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  1. Aynı Keygen.. Sorun Bende de aynı.. XP'deki tam keyi alıp Win7'de kullanmayı dendinmi ?? Belki işe yarar..
  2. DMSoft DBConvert for Access and MSSQL v6.0.8 DMSoft DBConvert for Access and MySQL v8 3 3 DMSoft DBConvert for MySQL and PostgreSQL v4.3.3 DMSoft DBConvert for Firebird and MSSQL v2.1.5
  3. Linkle karışmış, sen boşver onu alttan indir beklemeden
  4. Name: Semsibey / tnctr Key: 439205BE3A07E4EE4ED7
  5. Bandicam v3.4.0.1227 Installer Bandicam Keymaker-MAZE-Loader-d3adb33f
  6. R-Studio v8.3 Build 167546 Network Edition Multilingual Portable Portable Şifre:
  7. R-Studio v8.3 Build 167546 Program Keygen
  8. IDM v6.28 Build 7 Retail & Patched IDMan
  9. Wolfram Mathematica v11.1.1 Changelog: - Re-enabled GPU support for neural networks for Mac - Several updates and fixes to neural networks, including proper support for HDF5 format - Fixed slowdown in documentation lookup - LinearModelFit no longer uses excessive memory - Fixed rendering issue with ListPlot3D - Fixed incorrect behavior of Suggestions Bar and attached cells on Windows - Region operations on rectangles with packed array coordinates no longer crash 3.09 GB Download Patched Only: or Full
  10. WinRAR v5.50 beta 1 Türkçe Portable v5.40 Türkçe dil dosyası kullanılmıştır.. x86/x64.. Sisteminize göre çalışır .rar ile sıkıştırılmıştır!
  11. WinRAR v5.50 beta 1 Türkçe v5.40 Türkçe dil dosyası kullanılmıştır.. Sadece 64 Bit! Lisanslı kurulur - Kur kullan..
  12. WinRAR v5.50 beta 1 Türkçe v5.40 Türkçe dil dosyası kullanılmıştır.. Sadece 64 Bit!
  13. Acronis True Image 2017 20.0 Build 8053 + Pre-Activated + Bootable ISO Changes: Fixed issues Windows Disk Cleanup manager cannot empty a Recycle Bin containing *.tib files. Acronis True Image crashes during local file backup stop or fails because of insufficient storage space. Wrong license is used in the offline mode. File and disk incremental backup performance needs to be improved. Backup is corrupted after moving from Acronis Secure Zone to a local disk. Search does not work in backups located on Acronis Secure Zone. Recovery from an encrypted incremental backup located on a network share fails. A backup cannot be moved from an NAS to a local disk or another network share. Acronis True Image crashes after unselecting folders on a network share that were previously selected to back up. Processes with valid digital certificates were considered as critical system processes in the permission list. Known issues Backup comments are not visible in the data recovery dialog. Comments are not available for nonstop backups. The Search dialog does not support recovery of several files from different versions of a backup. A backup cannot be moved from a password-protected network to local drives or to another share. Hardware requirements: A CPU that supports SSE instructions Trial Setup / ISO / Pre-Cracked Setup - yeni fix çıkınca buraya eklenir.. Acronis True Image 2017 20.0 Build 8053 Bootable ISO Acronis True Image v20.0.0.8053-Pre-activated ML |
  14. ESET Antivirus + Smart Security + TNod Online Installer Multilang x86 + x64 TNod v1.6.2 beta 3 İngilizce ve İspanyolca kurulur, dillerden değiştirebilirsiniz.. Lisans anahtarını eklemek için yükleme bitiminde TNod'u çalıştırın ... Hariç tutulacaklar listesi: ESET Antivirus Online + TNod Multilang: ESET Smart Security Online + TNod Multilang: DEMOSTRATIVE VIDEO Win 10 x64:
  15. Microsoft Runtimes AIO x86/x64 [25-04-17] ricktendo ve burfadel çalışmaları baz alınarak hazırlanmıştır. -Uninstall automatically all C++ Runtimes installed before install... -Installer English/Spanish... -To Silent Install use /silent or /verysilent... -To choose install "Type" in silent mode, add /Type="Full" , /Type="Minimal" or /Type="Recommended" command... Full: Install all Runtimes Minimal: Only 2005->2017 Runtimes without Additionals Recommended: All Runtimes 2005->2017 + Extra 28 MB