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    • By qxqx
      Privacy Eraser Pro v5.27.0 Build 4298 TR Multilingual TEAM-Full

      Privacy Eraser Pro v5.27.0 Build 4298 TR Multilingual TEAM-Full
      CRC32: 3249E30E
      MD5: D9E5638D6713DC7D397862CF5A05B117
      SHA-1: 8032A5BD2F44733DF21946D269D053F29B922A4B
      Privacy Eraser Pro v5.27.0 Build 4298 TR Multilingual TEAM-Full
      is an easy to use solution for protecting your privacy by deleting your browsing history and other computer activities. All main popular web browsers are supported, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.
      With literally one click, Privacy Eraser will erase all digital footprints – web browser cache, cookies, browsing history, address bar history, typed urls, autocomplete form history, saved passwords, index.dat files, Windows’ run history, search history, open/save history, recent documents, temporary files, recycle bin, clipboard, dns cache, log files, error reporting and more.
      Privacy Eraser also supports plugins to further extend the software’s cleaning features. Meaning you can also delete whatever tracks are left behind by other applications with your own plugins. Privacy Eraser embedded more than 250 free plugins, supporting many popular programs such as ACDSee, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office, WinZip, WinRAR, Windows Media Player, VLC Player, BitTorrent, Google Toolbar and many others.
      Privacy Eraser works with Windows 11/10/8.x/7/Vista/2012/2008 (32/64-bit), and also supports Windows FAT16/FAT32/exFAT/NTFS file systems. The software implements and exceeds the US Department of Defense and NSA clearing and sanitizing standards, giving you the confidence that once erased, your file data is gone forever and can never be recovered.
      Because it supports all popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera, you can easily clean up the browsing history. FAT16, FAT32, exFAT or NTFS filesystems are supported.
      Remove compromising computer tracks to protect your privacy
      When you launch the application for the first time, you can perform a scanning process within seconds. It does not take long  and displays all of the found registry keys. After that, you can remove them from your computer, then restart or shutdown the system.
      Through the Windows section, you can choose which files and objects to to be removed from the PC. This is quite useful when you need to erase specific information such as search history, clipboard, Recycle Bin entries, temporary files, Windows log files, credentials, invalid desktop shortcuts and even Event logs.
      Configure settings for each installed web browser
      In case you want to configure each browser the way you want, navigate to the proper section from the left pane of the application. Privacy Eraser Free automatically recognizes all the installed web browsers and provides you with predefined options you can choose from, in order to delete only the data you don’t want anymore. Typed URLs, Index.dat Files and Saved Passwords are amongst the options that help you to erase such data.
      What’s quite important is that Privacy Eraser Portable also supports plugins in order to extend the cleaning features for ACDSee, Adobe Reader, WinRAR, Windows Media Player and BitTorrent applications, to name a few.
      Securely eliminate files and folders
      The ‘File Shredder’ section enables you to securely erase the content of sensitive files and folders, thus protecting your privacy. Since it allows you to drag and drop any file you want, you can easily delete as many folders and documents as you want. Also, you can access the ‘Data Wiper’ tab if you want to erase all the free clusters on the drives, including the contents of deleted files and folders.
      Major Features
      Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera
      Cleans internet cache, browsing history, cookies, typed urls, download history, autocomplete & autofill form history, saved password and much more.
