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Barkod Etiket Programı

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Barkod Etiket Pro v5.1 in yada başka bir barkod etiketleme programına ihtiyacım var.


sitemizde TechnoRiverStudio var fakat linklerde problem var.


EXCEL ve diğer dış ortamlardan alması ve kullanım kolaylığı olarak Barkod Etiket Pro v5.1 çok yetenekli fakat yazdırma özelliği yok.


mümkün ise kırılmış ve yazdırılabilir vaziyette barkod programı önerebiliecek arkadaşlardan paylaşım bekliyorum


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TechnoRiverStudio Professional 8.0.1710 | 31.2 Mb

TechnoRiverStudio is an industry-leading label design / barcode software that supports modern barcodes. It includes the GS1-DataBar, expected to be the next major barcode symbology used on many trade items. TechnoRiverStudio is feature rich and yet extremely easy to use. It has comprehensive database support, powerful design capabilities, flexible database integration, extensive barcode support and a highly intuitive user interface. The software also implements multi-language labels, allowing different languages to be entered on the same layout and enables users to design labels targeted for the international market.




Edition Comparison

TechnoRiverStudio reads data from most database systems such as Microsoft Access, MySQL, Oracle, Excel and delimited text files. It also fully supports standard Microsoft ODBC and OLE-DB compliant data sources.

Integration with existing software infrastructure is easy. TechnoRiverStudio includes enterprise features for scanning a directory or mailbox. Any clients (including mobile devices) connected to the network can communicate with TechnoRiverStudio by sending print requests to the directory or mailbox.

TechnoRiverStudio offers a huge (one of the industry largest!) and expandable Label Stock database. The Stock database stores all the dimensions, regions and cutouts of the different labels. This greatly simplifies the task of designing labels as user can choose an existing template to get started with.

TechnoRiverStudio can also be used as a CD/DVD label software. It can create beautiful and professional looking CD Jewel Case Inserts, front and rear covers and side spines quickly and easily.

TechnoRiverStudio supports all the industry widely used 1D and 2D barcodes. In addition to common barcodes, TechnoRiverStudio supports modern ones like GS1-DataBar, GS1-128, 13 digit-ISMN, ISBN13, HIBC, Circular I2OF5, PDF417, Datamatrix and QRCode with Kanji. TechnoRiverStudio also offers powerful barcode helper user interfaces to allow flexiblity and ease of use for configuring the barcodes.

The truly unique "One Touch" Bar Codes toolbox gives you instant access to an extensive set of bar code components. Simply drag and drop the type of bar code required and customize as desired.

The label design view provides you with a high precision view of your label. There is also a Print Preview mode that shows you how your labels integrates with external datasources. And this comes with an extensive set of options for printing like specifying the start position, reverse printing order, label quantity and the number of records in the database.

Home Page - Please login or register to see this link.


Not: Alıntıdır.

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TekSoft Barkot



Dışardan veri alma özelliği ne yazık ki yok.Fakat ufak ve kullanışlı




TSBarkod.rar 832.2 KB

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