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Hetman Excel Recovery Commercial 3.2 Multilingual Portable


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[b]Hetman Excel Recovery Commercial 3.2 Multilingual Portable | 16.7 Mb[/b]
Hetman Excel Recovery is designed to help you get your Excel and Open Calc spreadsheets back when the files go missing. No matter what caused the loss of data, Hetman Excel Recovery can handle it. Formatted and repartitioned hard drives, inaccessible memory cards and unreadable flash drives are routinely encountered and taken care of by Hetman Excel Recovery. Got a hard drive covered with bad blocks or making unusual sounds?

Hetman Excel Recovery offers a special extra-safe recovery mode to handle physically unstable devices, maximizing your chance of successful recovery. Hetman Excel Recovery combines a set of highly sophisticated data recovery algorithms with an intuitive, fully guided user interface. The tool is driven with a step by step wizard, enabling anyone to achieve the same high-quality recovery results as a professional recovery lab.
[b]Operating System:[/b] Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10
[b]Home Page -[/b] http://hetmanrecovery.com/



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    • By qxqx
      Windows 10 Pro (64-Bit) 22H2 v19045.3086 Multilingual Preactivated

      Windows 10 Pro (64-Bit) 22H2 v19045.3086 Multilingual Preactivated
      Windows 10 is a Microsoft Windows operating system for PCs and workstations that is part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. This operating system was introduced on September 30, 2014 under the Build 2014 program and was officially released on July 29, 2015
      Windows 10 x64 Bit is the most powerful version of windows that comes with Microsoft Edge, a brand new browser built to give you a better web experience. This is a version of Windows 10 Pro - Pre-activated providing the latest technologies to users, this effort hopes to help increase Microsoft's strong influence on the computing market that Windows is suffering from. Competition is fierce against other platforms, but Microsoft's Windows platform is losing its upper hand.
      The most notable improvements of Windows 10 Pro x64 Bit can be mentioned as: Task View allows previewing images on an intuitive, clear interface; Timeline becomes more handy; Focus Assist is more effective when you need to focus on completing tasks; Edge is much lighter now; Windows Update has been changed to help users inconvenience. All these improvements make Windows 10 Pro x64 Bit immensely worthwhile. You will enjoy a modern, intuitive interface across your devices (tablets and phones). The Start menu is no longer a problem like in Windows 8 when many users are confused about how to find different buttons and links.
      This Windows 10 installer includes versions:
      Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Home Single Language Windows 10 Pro Education Windows 10 Pro for Workstations Windows 10 Education Windows 10 Enterprise Newly added applications:
      Office 2019 ProPlus VL 64bit Servicing Stack Update: KB4577266 CumulativeUpdate: KB4571756 NET Framework 3.5 Defender Updates. System Requirements:
      Processor: 1 GHz Memory (RAM): 2 GB minimum or 4 GB RAM or more Minimum size: 16 GB Free hard disk space.  
      Password: taiwebs.com


    • By qxqx
      Windows 11 Pro 22H2 v22621.1848 NoTPM Multilingual Preactivated

      Windows 11 Pro 22H2 v22621.1848 NoTPM Multilingual Preactivated

      Windows 11 is officially leaked to a developer version. Previously, when Windows 10 was released, Microsoft once stated that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows for users. Clearly, with the arrival of Windows 11, Microsoft needed a major reason to reverse its previous claims and still remove Windows 10 by introducing some new operating systems.

      About the interface of Windows 11 is quite similar to Windows 10X (a version of Windows 10 has stopped growing). The logo image of Windows 11 has changed. Windows 11 will now place icons on the Start Menu bar, including the Start button and search button (Cortana) in the middle, rather than on the left as on the current version of Windows. Microsoft, however, allows users to customize the left side as Windows 10. The interface of the search section also has a large difference from Windows 10.
      The remaining apps are not yet too much changed compared to Windows 10, however one thing that users can quickly realize at Windows 11 is that the windows are all rounded up in a very light corner, instead of the present perpendum. In addition, the widgets will also be tested by Microsoft on Windows 11, although it looks a little bit confused, however in the future, Windows 11 will have a more complete widgets area.

      The boot view of Windows 11 is now also different from the Windows 10 generation when the characteristic cross-window window has been changed to Microsoft's logo with the green being kept. In addition, the basic features and interfaces are essentially the same as Windows 10.
      Windows 11 will have new icons, and Windows 95 icons will disappear. Yes, they are still used today. Microsoft will eventually convert the symbols used throughout the system. It is not only about shortcuts for folders, bins and other icons found in Explorer. We are talking about all the icons available in the Shell32 folder.
      The Windows user interface was modified to handle the transition between mouse-direction interface and optimized interface for touchscreen based on available input devices, especially on PC 2 in 1.
      One of the most notable features of Windows 11 is to support popular applications, an expansion of Metro-style apps introduced for the first time in Windows 10.
      Minimal system requirements:
      Ministry of processors: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 cores or more on a compatible 64-bit processor or system on chip (SoC)
      RAM: 4 gigabytes (GB)
      Memory: 64 GB or larger storage device
      Note: See below in the part " Information Add to the Update.
      on each color channel
      Internet connection and Microsoft account: Version Windows 11 Home requires Internet connection and Microsoft account to complete the device settings in the first use. Microsoft accounts are mandatory for some features.
      Or you can use the Windows PC Health Check software (an official Microsoft software to check if your computer is compatible with Windows 11?)
      Update Windows 11 Pro Insider Preview 10.0.22000.51 Multilanguage:
      Languages include: English, German, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish
      ISO File
      Feature: Net 3.5 has enabled
      Version: Windows 11 Pro Insider Preview 10.0.22000.51 (x64) Multilanguage
      Password: taiwebs.com


