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Zoner Photo Studio X V19.2103.2.315 (x64) Portable


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Languages: English | File Size: 66.0 MB

Make every photo better with Zoner Photo Studio X! Your Lightroom and Photoshop alternative. ZPS X is the most universal photo software there is. RAW processing. Layer support. Presets. Retouching tools. Video editing. Cataloging. It's all there.

RAW and JPG Editing
Need to handle a giant RAW file? Or maybe 100 photos at once? ZPS X has your back.

An Editor With Layer Support
Thanks to layers and masks, you'll handle cloning, collages, and other photo tricks with ease.

Retouching Tools
The unique retouching brush and the faces tool make portrait enhancement a snap.

Video Editor
Turn your photos into a video, a presentation, or a time-lapse without switching software. Take care of it all in ZPS X.

Change a photo's whole mood in just one click with one of the best-loved features in ZPS X.

Easily organize hundreds of photos-or thousands. Browse them by date, shot location, keywords, or folders.

Improving Every Day
Several times each year we add a new heap of features and improvements to ZPS X.

Take a look at everything we've already added to ZPS X:
- Faster Work with RAWs
- Transfer Edits Easily Between RAW and JPG
- Face Liquify
- New Distortion Tools
- New Video Clip Tools- Slow & Fast Motion plus Flipping
- A New Video Making Tool
- Importing and Exporting Presets
- Organizing presets into folders
- Linking Zoner Photo Cloud with the Catalog
- Zoner Photo Cloud
- Faster RAW reloading
- New presets
- New Auto-Enhancements
- Improved layer control
- Artificial intelligence
- Non-destructive Smoothing Brush
- Non-destructive Structure Cloning
- Polarizing filter
- Full support for HEIF
- Improved work with masks and layers
- Unlimited photo books layout editing
- Non-destructive retouching brush
- Adjustment Layers
- Tablet pressure support
- Major new video features
- Better contact sheet maker
- Clarity setting
- Batch edits in the Develop module
- Multi-selections
- Photo-print orders from inside of the program
- Filter Brush
- Refine Selection
- New Automatic Edits
- Radial Filter
- Smart Sharpen
- Smart Blur
- Dodge and Burn tools
- Advanced noise reduction in Develop

Automatic Import
ZPS X sees when you attach your camera, imports your photos, and sorts them into folders.

Your Photos, Organized
Sort photos by location, date, folders, or keywords in a flash.

Easy Sharing
ZPS X is the only program that lets you share photos to Instagram. And every other social network is a snap too.

Printing Straight from the Program
You don't have to go anywhere else to order prints, photo books, or calendars. You can do it all straight from ZPS X.


Requirements:Zoner Photo Studio X supports Windows 7, 8 and 10.


(Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)



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    • By 0DayReleases
      MAGIX VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum x64 Multilingual

      File Size: 529 MiB

      VEGAS Movie Studio 16 offers our most user-friendly approach ever to creating beautiful videos. Work fast with interactive storyboards. Work confidently with automatic saves. Work smoothly with GPU and hardware acceleration. Powerful and intuitive - nothing helps you create like VEGAS Movie Studio 16!

      A seriously creative editing environment
      Designed for fast editing and enhanced creativity, VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum empowers your creative process with versatile editing tools and an incredibly powerful feature set. Work in Standard Definition, High Definition, or step up to 4K and your video effects, composites, and text elements will shine with precision.

      Customize, arrange, and save workspace layouts to match the task at hand and improve efficiency. The new Quick Start dashboard makes it easy to get started and work productively.

      All the creative space you need
      With 200 audio and 200 video tracks you'll never run out of room to satisfy your creativity. Add additional tracks as needed to organize your project, and capitalize on your creativity with powerful compositing tools, the new Picture-in-Picture plug-in, and much more.

      Multicam production
      VEGAS Movie Studio offers a unique workflow for multicamera production. Switch between four different camera angles, in real time, with a click of your mouse to create compelling multicam productions. Just click one of the camera streams in the Preview window to select the shot you want, as the files play back simultaneously. A blue indicator highlights the current camera angle.