      Better computer security: cleans run history, search history, open & save history, recent documents, temporary files, recycle bin, clipboard, taskbar jump lists, dns cache, log files, memory dumps, error reporting and more.
      Third party applications
      More than 250 free, pre-configured plugins to clean the traces of many popular applications. You can also extend cleaning features by making your own app plugins – allowing any application’s traces to be deleted.
      Security level
      Supports Simple zero-fill (1 pass), US DoD 5220.22-M (3 passes), US DoD 5220.22-M (ECE) (7 passes), Peter Gutmann (35 passes) and custom wipe methods.
      File shredder
      Permanently erases specific files and folders from your PC – beyond any hope of recovery.
      Drive wiper
      Securely wipes spare and hidden areas on your drives. All free clusters on the drives, including the contents of deleted files and folders, will be wiped like a new drive.
      Registry cleaner
      Removes obsolete and invalid registry entries for non-existing applications, fixes corrupted registry entries, optimizes your PC’s performance and speeds up Windows startup.
      Real-time monitoring
      You can set Privacy Eraser to run automatically every time you close your browser, or you can set it to monitor your Windows system in the background and detect when to clean.
      And much more…
      What’s NEW:
      Improved Firefox History cleaning. Improved Taskbar Jump Lists cleaning on Windows 11. Improved global Exclude options support. Improved localization and language support. Minor GUI improvements. Minor bug fixes. Home Page www.privacyeraser.com
       (8.17 MB)  X86 - X64  TEAM-Full
    • By MrRush
      Windows 10 LTSB 2015/2016 LTSC 2019/2021 Msdn Arşivi
      İS Derlemesi 1507 - Temmuz 2015 Çıkışlı MSDN iso dosyası
      MD5:  c1f2a8b5ce5e398bcc208810f28de15e
      SHA-1:  19af78e698d095bd05d03e0fda30c2ef964df5da
      SHA-256:  33e0333ed7e6aecb65196b7d57e3f4a55069ef1e2f35dbce0929bcf35435d8a8
      SHA-512:  1e19ba29ea36644723f29a9e96cf2aab1a5e68a4cfffe247fe0d59ca8b00adc03960e68303cd1910396fd1b241631a7455e040a454cf54524b8f63ac8d800615
      İS Derlemesi 1607 - Ağustos 2016 Çıkışlı MSDN iso dosyası
      MD5 Checksum: F9FB809FEB17191E1C4663172DCD9409
      SHA-1 Checksum: 8F3D2FA16CF117333F31C8ED9E5FAAC6B8C98A5A
      SHA-256 Checksum: 13FA4DA28F3D9B77A4B3A6E680234630366A1AC1FB30DC4E96CDA3E202F576E6
      SHA-512 Checksum: D1035C2685135DF9FDC0181B3C22A202965135979CBF31A1C042B86A05D1FF3E542B04A9A2F46FEF2E4F7CCD7448739B1D5E3BF10278A6482643B81F12CDC633
      İS Derlemesi 1809 - Şubat 2019 çıkışlı MSDN iso dosyası
      MD5 Checksum: 659C95DECD4BAF384A13D440163F1FF1
      SHA-1 Checksum: B4A4299468635AA2099AAF5A6AF55D8C7F1E6379
      SHA-256 Checksum: 99DC422811BC5A81BB5C10BBD27CA93A6267E73977770EB3FE3B28C720FA675A
      SHA-512 Checksum: 824270A072E94EAE938584E733396A91D668EE873EA2D05B6194565298D4E74089634C567829ADEE6DCB1ED2163A3B1C5DFFE9046D7FB29B54FBAD098A2B5F1C
      İS Derlemesi 19044.1288 - Kasım 2021 çıkışlı MSDN iso dosyası
      Upload için @Emre028 kardeşime teşekkür ederim.
      MD5 Checksum: 368D7842E6A0ED2ED0A91200507F4437
      SHA-1 Checksum: B7C8ECCC625D973EAD4F0316BA7D9421EC043C27
      SHA-256 Checksum: 024DB8866D0FAAA851C76D5A520023F6F6D891923E015E118CAB0480BAE7164A
      SHA-512 Checksum: B0C51D96E1A6E35AD6F358BC27E281A2F22DD7224EAC12FA697AED397E099FCD79C9494076147AD5C8110D8891E7CE4606D44DEFD1789FFDFC413AC8C30DBA00
      İS Derlemesi 19044.1288 - Kasım 2021 çıkışlı MSDN iso dosyası
      Upload için @Emre028 kardeşime teşekkür ederim.
      MD5 Checksum: 433E83A7A7026D448193BE44D3080B35
      SHA-1 Checksum: 10CBCF38E01024176113710E417C9632C584FCE9
      SHA-256 Checksum: D041E1EDF53E0580051F86822197338A4B6E839B2CEBC46A476814CB8602E21F
      SHA-512 Checksum: 13D86E4426034BAF4A2E567416B08026EFA1E80E98F9F69D5F2149742DEDC912034B71AB86E91857C90725C95055652A5E9E9A1F4FC31F5E22DE8E39910EC4CD
      İS Derlemesi 1809 - Şubat 2019 çıkışlı MSDN iso dosyası
      MD5 Checksum: F73F639D17AE320D499CD9208DB74319
      SHA-1 Checksum: 3EFE21911F730918C005FA397739BD390DC954C2
      SHA-256 Checksum: CDA5DFD14FD53DFB53E6C178BC3FCBC3608D824A2889A24DA7F02C7CDFB904D3