    • By qxqx
      İPTV List v1.3 b 4 Multilingual Mod TEAM-Full  -  iPTV Kanal İndirici

      İPTV List v1.3 b 4 Multilingual Mod TEAM-Full  -  iPTV Kanal İndirici
      Açıklama resimi

      Download TEAM-Full
      Açıklamaya gerek yok Program Android Sistemler için Full APK dir. Program İPTV Kanal Listesi İndiricidir. Program Arayüzü Açıklama resminde gördüğünüz gibi çok basit kullanım arayüzüne sahiptir... Bu programla Tüm Dünya Kanallarını Güncel Bir Şekilde İndirebilirsiniz...
    • By qxqx
      Apple macOS Ventura v13.3 (22E252) Multilingual + Hackintosh + VMWare Edition

      Apple macOS Ventura v13.3 (22E252) Multilingual + Hackintosh + VMWare Edition
      File Size: 11.81 GB
      macOS Ventura improves every aspect of everyday Mac use and includes updated versions of key applications, including Mail, Messages and Safari. Continuity for Camera lets you use iPhone as a webcam for Mac. The Arranger feature offers a completely new way to automatically arrange windows. You'll also get the latest security and privacy features for your Mac.
      Configured for a computer on a haswell processor. Mandatory bootloader setting for all .
      Improved search
      The search function proposes more precise and complete results, and shows you suggestions even before you start typing.
      Enhanced image search
      Find images in Photos, Messages, Notes and in the Finder, and even on the web, directly from Spotlight.3 And thanks to the "Active Text" function, you can even search for an image based on the text it contains.
      New search interface
      Find even more details: Search results bring together all the information you need about contacts, albums, singers, movies, TV shows, actors and actresses, sports and companies. Press the spacebar and you'll see large preview windows of your files, which you can browse through in Quick View.
      Shared panel groups
      Share panels and bookmarks, then text or initiate a FaceTime call directly from Safari. If you are planning a trip with friends or choosing a new sofa with your other half, you can share your panels all together. And others can add tabs too if they want to share them with you.
      You have a new message: you can change your mind
      Now you can edit a message that has just been sent, or cancel the sending altogether. And if you don't have time to immediately reply to a message that has just arrived, mark it as unread to come back when you have time.
      New ways to collaborate
      Notes, presentations, reminders, Safari panel groups and more - share them in Messages and kickstart teamwork. You will see updates to shared projects in the thread, and you can contact other people directly from the app you are using.
      ICloud shared photo library
      Easily share photos and videos by adding up to five people, so everyone can help create a great family album. The photos will all be gathered in the same place, ready to be admired at any time even by those who have not taken or retouched them.
      System requirements
      Installation is available on the following Mac models
      iMac18,1 or later
      MacBookAir8,1 or later
      MacBookPro14,1 or later
      for hackintosh
      Processors without AVX2 (Ivy Bridge and older) - not officially supported!
      Integrated graphics processors SKL and older - not officially supported!
      AMD graphics older than RX4xx - not officially supported!
      Only processors with SSE4.2 (haswell and higher) are supported
      Video cards supporting Metal ( Radeon ), Intel HD (kabylake or higher).
      What News?
      macOS 13 Ventura for VMWare (25.6 GB - 12/11/2022 7:22:55 PM)   Password.txt (Size: 4.0 bytes - Date: 12/11/2022 7:22:21 PM)   macOS 13 Ventura.vmx (Size: 3.0 KB - Date: 12/11/2022 7:14:13 PM)   macOS 13 Ventura.vmdk (Size: 25.6 GB - Date: 12/11/2022 1:06:35 PM)   Apple macOS Ventura v13.3 (22E252) Multilingual.part3.rar (Size: 1.3 GB - Date: 3/30/2023 12:03:07 PM)   Apple macOS Ventura v13.3 (22E252) Multilingual.part2.rar (Size: 5.0 GB - Date: 3/30/2023 12:03:03 PM)   Apple macOS Ventura v13.3 (22E252) Multilingual.part1.rar (Size: 5.0 GB - Date: 3/30/2023 12:02:45 PM)   Apple macOS Ventura v13.3 (22E252) Hackintosh.part3.rar (Size: 2.2 GB - Date: 3/30/2023 12:01:39 PM)   Apple macOS Ventura v13.3 (22E252) Hackintosh.part2.rar (Size: 5.0 GB - Date: 3/30/2023 12:01:32 PM)   Apple macOS Ventura v13.3 (22E252) Hackintosh.part1.rar (Size: 5.0 GB - Date: 3/30/2023 12:01:14 PM) Files Password :
    • By karadurak
      Km Boot & PE v3 (X86 X64) 