      Trimmer window hover scrub
      Scrub across the Trimmer window with your mouse to quickly find the perfect frame in your video clip. The video preview adjusts to how fast or slow you scrub so you can easily search through the video and find the perfect place to start and end the clip and select the portion of the media between them. Then, just click and drag the best part of the clip to the timeline for frame-accurate placement and smooth, easy video editing.

      Correct or enhance the colors
      The Primary Color Corrector plug-in gives you complete control over your video's shadows, mid tones, and highlights. The easy-to-use three-wheel interface enables you to adjust colors, saturation, and gain. The Secondary Color Corrector lets you zero in on and tweak one particular color while you leave other colors unchanged. Additional color correction filters help turn dull video into beautiful, vibrant images.

      Shaky video? No problem
      Things might get a little shaky when you mount your camera on your bike, boat, sled, or surfboard to capture those exciting fast-action scenes. But that doesn't mean your final product has to be shaky. Advanced image stabilization, powered by ProDAD's industry-leading Mercalli V2 video stabilization technology, turns that shaky performance into smooth-flowing video.

      NEW! OFX Plug-ins
      New Picture-in-Picture and Crop OFX plug-ins give you real-time control over all parameters right on the video preview window. Animate settings over time with keyframes. These new plug-ins offer some exciting creative compositing possibilities.

      NEW! Work faster, render faster
      Support for the latest generation of NVIDIA graphics cards and advanced Intel QSV (Quick Sync Video) technology boost real-time playback and drastically reduces render times for HEVC and AVC files.

      Enhance your movie with music
      Designed to be easy for any movie editor to use, but with features the pro musician expects, Music Maker software from MAGIX provides exactly what you need to create a custom music track for your video. Build excitement, add romance, and crank up the emotional factor with music. Create the basic arrangement with loops, add software instruments, add your voice, and then put it all together with professional effects and mastering tools.

      Author a DVD or a High-Definition Blu-ray Disc
      Create DVDs and stunning high-definition Blu-ray discs with play buttons, menu navigation controls, surround sound audio, and Hollywood-style titles. Select from over 100 high-resolution wide-screen templates. Add chapter markers to locate specific scenes. Add captions and parental controls. Preview and test all your movies and controls before you burn your disc. A DVD or high-definition Blu-ray disc makes a perfect gift for friends and family.

      VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum 16 Highlights:
      • Mode-based workflow, including Power User mode
      • Guided Video Creator
      • Unique, interactive storyboard editing
      • Project Media Enhancements
      • Precise motion tracking
      • World-class one-touch video stabilization
      • Flexible Bézier masking
      • Complete 360° editing workflow

      System Requirements:
      • You need a 64-bit version of one the following operating systems:
      • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
      • 2 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD or stereoscopic 3D)
      • 1.5 GB hard-disk space for program installation
      • 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended; 16 GB recommended for 4K)
      • USB 2.0 connection (for importing from AVCHD, XDCAM EX, NXCAM, or DVD camcorders)
      • 512 MB GPU memory
      • Supported NVIDIA, AMD or Intel GPU









