac3b0cefb2fba791db128a/PhotoLab6.rar.html
  13. DxO PureRAW 2.3.0 Build 6 Multilingual Windows x64 | FIle size: 354.7 MB DxO PureRAW Simply better RAW files, Enhance your RAW files to open up even more possibilities with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom®. Why you should use DxO PureRAW2 Whatever your genre, DxO PureRAW2 will transform the quality of your RAW files. Wildlife You don’t need the best telephoto lens on the market to get incredible results. DxO PureRAW2 cleans up your RAW files, giving you greater flexibility when using faster shutter speeds, and allowing you to shoot earlier in the morning or later into the evening. Landscape photography Get the maximum detail from your gear thanks to DxO’s renowned lens and camera profiles, automatically correcting any distortion, vignetting, and chromatic aberrations. You can have more freedom to shoot without a tripod as faster shutter speeds with higher ISO levels are now less of a problem. High-ISO photography With DxO PureRAW2, you can get an extra two stops of ISO thanks to its power to clean up noise from your RAW files. Instead of worrying about image quality and lowering your shutter speed, keep shooting. Natural light portraits Creamy bokeh and out of focus areas often have a tendency to become messy with noise. With DxO PureRAW2, they stay velvety smooth and free of artifacts. Resurrect old RAW files Breathe new life into RAW files shot on older cameras. The photos in your archive you thought were not good enough because of a lot of noise or a soft lens — these images can be transformed. Wide-angle lens photography Automatically correct lens distortions, vignetting, and chromatic aberrations and make your wide-angle photography cleaner and sharper. High resolution, high detail Your lenses deserve the best corrections. With DxO PureRAW2, you get access to DxO’s widely acclaimed lens and camera modules based on more than fifteen years of rigorous lab testing. In addition, DxO PureRAW2 will allow you to draw out more detail from the shadows without introducing noise. What's new System Requirements - Intel® Core® 2 or higher (Intel® Core™ i7 4th generation or higher, or AMD Ryzen™ recommended) - 8 GB of RAM (16 GB recommended) - 4 GB or more of available hard-disk space - Microsoft® Windows® 10 version 1903 (64-bit) and above, Microsoft® Windows® 11 (64-bit) PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY CLICK ONE OF MY LINKS IF YOU WANT BUYING OR EXTENDING YOUR ACCOUNT https://nitroflare.com/view/43B0F95E9DECC3D/PureRawv2360.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/2f80f591d935ec648fe8c2b066ef5c79/PureRawv2360.rar.html
  14. Pixelmator Pro 3.2.1 macOS File size: 511.56 MB Pixelmator Pro is an incredibly powerful, beautiful, and easy to use image editor designed exclusively for Mac. With a wide range of professional-grade, nondestructive image editing tools, Pixelmator Pro lets you bring out the best in your photos, create gorgeous compositions and designs, draw, paint, apply stunning effects, design beautiful text, and edit images in just about any way you can imagine. And thanks to its intuitive and accessible design, Pixelmator Pro is delightfully easy to use — whether you’re just starting out with image editing or you’re a seasoned pro. Exceptional Design and Functionality • The modern, single-window interface of Pixelmator Pro is designed exclusively for working with images on a Mac • An intuitive and refined interface makes pro image editing easy and accessible to everyone — from complete beginners to design professionals • With both dark and light appearances, Pixelmator Pro seamlessly adapts to the Light and Dark Modes of macOS • A full-featured Photos extension lets you edit images using Pixelmator Pro without ever leaving Photos, saving layered, nondestructive edits directly to your library Professional Tools • Enhance your existing images and create new ones using every image editing tool you could ever need • Edit nondestructively, adjusting individual changes whenever you like • Easily move, resize, and arrange objects to create stunning compositions • Adjust the colors in images with a collection of nondestructive color adjustments • Use the Core ML-powered ML Enhance to automatically improve the look of your photos • Enjoy superior support for RAW files, editing RAW images right inside Pixelmator Pro without having to preprocess them • Create digital or traditional paintings using handcrafted, fully-customizable, dual-texture brushes with full support for digital graphics tablets • Combine the built-in effects to create any artistic or special effects you can imagine • Save the adjustment, effect, and layer style combinations your create, use them in any of your images, and share them with others • Magically remove small imperfections or entire objects, seamlessly clone parts of your photos, and lighten or darken precise areas using a full set of retouching tools • Use the reshaping tools to easily change the shape of any object or area in your images, create striking artistic effects or make subtle changes to portrait photos • Add customizable vector graphics designed by the Pixelmator Team • Create your own vector graphics using the Pen tool • Easily design great-looking text with a full set of typography tools • Quickly create curved, circular, and path text • Optimize and save your images for the web, using advanced compression to shrink file sizes to the smallest possible • Batch process images using built-in Automator actions Image Editing Enhanced by Machine Learning • Magically remove objects, recreating image areas with stunning realism using the Repair tool • Use ML Enhance to intelligently enhance photos with a machine learning algorithm trained on millions of professional photos • Zoom and enhance image resolution with the incredible ML Super Resolution • Automatically copy the look of one photo to another with ML Match Colors • Remove image noise and compression artifacts while preserving details using ML Denoise • Quickly make accurate selections with ease using the Quick Selection tool • Automatically give descriptive names to the layers you add Compatibility • Open and edit images in all the most popular image formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, HEIF, SVG, PDF, GIF, BMP, TGA, WebP and JPEG-2000 • Open and edit Photoshop images with layers • Open and edit SVG vector images • Share your images to Photos, Mail, AirDrop and other locations right from Pixelmator Pro Built Exclusively for Mac Designed exclusively for macOS, Pixelmator Pro supports almost every major macOS feature and integrates seamlessly with macOS Catalina. Supported Operation System • macOS 11.0 or later • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY CLICK ONE OF MY LINKS IF YOU WANT BUYING OR EXTENDING YOUR ACCOUNT https://nitroflare.com/view/3F1B789E58300C8/Pixelmator_Pro_3.2.1_MAS.dmg https://rapidgator.net/file/3007b85a96e3a11cbc1395db19c310fa/Pixelmator_Pro_3.2.1_MAS.dmg.html
