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Orpalis Paperscan Professional Edition 3.0.120 Multilanguage Portable


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[b]File size: 56.2 MB[/b]

PaperScan Professional Edition is a powerful and comprehensive tool to manage the documents of your business or organization: scan, process, perform OCR, annotate, compress and save your images and PDFs in various formats.

[b]New in PaperScan 3:[/b]
- New User Interface with many bug fixes and better performance.
- New Settings panel.
- More than 20 new filters and effects.
- New despeckle filter in batch acquisition/import filters.
- Improvement of all document imaging filters such as Auto - deskew, punch holes removal...
- Improvement of the automatic colour detection engine.
- Support for automatic image orientation added.
- Replacement of autocrop by automatic black borders removal in batch acquisition/import filters.
- ICM support for image import.
- Support for 60+ OCR languages added.
- Support for SVG, EMF and WMF file format added.
- New advanced printing dialog to specify alignment, adjustment, orientation...
- New profile manager to create, remove and switch configuration settings.
- Support for custom keyboard shortcuts management added.
- Pre-set annotations support with a featured designer.
- New polygon ruler annotation.
- New preview feature in scanning wizard.
- Improved support for camera devices.
- Improved support for large bitmap handling.

[b]Professional Edition Features:[/b]
- Unlimited batch TWAIN & WIA scanning / import.
- Save as single page PDF/A, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, JBIG2, WEBP.
- Save As Multipage
- Save as multipage TIFF
- Save As PDF-OCR
- Save as PDF-OCR
- Image processing during batch acquisition: auto-deskew, angle rotation, borders removal, punch holes removal, negative.
- Automatik Blank Removal
- Support for scanning with separator sheets.
- Post Image Processing: color adjustment, color space conversion, effects, filters, crop and more...
- Automatic color detection.
- PDF Encryption support (read & write).
- Flat bed and Document feeder
- Flatbed and document feeder support.
- Duplex scanning support.
- Support PDF/A conformance levels and versions, as output format
- Mixed Raster Content
- Annotation Support



[b]System Requirements:[/b]
- Windows 10
- Windows 8
- Windows 7
- Windows Vista
- Windows XP






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      Orpalis PDF Reducer Pro v4.0.7 Multilingual

      Orpalis PDF Reducer Pro v4.0.7 Multilingual
      The Professional Edition of ORPALIS PDF Reducer allows users to benefit from all the advantages of innovative and highly sophisticated size-reducing tool for PDF files without any restriction. Besides the graphical user interface, you can call every functionnality of PDF Reducer from CLI (Command Line Interface) to take advantage of these features inside your batch scripts or even integrate it in your own applications.
      Need smaller PDFs for file storage, file sharing or fast web view purposes?
      Use ORPALIS PDF Reducer to select either individual files or entire folders to minimize the size of your PDFs and images. Make web publishing of PDFs a snap allowing fast web view or just save time when sending them via internet. And get everything done really fast!
      A powerful PDF solution for your team.
      – Managing documents is time consuming and is one of the biggest productivity killers in the workplace.
      – Don’t waste valuable time converting files, PDF Reducer Pro compresses and saves as PDF all your images too.
      The best software for everyday document management tasks.
      – Powerful. Easy to use.
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      Unrivaled lossless data re-compression
      – Innovative and highly sophisticated techniques which restructure existing content and apply the most effective compression scheme based on data type. – Documents are printable and zoomable without loss of quality.
      – PDF Reducer is able to serialize several compression algorithms on images in order to (surpass) the limitations of some compression schemes.
      Remove unwanted or unused objects
      You might have received PDFs containing additional, unwanted objects: let PDF Reducer remove them for you.
      Automatic color detection and layout analysis
      Usually, scanning batches of papers under scanner’s color-mode implies mixing together colored and B&W documents. PDF Reducer automatically identifies the B&W ones and encodes them as plain B&W thus dramatically reducing the file size.
      Raster images re-sampling and re-composing
      Decrease un-necessary high resolution to dramatically reduce the file size whitout affecting the viewing experience.
      Content segmentation and optimal compression
      Segments embedded images, separates text, finds similar bitmap sections and makes optimized recompression.
      Fast web view support (linearization)
      Add to your large PDFs the ability of being viewable for web-users even before the PDF file download is complete.
      Input file formats
      With PDF Reducer version 3 you can downsize a large variety of images and documents. Nearly 100 input files formats are now available besides PDF, including raster images formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, JPEG 2000 and RAW camera formats.
      Multi-threading support – Pro Edition
      Executes PDF processing via multiple, simultaneous and concurrent threads, decreasing processing time by using CPU resources most efficiently.
      Command line interface support – Pro Edition
      Automate PDF processing with commands without needing repetitive actions control via the GUI (graphic user interface).
      Unlimited batch processing fully available in Pro Edition
      Executes PDF processing via multiple, simultaneous and concurrent threads, decreasing processing time by using CPU resources most efficiently.
      Language & Interface
      Default user interface language in ORPALIS PDF Reducer is English. Based on your Windows language settings, ORPALIS PDF Reducer automatically displays the localised version of the interface, if it exists among ORPALIS PDF Reducer translated interface versions. Currently, available languages for ORPALIS PDF Reducer interface are: English, French and Romanian.
      What’s NEW:
      – Improved PDF/A converter engine performance.
      – Improved PDF optimization speed.
      – Improved MRC engine.
      – Battery of minor bug fixes.
      Orpalis PDF Reducer Pro v4.0.7 Multilingual TEAM-Full.exe (32.49 MB)
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      O&O BrowserPrivacy Professional v16.12.86
      The history and data saved in your browser can reveal a lot about you and your internet activities. Cookies, for example, make it easy for websites to identify and follow you. With just the push of a button, O&O BrowserPrivacy Portable destroys all the data collected in the browsers you use. It lets you set the level of security at which your data should be destroyed. This gives you complete control over which data in the respective browser O&O BrowserPrivacy should permanently delete for you. This applies, of course, only to those browsers supported by O&O BrowserPrivacy.
      Protect your privacy
      O&O BrowserPrivacy destroys browser traces securely, dependably, and permanently
      Save time and avoid worry
      O&O BrowserPrivacy recognizes your installed browsers. You just have to decide which data from which browser should be destroyed and O&O BrowserPrivacy does all the rest.
      You have complete control
      You set the security level you want for data deletion. Select the data you want permanently removed with just one click: browser history, downloaded files, cookies and website data, cache, bookmarks, passwords, and form data.
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      Use in companies
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      You want to offer your customers data deletion as a service? The O&O SafeErase Tech Edition is the way to go. It is licensed to an IT service providing technician who can then use the product for permanently deleting data on an unlimited number of computers.
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      Macrorit Partition Expert Unlimited Edition v6.1.2 [En-Ru]