      Km Boot içerik olarak güncellenmiştir. grub4dos ve grub2 görsel olarak aynıdır fakat zaman içerisinde farklı güncellemeler alarak yeni bir görünüme kavuşacaktır. 
      Grub4dos özel araçlar ile düzenlenip hızlandırılmıştır. Kullanımı hakkında ayrıntılı bilgi almak için KMPE konusunu ziyaret ediniz.
      Km Boot & PE v3 (X86 X64) 2020.09.01
      Iso Boyutu: 10,7 GB (11.570.769.920 bayt)
      Sistem gereksinimleri:
      CD / DVD sürücüsü veya USB'den önyükleme yapabilen PC.
      USB Sürücüye Kurulum: 
      Klasör Yapısı ve Kullanım:
        _ISO klasörü: Herhangi bir sürücünün ana dizinde _iso klasörü var ise windows isolarınızı 78-setup uygulaması otomatik olarak görür.  Hem Win Managerdan hemde KMPE den 78-setup a ulaşabilirsiniz. 78-setup'un kurulum imajlarını arayacağı klasörü değiştirebilirsiniz.  win manager için "_WIN\78SETUP.CFG" dosyası KMPE için "KMPE\_WIN\78SETUP.CFG" dosyasını notepad ile düzenleyiniz.     _WIN Klasörü: Herhangi bir sürücünün ana dizinde _win klasörü var ise windows imajlarınızı (wim,esd,swm) klasör konumuna atıp win managerden otomatik kurulum yapabilirsiniz. (örneğin:_WIN\1064\install.wim) Win manager menüsüne hem multiboot ana menüsünden hem de KMPE içerisinden ulaşabilirsiniz. Win managerin kurulum klasörünü, menüdeki programları ya da düzenini değiştirebilirsiniz.  Win Manager için "_WIN\MBOOTMGR_1064.wcs"  KMPE için "KMPE\_WIN\MBOOTMGR_1064.wcs" dosyalarını notepad düzenleyiniz. İnstall.wim/esd öğesinin yanında bir yanıt dosyası ( * unattend.xml ) ve/veya $OEM$ klasörü varsa , Windows'u iki şekilde yükleyebilirsiniz:
      Manual Kurulum => ( unattend.xml yanıt dosyası ve/veya $OEM$ klasörü yok sayılır ve kuruluma  kaldığı yerden devam eder.)
      Otomatik Kurulum => (  unattend.xml yanıt dosyası ve/veya $OEM$ klasörü alınır  ve  kuruluma  kaldığı yerden devam eder. ) Sistemde otomatik etkinleştirme özelligi de vardır (yalnızca Windows'u Otomatik kurulum modunda yüklerken ( $OEM$ klasörü kullanılır ) Kullanılan etkinleştirme yöntemleri: Windows Loader 2.2.2 by Daz, Ratiborus'tan KMS etkinleştiricisi , HWID Yöntemi (Dijital Lisans)   EFI Klasörü: Multiboot, EFI/UEFI modunda yükleme desteği içeriyor.   EFI-x64 menüsü: grub2 modunda açılır. rEFind menü ile değiştirmek için EFI klasöründeki CMD dosyalarını kullanınız. EFI-x32 menüsü:  rEFind menü ile açılır. NOT: EFI/UEFI modunda önyükleme yapmak için, flash sürücünüzdeki EFI klasörünün bulunduğu bölüm FAT32 formatında olmalı ve PC niz UEFI önyüklemesini desteklemelidir.   BOOT Klasörü: Grub4dos ve Grub2 için menü dosyalarının bulunduğu ayrıca starsetup ve winmanager gibi sistemlerin başlangıç dosyalarının yer aldığı bölümdür. \BOOT\grub klasöründen menü dosyalarını notepad ile düzenleyebilirsiniz. KMPE Klasörü: KMPE montaj klasörüdür. Ayrıntı için sayfayı ziyaret ediniz. https://www.tnctr.com/topic/658892-kmpe-xp-8-10-x86x64-nativex86-2020_02_12/   ÖNEMLİ BİLGİLER !!!:   Koleksiyonda birçok program için "ilaç" uygulandı . Bu nedenle, antivirüslerin yanlış uyarılarından kaçınmak için, dağıtımı indirirken bunları kapatmanız veya dağıtım klasörünü antivirüsünüzün hariç tutulanlarına eklemeniz önerilir. Ek Görüntüler: 
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