  15. Clip Studio Paint EX v1.13.0 Multilanguage (x64) WiN x64 | File size: 385 MB CLIP STUDIO PAINT is the world's leading comic and manga creation software and delivers powerful art tools for every manga and comic artist. It is designed both for artists wishing to enhance and perfect their pen-and-paper illustrations and for artists wishing to complete the entire process of creating manga and comics digitally. Sketching, inking and coloring your Comics and Manga has never been easier. What's New in Clip Studio Paint EX? Cel animation support (frame-by-frame animation) Also known as frame-by-frame or traditional animation, this technique makes an object or character appear to move on its own. The artist can draw individual cels (frames), which act as transparent sheets that can be layered, and create the illusion of movement when the series of cels is played as a continuous sequence. Animation timeline The timeline provides granular control over timing and display adjustments to create fluid movement of the animations. Light table function The light table illuminates pages, rendering them semi-transparent and making it easier to use multiple layers for reference, which is ideal for creating in-betweens (transitions between cels), and clean-line art for cels and illustrations. Onion skin display Onion skinning is a technique used in creating animated cartoons and editing movies to see several cels at once, allowing the animator or editor to determine how to create or adjust an image based on the previous image in the sequence. Multiple export options Drawings and animations can be exported as sequential images, GIFs, and movie formats. CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX Features Formerly Manga Studio. CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX has all of the features of CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO, professional story creation tools, as well as other special features, that make it the ultimate illustration tool for serious comic, manga and graphic artists. Coloring Powerful coloring tool make CLIP STUDIO PAINT your all-in-one manga and comic creation solution. Choose from an abundance of preset colors, create custom color sets or blend colors naturally as if you were mixing them with your own fingers using the color blend options. Pens, Pencils, Brushes & Tools Create original sketches using your mouse or draw naturally with a pen tablet. Draw using a suite of familiar tools including pens, pencils, brushes and selection tools. With vector mapping technology and smart pen pressure sensing, CLIP STUDIO PAINT gives you incredible sensation of drawing on paper. Panels Save time by easily adding and customizing panels for your pages or create panels of all shapes and sizes using Bezier curves. Advanced Brush Effects Simulate real work brushes with the new dedicated air brush which allows multiple air brush effects. Use the tone brush to create and share a wider array of visual effect. Vector Tools Vector Toolkit allows maximum flexibility, speeds up production and gives you the ability to view the centerline of vectors makes spotting trouble areas in need of smoothing a breeze. Coupled with the vector snapping tools, artists are now able to achieve exactly the lines they want. New Advancements Speed up your workflow with amazing advancements that include new layer effects like screen, overlay and multiply, even brushes can now have effects of their own. Templates Design with attention to detail and save time on tedious projects with tons of ready-to-use page template options. Importing & Exporting CLIP STUDIO PAINT imports and exports to common file formats including layered PSD files. Resize with no loss in quality. 3D Options CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX now offers support for 3D objects and figures allows for reference and background materials. Manipulate 3D objects directly on the screen or use preset poses. Drag and Drop other 3D objects on the canvas. Compatibility Backwards compatibility allows you to import all of your Manga Studio 4 EX and 4 Debut files including your .CPG page files and your .CST story (project) files into CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO or CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX. Text Advanced text allows adjustments to letter and word spacing, mixing of fonts, anti-aliasing, italics and underline options, line spacing and many more. Faster Than Ever 64-Bit Architecture & Multi-Core CPU Support makes Manga Studio faster than ever with the capability to handle high definition and multiple layer art projects even more smoothly. CLIP STUDIO PAINT Is Perfect for Comic Illustration Adobe Photoshop has become the standard drawing and illustration tool, used in many industries, but it will not only cost you more, it's primarily a photo editing tool. Photoshop just doesn't have the tools and features that are ideal for comic illustration, CLIP STUDIO PAINT does. Multiple-Page Story Layout Create your whole story with the Multiple-Page Story Layout. This allows manga and comic artists to streamline their creative process and easily access their story files in one convenient area (EX only). PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY CLICK ONE OF MY LINKS IF YOU WANT BUYING OR EXTENDING YOUR ACCOUNT https://nitroflare.com/view/CBAE4FF19C04BCF/CSPEXv1.13.0_ML.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/932066d10fd9b06ee47501e5561dfaff/CSPEXv1.13.0_ML.rar.html
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