      Macrorit Partition Expert Unlimited Edition v6.1.2 [En-Ru]
      Macrorit Partition Expert Free Download Latest Version for Windows. Its full offline installer standalone setup of Macrorit Disk Partition Expert for Windows 32 bit 64 bit PC.
      Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Full Overview
      Macrorit Disk Partition Expert is a Good partition software allows you to extend partition, especially for system drive, settle low disk space problem, manage disk space easily on MBR and GUID partition table (GPT) disk.
      Features of Macrorit Partition Expert Full Download
      forever: It could assist you to solve common disk partition problems WITHOUT ANY CHARGE. Extremely easy-to-use: All tasks could be easily operated, undo/redo/commit operations with several mouse click. Feature-rich: HASSLE-FREE partition software fixes for your computer common disk partition problems. Macrorit New Technology: Although it is freeware, it possesses all the unique technology of power-off protection and data disaster recovery. Enjoy continual practical features, for free: There will be more practical features added based on users’ needs. Wide compatibility: *Support > 2T hard drive , 1024 sector size and MBR/GPT partition. *Support Windows native environment, any partition can be locked. *Support Multi- operating system environment. Fast working speed: The speed to resize/move, copy, wipe, surface test can reach the limit of IO devices. Unlimited Edition Features:
      CANCEL AT WILL – Able to cancel operations before it finishes while data stay intact TRULY PORTABLE – Easy and fast to run partition program without installing to system REAL 64-BIT APPs – Real 64-bit application on 64-bit Windows system, Performance Better and faster FAST RESIZING – Supper fast in resizing, moving and converting partition without losing data DISASTER-RECOVERY – Able to recovery complete data when pow-off or Natural disasters happen to system WINPE BOOTABLE CD – Now create WinPE bootable CD/DVD/USB of Partition Expert is now possible, both 32-bit and 64-bit. FASTER THAN FREE EDITION – Partition Expert Unlimited Edition is 3 times faster than Free Edition when resizing COMMERCIAL USE – Partition Expert Pro Edition can be used in companies, schools, governments and hospitals. Etc. WINDOWS SERVER OS – Server Edition Supports Windows Server 2016 /2012/ 2008/2003 and SBS 2011 /2008/2003 SERVER-OPTIMIZED – With server-optimized programs in , we’re now able to protect data and Minimize server downtime UNLIMITED LICENSE – Unlimited Edition provides Unlimited Usage of Partition Expert in one company  
      Title: Macrorit Partition Expert Unlimited Edition v6.1.2 [En-Ru] TEAM-Full
      Developer: Home Page
      License: Shareware
      Language: English --> [En-Ru]
      OS: Windows
      Macrorit Partition Expert Unlimited Edition v6.1.2 [En-Ru] TEAM-Full.exe (9.93 MB)
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      Macrorit Data Wiper Unlimited Edition v6.2.5 [En-Ru]