    • By qxqx
      Summitsoft Business Card Studio Pro v6.0.4

      Summitsoft Business Card Studio Pro v6.0.4
      Summitsoft Business Card Studio Pro is available as a free download from our software library. The Easy Way To Create & Print Business Cards. Create professional business cards in minutes with thousands of pre-designed templates or create your own business card from scratch.
      Cards in Minutes
      It only takes a few steps to create a great looking business card with Business Card Studio Pro. Chose your card style, personalize with your own information, change out graphics, and add your logo.
      Saving You Money
      With Business Card Studio Pro there are no shipping and handling fees, and you only print the number of cards you need. Gone are the days where you have 500 business cards sitting around in a box.
      With Print Options
      Business Card Studio Pro lets you print your newly created business cards from the convenience of your home or send to a local printer like Kinkos or Staples and pick them up today.
      Auto Concept Generator
      Business Card Studio Pro combines the revolutionary ACG (Auto Concept Generator) and incredible graphics, giving you design options never before available in any business card software. After you input your name, title, business name and other data, ACG generates an unlimited number of business card design variations. Then you are able to alter the various card designs for a unique look. When you’re done, Business Card Studio Pro assists you in designing professional looking letterhead and envelopes, creating a consistent look on all of your printed material. Now you finally have all the tools that professional designers use!
      Professional Fonts
      Business Card Studio Pro comes with hand selected professional fonts that help get your brand and service noticed.
      Special Effects
      Make your business name stand out from the rest by adding special effects like shadows, glows, bevel, and emboss.
      Program Friendly
      Business Card Studio Pro works with all of the popular paper stock companies like Avery, Espon, and HP.
      Import Graphics
      Import your own logos and graphics to create a great looking business card with Business Card Studio Pro.
      Create A Professional Image
      In today’s business, image is everything and you’ve got to go beyond the business card. What’s great about Business Card Studio Pro is that you can design and print matching business stationary from envelopes, to return address labels, to letterheads and more. Make a seamless and professional impression across all your printed material with Business Card Studio Pro.
      Do More Than Business Cards
      Yes, Busienss Card Studio Pro can save you time and money printing business cards at home or your local printer but did you know that Business Card Studio Pro can do much more? You can also design and print loyalty/reward cards. Do you own a retail store or clothing business? You can design custom hang tags so your branding goes with the customer. How about a service based business? Ever thought about designing magnets for the refrigerator?
      Flexible tools and creative options.
      Over 1000 incredible fonts perfect for business cards and 5000+ graphic art images will make your card stand out among the others. Business Card Studio Pro allows you to create vertical, horizontal, 2-sided, magnet, custom shapes sizes, and more. You can also create matching letterhead & envelope concepts based on your business card design.
      Features of Summitsoft Business Card Studio Pro Full
      Features & Unlimited Options:
      Hand Selected OpenType® Fonts: Includes professional, high quality fonts Thousands of Objects & Backgrounds: Uniquely designed for any industry or interest Matching Letterhead & Envelope concepts based on your business Create unique eye-catching results with shadow, blur, frame and emboss techniques Use your own logo or images in any format Easy to use; no need to take design classes or learn complicated commands Print From Home
      Easy printing options allow you to print from home or a nearby printer.
      Letterhead & Envelopes
      Create letterheads and envelopes to match your business cards.
      Multiple Designs
      Using our ACG will produce thousands of unique card designs for your choosing.
      1-Click Effects
      Add stunning effects like blurs, shadows & glows with the click of a button.
      Title: Summitsoft Business Card Studio Pro v6.0.4
      Developer: Home Page
      License: Shareware
      Language: English
      OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10.

      TEAM-Full (618.13 MB)
    • By artae
      PDQ Deploy v19.3.298 Enterprise | File size: 73 MB

      PDQ Deploy is a software deployment tool used to keep Windows PCs up-to-date without leaving your chair or bothering end users.

      Deploy Almost Anything
      Silently deploy almost any Windows patch or application (.exe, .msi) to multiple Windows PCs simultaneously. Deployments can install, uninstall, execute scripts, reboot, copy files, sleep, send messages, etc. Instructions and files are sent to the target computer, executed, monitored, and reported.

      Set it 'n Forget it
      Never miss a critical patch again! Common applications (including Windows Monthly rollups) can download automatically and deploy on your schedule or even when offline targets come online when integrated with PDQ Inventory. Rest assured your patch updates are going out even when you are not in the office. Isn't it time for that much-needed vacation?

      Easily Execute Scripts
      Run and deploy common scripts like .vbs, .reg, .bat, and .ps1. Execute from a file, or write them on the fly. The possibilities are almost endless. PDQ also has many resources for PowerShell, too. Start honing those scripting skills.

