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Brothers Keeper 7.0.32 Portable


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Brothers Keeper 7.0.32 Portable




Brothers Keeper 7.0.32 Portable | 20 MB
Brother's Keeper is a Windows genealogy program that will help you input and organize your family history information and let you print a large variety of charts and reports.
(13-Oct-2014 new items or items fixed by 7.0.32 are below)
(fixed) Fixed a problem when searching for Sources using the Norwegian or Danish languages.
(fixed) On the Compare Two Databases utility, it was not finding accented letters when searching the right side database if the new option was turned on to ignore accents when searching.
(changed) The Re-Index routine is faster now for large databases (over 400,000 names or events or other records)
(new) There is a new utility to 'Add country name to a group of locations' which is helpful if you are using the Origins report and it does not know what country people were born in.
(fixed) Fixed a problem where if you Rearranged Spouses, it might not show the spouses for that person unless you did a File, Re-Index database.
Requirements - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
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