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2 Gb Ddr3 1600 Mhz Crucial Notebook Ram


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Elimde aşağıda özellikleri bulunan Ram bellek bulunmaktadır.

Almak isteyen mesaj yolu ile yada sahibinden üzerinden GET sistemi üzerinden güvenli bir şekilde alabilir.

Ürün gayet kaliteli bir üründür.Düşük voltajla yüksek performans vermektedir.




Kapasite : 2048 MB

Bellek Tipi : DDR3L-1600

Bellek Hızı : PC3-12800

CAS Latency CL: 11

Pin: 204-pin

Volt: 1.35 (DDR3L (Low voltage)) 



Sahibinden Ürün Sayfası...


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      Lets see what actually happens under the hood: when your PC's physical RAM gets full of opened applications, typically Windows starts opening any new applications using the hidden buffer file on the disk called pagefile.

      Certainly this is a slower process since accessing the info bits on the hard drive is a more -consuming mechanical process (the heads of the hard-drive move towards the right platter, cylinder and section of the disk surface where the bits are stored) than accessing the memory RAM chips. This means that your newly opened application is now stored in the virtual memory on the hard-drive. Therefore your computer will act very poor in terms of performance.

      What to do Install Chris-PC RAM Booster to manage RAM memory and pagefile usage more wisely than before. RAM Booster will change the behavior of Windows and your newly opened applications and games will run better and faster.

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