      Ready-to-Deploy Applications
      We maintain a library of over 175 ready-to-deploy popular applications so you don't have to. When a new version of an application is released, PDQ updates and tests them and makes them available as soon as possible. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

      Email Notifications
      Wouldn't it be nice to glance at the inbox on your phone and see that deployment or schedule was successful? You won't even have to put down that drink or game controller. PDQ Deploy is the assistance you always wanted!

      Multi-Admin Access With a Shared Database
      Share deployments, schedules, lists, and even preferences between PDQ Deploy consoles by creating a server/client relationship. Processes are initiated via either the console or Command Line Interface (CLI) but use the Server's database. Why do all the work twice?

      Whats New
      -Upgrade to sqlite 3.36.0.
      -EULA changes

      (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)



    • By artae
      ARM Development Studio 2021.2 | 3.4 Gb
      Arm has launched the Arm Development Studio 2021.2 is suite of tools for embedded C/C++ software development on any Arm-based platform. Building on over 25 years of experience, Development Studio incorporates many of the best features of previous tool generations, unifying the development flow in a single, easy to use environment.
      [b[i]Release Notes for Arm Development Studio 2021.2 - Released 23 November, 2021[/i][/b]

      Arm Development Studio IDE
      - Host OS support added for Ubuntu 20.04.
      Arm Compiler
      - The Arm Compiler in this release of Development Studio is updated to Arm Compiler for Embedded 6.17.
      Arm Compiler 5 is now a legacy product and has reached the end of Mainstream Support, so is no longer provided in Development Studio. Arm Compiler 5 can still be used for existing projects and for new projects for legacy Armv4, Armv5, or Armv6 targets - you can download it from the Arm Compiler 5 Downloads page, then add it as a toolchain into Development Studio. For all other new projects, Arm strongly recommends using Arm Compiler for Embedded 6 for non-safety projects and the latest Arm Compiler for Embedded FuSa (Functional Safety) for safety projects.
      Arm Debugger
      The Arm Debugger includes the following new features and enhancements:
      - Support for FTDI probes extended to include Olimex ARM-USB FTDI/JTAG (See Noteworthy Issues and Limitations)
      - Added DSTREAM-HT dashboard with graphical BER data-eye feature, for the measurement and diagnosis of HSSTP signal integrity, to aid board bring-up and trace setup
      - Support added for the Renesas RZ/G2L (for debug and on-chip trace) and Xilinx Versal (for debug only, no trace) target platforms
      - New debug configurations added for Fixed Virtual Platform FVP_Base_RevC-2xAEMvA and Virtual Hardware Target VHT_Corstone-300
      Arm Fixed Virtual Platforms
      The Arm FVPs in this release of Development Studio are updated to a selection from Fast Models 11.16.
      Arm Streamline
      Updated to version 7.8.0, which includes the following new features and enhancements:
      - Software profiling will more accurately cost leaf functions for code compiled with the clang compiler
      - Mali GPU templates (Bifrost/Valhall) extended to show geometry shading efficiency metrics: the number of position shader invocations per input primitive, and the number of varying shader invocations per visible primitive
      - Mali GPU templates (Bifrost/Valhall) extended to show fragment front-end read bandwidth in the per-shader core "L2 memory reads" and "External memory reads" statistics
      Arm Graphics Analyzer
      Updated to version 5.9.1, which includes the following new features and enhancements:
      - R11G11B10f framebuffers now display correctly in framebuffer views
      - The documentation PDFs provided on Arm Developer have been reformatted to give a new look and feel.
      Improvements include:
      - A new Overlay Manager with Manual Overlays example is added alongside the existing Automatic Overlays example.
      - The Armv8-A AC6/GCC example that shows an EL0 app running in AArch32 ("startup_Armv8-A_AArch64_with_AArch32_EL0_app") replaces a previous example showing an EL1 app running in AArch32.
      - Examples that use CMSIS-Packs are updated to use CMSIS-Pack 5.8.0.

      Arm Development Studiois a professional software development solution for bare-metal embedded systems and Linux-based systems. It covers all stages in development from boot code and kernel porting to application and bare-metal debugging, including performance analysis.