      Macrorit Data Wiper Unlimited Edition v6.2.5 [En-Ru]
      Macrorit Data Wiper Overview
      Macrorit Data Wiper is a wide-ranging utility that promises to help users wipe clean all the drives, disks, and partitions, besides USB drives or other kinds of central storage devices with a least amount of trouble involved. With its intuitive user interface that is out of the way, users can set-up their own workspace. It can also be used as a very well-organized file shredder since it enables the users to perfectly add files so as to make sure that they are perpetually wiped out from computer’s drives. Some users may even be able to erase all data from computer’s free space or create bootable disks, as these features are also fully backed up by Macrorit Data Wiper.

      It uses a storage-overwriting process to overwrite the zones on the device. Moreover, the utility also offers some safety-associated features as it empowers the users to fill distributed sectors with zero, one or zero and one. All things considered, Macrorit Data Wiper is a fast and efficient data obliteration app that helps users to remove the whole thing from hard-drives to external sources.

      Features of Macrorit Data Wiper
      A wide-ranging utility that promises to help users wipe clean all the drives Perpetually wipes out total disk or a separate partition Removes sensitive data with comfort Lodges all system resources Wipes out the partitions, disks or other transferable devices Makes sure that data is erased removed permanently Abolishes sensitive data by retaining this lightweight yet proficient utility Wipes out system partition without having to use any disc Many other best and powerful tools
      Technical Details of Macrorit Data Wiper
      Software Name: Macrorit Data Wiper for Windows Software File Name: Macrorit Data Wiper Unlimited Edition v6.2.5 [En-Ru] TEAM-Full.exe Software Version: 6.2.5 Architectures: x64 File Size: (9.08 MB) Developers: Macrorit Language: English -> En-Ru  
      System Requirements for Macrorit Data Wiper Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10, Free Hard Disk Space: 5 GB of minimum free HDD Installed Memory: 4 GB of minimum RAM Processor: Intel Multi-Core Processor or higher Minimum Screen Resolution: 800 x 600 TEAM-Full
      Macrorit Data Wiper Unlimited Edition v6.2.5 [En-Ru] TEAM-Full.exe (9.08 MB)
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      Emurasoft Emeditor Professional v21.9.1 Multilingual

      Emurasoft Emeditor Professional v21.9.1 Multilingual
      EmEditor Professional - professional version of the powerful text editor for programmers, Web developers and ordinary users with the illumination of syntax and Unicode support. Editor features such as search and replace in files using regular expressions, auto-detection coding, highlighting the links and email addresses, block selection mode, configure the button bar, menu, font and color elements. For each language, you can create a separate configuration. The program also has the support of powerful macros written in javascript or VBScript, allowing you to capture virtually any action, used often or occasionally.
      This editor is an ideal tool for editing HTML, PHP, JSP and XML files. When you specify a web browser as an external application, you will be able to view HTML files during editing.

      Supports syntax highlighting ASP, C, CSS, HTML, Java, javascript, JSP, Pascal (Delphi), Perl, Python, PHP, SQL, VBScript and other programming languages, function Drag and Drop, opening files size up to 248 GB the possibility of connecting additional external applications and plug-ins. In addition, the program allows to work with macros written in javascript or VBScript, and based on the Windows Scripting Host (WSH) engine, allows you to automate virtually any action. Adjustable backlight HTML and scripting languages makes it easy to detect spelling errors and typos.
      - Support for file sizes up to 248 GB
      - Edit binary files
      - Optimized search and relocation
      - Improved design plug-ins
      - Ability to display panel functions
      - Optimized speed when each row has a greater length
      - Auto-panning by clicking the mouse wheel
      - Supports Drag and drop
      - Specify the temporary folder in the program settings
      - Import INI files in the registry
      - Unicode
      - Syntax highlighting for ASP, C, CSS, HTML, javascript, JSP, Pascal, Perl, Python, PHP, SQL, VBScript and other
      - User-friendly interface with customizable toolbar
      EmEditor Professional Features List:
      - Large File Support
      - Unicode Support
      - Macros
      - Vertical Selection Editing
      - Tabbed Windows, Drag and Drop
      - Lightweight Design
      - Regular Expressions
      - Binary Editing
      - Crash Recovery
      - Grab Text
      Supported OS:Windows 11/10/8.1/7/Server 2008 R2 or later
      Home Page-http://www.emeditor.com/
      EmEditor v21.9.1 Multilingual TEAM-Full.exe (19.84 MB)
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