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Ingilizce Metni Türkçeye Çevirecek Arkadaşlar


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Arkadaşlar internette denediğim programlardan pek verim alamadım. Elimdeki ingilizce metinleri tükçeye çevirmem gerek yardımcı olabilecek arkadaşlara ricam olur.

No, it isn’t true! It can’t be true!

Mat Johnson woke up. It was that nightmare again. The same nightmare every night for six weeks. It was so real… His parents are in the car. They’re happy.

They’re laughing and talking abaout the summer holidays; two weeks in Florida-Disney World, Cape Canaveral, the ocean to swim in-a twelve year-old kid’s dream!

Suddenly the car is out of control. Matt’s dad is a good driver but he can’t stop the car. It’s going too fast. It’s too late. There’s a tree Crash! A terrible sound of metal breaking. Now there’s silence. The car is upside down. Only a whell is moving. It turns and turns and turns…

Matt put his head in his hand and cried, like he did every night. “It can’t be true!” But it was true. His parents were dead and Matt was alone now.

“Cry Matt, cry. Don’t worry.” Said a gentle voice. The sad, kind face of and old lady appeared in the light of the lamp next to Matt’s bed. “I’m sory Gran,” said Matt, and looked up. In the lamplight was the pale face of a desperately unhappy young boy. It was a nice face but his blue eyes were stil full of tears.

“I’m sorry,” he repeated, “Gran, when will I start to forget.?”

“You’ll never forget,” said his grandmother, “but one night your nightmares will stop. Then you’ll start to dream of the happy times with your mum and dad. Happy memories never die.”

Matt’s groundmother smiled. She was a wise old woman and the person to help Matt at this difficult time.

“Let’s go into the kitchen for some hot milk.”

Matt got out bed. He was quite tall for his age and already looked down on his little groundmother. She was small but she had a big heart. It was difficult for her too. Jane, her daughter, was dead and Philip, Jane’s husband and Matt’s father, too. But now there was Matt to take care of. Matt was her world now.

“Will you like living here” she asked him, as they drank their milk. “I don’t know,” answered Matt, tired and sad. “It’s so different.

I liked Newbridge very much. It was nice city, not too big, and the people in the North are kind and friendly. I had a lot of friends. Greenwood’s okay, but it’s very quiet suburb and it’s difficult to get to centre of London from here. I haven’t got any friends here, except you Gran, and there’s no Newbridge United, and no swimming club.”

“Poor Matt. You’ll see. Things will change. There are a lot of football teams in London. There’s a swimming pool near here. And of course you’ll make friend. You’ll see… But now Matt, it’s time to go back to bed. Tommorrow’s a big day. Your first day at your new school.”
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