      Arm Development Studio IDE
      Development Studio helps you build, code, debug and optimize Arm-based projects quickly. From device bring-up to application debug to creating highly efficient micro-controller applications, Development Studio enables you to bring better products to market ahead of the competition.

      Arm Compiler
      Arm Compiler 5 and Arm Compiler 6 toolchains enable you to build highly optimized embedded applications for the entire range of Arm processors. Arm Compiler 5 supports all Arm architectures from Armv4 to Armv7 inclusive. Arm Compiler 6 supports Armv6-M, Armv7, and Armv8 architectures.
      Arm Debugger
      Arm Debugger is a graphical debugger supporting software development on Arm processor-based targets and Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVP). The Arm Debugger includes support for SoC bring-up with platform configuration utilities using the Arm ULINK and DSTREAM debug probes families.
      Arm Fixed Virtual Platforms
      Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs) provide the ideal combination of performance, flexibility and usability for development and debug at all levels of the software stack. Based on Arm Fast Models, a library of FVPs is supplied with Development Studio for Cortex-A, Cortex-R, Cortex-M and Neoverse processors. In addition, Development Studio supports custom FVPs created using the Arm Fast Models package, via the Platform Configuration Editor (PCE).
      Arm Streamline
      Arm Streamline is a system-wide performance profiler which can be used to analyze Linux, Android, RTOS and bare-metal embedded systems. Streamline's visualization tools make it easy to identify performance bottlenecks in software running on Arm CPUs, and data-plane workloads running on Arm Mali GPUs and other Arm IP. This is supplemented by a hot-spot software profiler which can identify the dominant functions and call paths in application software, enabling performance tuning of the entire system platform.
      Arm Graphics Analyzer
      Arm Graphics Analyzer allows you to capture and visualize OpenGL ES, Vulkan and OpenCL API calls made by an application, including capture of application assets and generation of debug visualizations of the application framebuffers. This can be used to identify which API calls are responsible for rendering defects, and makes it easy to identify rendering inefficiencies and performance issues. Arm Graphics Analyzer was formerly known as Mali Graphics Debugger.
      Designed specifically for the Arm architecture, Development Studio is the most comprehensive embedded C/C++ dedicated software development solution on the market. Development Studio accelerates software engineering while helping you build robust and efficient products.
      Getting started with Arm Cortex-M software development and Arm Development Studio
      Arm provides a unified software toolchain for frictionless and fast developer experience. Watch this video to learn how to get started today to port optimized ML code for the Arm microcontrollers. In this session, we will cover:
      - How to develop and debug your software with Arm Development Studio
      - How to get started with MCU software development on Arm Fast Model Systems
      - How to build and deploy an ML application with TensorFlow Lite and CMSIS-NN kernels to a Cortex-M7 device
      - How to migrate your ML code to Arm Cortex-M55, Arm's most AI-capable Cortex-M processor.
      Arm technology is at the heart of a computing and data revolutionthat is transforming the way people live and businesses operate. Our energy-efficient processor designs and software platforms have enabled advanced computing in more than 200 billion chips and our technologies securely power products from the sensor to the smartphone and the supercomputer. Together with 1,000+ technology partners we are at the forefront of designing, securing and managing all areas of AI-enhanced connected compute from the chip to the cloud.
      Product:ARM Development Studio
      Version:2021.2 (build 202120914) Gold Edition *
      Supported Architectures:x64
      Website Home Page :https://developer.arm.com/
      Languages Supported:english
      System Requirements:Windows / Linux **
      Size:3.4 Gb
      * The Gold Edition is a fully comprehensive toolchain for all software development projects on any Arm CPU and architecture, including Armv8 processors.

      Added by 3% of the overall size of the archive of information for the restoration

      xARM Development Studio 2021.2

      (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)



    • By artae
      Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 17.4.4 Build 5 (x64) | 697 MB
      Fusion is the world's most advanced compositing software for visual effects artists, broadcast and motion graphic designers, and 3D animators. Over the last 30 years, Fusion has been used on thousands of Hollywood blockbuster movies and television shows. Fusion features a powerful node based interface that lets you quickly and easily create sophisticated effects by connecting different types of image processing tools together!

      You get a massive range of tools, incredible VR and 3D support, GPU accelerated performance, unlimited network rendering and more! Fusion gives you everything you need to create exciting broadcast graphics, dramatic titles, and even major feature film visual effects!
      What's New in Fusion 16:
      Fusion Studio 16 is a major upgrade that brings all of the improvements made to Fusion inside of DaVinci Resolve to the stand alone version of Fusion. You get an updated and more modern user interface, along with dramatically faster performance. All 3D operations are GPU accelerated, making Fusion much more responsive and interactive. In addition, there are dozens of GPU accelerated tools such as time effects, dissolves, stereo tools, vector motion, corner pinning, color tools and more! B-spline and bitmap mask operations are accelerated, as are the planar and camera trackers. Improved memory management makes large compositions with high tool counts more reliable, making Fusion 16 dramatically faster and more stable than ever before!
      Hollywood's Biggest Blockbusters
      Thousands of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters and hit television shows use Fusion to create their groundbreaking visual effects. Fusion has been used on feature films like The Hunger Games, Dr Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as hit television shows like Empire, NCIS and American Horror Story. Fusion also plays a major role in the development of cinematics for major video games such as Dawn of War III, Halo 5 and more!
      Nodes are a Much Faster Way to Work!
      Nodes are incredibly easy to use, especially as scenes become more complex. Fusion's nodes are small icons that represent effects, filters and other image processing operations. Nodes can be easily connected together to build larger and more complex visual effects. Tools, images, and objects can be combined in any order to create unlimited visual effects. Simply click on a node to quickly adjust any single part of your project. That's much faster than a timeline based tool because you don't need to hunt through nested stacks of confusing layers and filters!
      Get the most Powerful VFX Software Available!
      Whether you need to pull a key, track objects, retouch images, animate titles, or create amazing particle effects, Fusion has a massive toolset that lets you tackle the most demanding jobs. You get a true 3D workspace along with tools for compositing, keying, painting, animation, virtual reality, stereoscopic 3D and more. Fusion combines effects and motion graphics, along with 3D modeling and rendering into a single toolset. That means you can import and render 3D models and scenes with the rest of your composite in Fusion. You don't have to pre‑render assets or transfer between multiple applications!
      GPU Accelerated Workflow
      Fusion is extremely fast and responsive enough to be used in high pressure, client driven sessions. With its Metal, CUDA and OpenCL GPU acceleration, you get instant feedback while you work so you can see exactly what you're doing. Fusion 16 features more GPU optimisation than ever so whether you're working alone or with a client, you get the real time control you need. That means you'll be able to spend more time being creative and less time waiting! Fusion is so fast that you can even work in VR while wearing a headset and still get over 90 frames per second of interactivity!
      Unlimited Render Power
      Fusion has the world's fastest production quality render engine! You can even distribute your render jobs across an unlimited number of networked computers for incredible performance, at no additional cost! There's no "per node" render license fees. Simply install it on as many render nodes as you need! That means you can render complex scenes incredibly fast to meet the intense deadlines of production, without having to sacrifice creativity or quality.
      Collaborate with Large Teams
      When you're working with a large creative team, Fusion Studio also includes the new Studio Player application. Studio Player features a single layer timeline with basic shot trimming, storyboard tools, versioning and annotation notes. Fusion Studio also features a bin server to let everyone share and see common assets that are needed for the job. That means you don't have to copy and track multiple elements on different computers.
      sometimes show incorrect results when using GPU processing
      - General performance and stability improvements
      Minimum system requirements for Windows:
      - Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit
      - Minimum 16 GB RAM
      - GPU with at least 2GB of VRAM which supports Metal, OpenCL 1.2 or CUDA 10
      - Latest graphics driver as recommended by your GPU manufacturer
      (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)



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