      SHA-512 Checksum: E36846F72C7FA95B97109C94958B597D3C4219EBE345F07D7EBE281ABF2F8CA8B0456B106973216B8EEBF3228A9897EBAF6B3CC3C09320FF31CFEF900BFE3AA4
      İS Derlemesi 1607 - Ağustos 2016 Çıkışlı MSDN iso dosyası
      MD5 Checksum: D775DD83055AF8BC827469F2EDABC4AA
      SHA-1 Checksum: EBE45D2C4C82B952C8C4B6385731175BBE15F8ED
      SHA-256 Checksum: 8BE789F749585C85E72C237AECDA03CB27A526A288BE7BAC4AC99F9AE7523635
      SHA-512 Checksum: 9A5BDE7068F598C459F2A4B31A5D3E6BD9ADA7DF476357A3EC4B75ACA3F2E11C55FC8865FF1C803983FEF67CDB1E173B54173EEDF3AAB0373EA52DD0B6959C92
      İS Derlemesi 1507 - Yemmuz 2015 Çıkışlı MSDN iso dosyası
      MD5: fc2811f2d3f1331969fa9c0a1ae2d97b
      SHA-1: f815dd9601e12d2e07aafc045de812bbc68de319
      SHA-256: 92ce5505ab9fbbc25e3d58b1840cef304e823b6f61fc369da9f1e6907accfdce
      SHA-512: 2178057bec9ed9a95fe3a64eb045824ffd7a01167bb9fe3bc07cad20d9c4135907df5b276cad6e26f8b2093268b5cf1bf0f5f7cc47821014142b12d76a69d8f0
    • By tayyar61
      Win PE'lerin sahip olduğu bazı özellikler:
      *Legacy Mbr – UEFI GPT Sistemlerini destekler
      *WinPE önyüklemesi, mevcut Wifi Lan ağını otomatik olarak kurar ve alır,
      *WinPE'yi başlattıktan sonra harici bir Wifi Usb bağlanması durumunda,
      *Wifi Lan Sürücülerine çift tıklamak, Sürücüleri otomatik olarak yükleyecektir.
      *11. Nesil'de NVME Sabit Disk Sürücüsünü ve Ses Sürücüsünü destekler.
      *WinPE'yi başlattıktan,USB'yi çıkardıktan sonra Yazılımı normal şekilde kullanmaya devam edebilirsiniz.
      *Kurulum Windows 10, 11'i yüklemek, manuel olarak eklemek için harici bir sürücü paketine gerek kalmadan NVME sabit sürücüsü için Sürücüyü otomatik olarak tanıyacaktır.
      *Kurulum Windows 11'i yüklemek için, Secure Boot, ByPass Check TPM 2.0'ı pas geçecektir.
      * PassMark Sound Check yazılımı ile mikrofonu test et.
      *ICE Cream Ekran Kaydediciden Ekran videosunu kaydedin .
      *Uzak bilgisayarları Ultraviewer ve AeroAdmin, AnyDesk ile kontrol edin…
      *Yazılım ince ayarlanmıştır, görüntülenen mesaj olmayacak, kullanımı hoş.
      *Mp3, Wav, Lossless ses dosyalarını dinleyin…
      *Potplayer görüntüleyici ile Mp4, Mov, Mkv, Flv ... Video dosyalarını oynatın.
      *Image Dosyalarını tanıyın , Png, Jpg, Ico, Bmp, ...
      *Ofis dosyalarını, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Sumatra PDF'yi tanımlayın.
      *WinPE'nin çok fazla RAM, LAG aldığını hissettiğinizde, çöpü temizlemek, tüm yazılımları silmek, WinPE'yi orijinal durumuna döndürmek için Tüm *Yazılımları Temizle öğesini seçmek için PECMD Aracına Sağ Tıklayabilir ve ardından Bağla'yı seçebilirsiniz.
      *WinPE, farklı yazılım paketlerini açar, makine 2Gb RAM çalıştırıyorsa, yazılım paketinde yalnızca temel Yazılımlar bulunur, sesli Potplayer yazılımı yoktur, ağır yazılımlar kaldırılır.
      *4Gb veya daha fazla RAM çalıştıran makine, yazılım paketi Full olacaktır.
      *WinPE üzerinde aynı anda birden fazla yazılım çalıştırın.
      *Anti-virüs programlarını çalıştırın DrWeb, Eset, Avira ...
      *** 4.2 Versiyonda güncellenen programlar ***
      Aomei Backupper v6.9.0
      Macrium Reflect v8.0.6584
      Aida64 Engineer v6.60.5900
      R-Drive Image Build v7002
      WinNT Setup v5.2.1 Hwmonitor, Hwinfo, CPU-Z, Crystal Disk Info, Crystal Disk Mark – Son Sürüm.
      WinPE 2022 V4.1 Link 1  (1.36 GB)
      WinPE 2022 V4.1 Link 2  (1.36 GB)
                                                               WinPE 2021 Lite V4  (413 MB)  Şifre Sorarsa : winpe10ktv@

    • By artae
      WinPE 11 KTV Lite 2021 (x64) | English US | Windows x64 | File Size: 1.47 GB

      This version of WinPE 11 Ktv features the software just enough to use and is based on the Boot platform of WinPE 10, so the Boot Menu and Software information is still the WinPE 10 version.

      General Info
      File Name: WinPE11Ktv_Lite_2021.ISO
      Architecture: x64
      Language: English (99.9%)
      Size: 1520261054 bytes (1449 MiB)
      Check SHA1 code: 848D09A1FC9212711DC2861FAC17BD1718A5F39B

      All software used is only available outside the Desktop
      Clear All Software and Mount Software, if you feel that WinPE is laggy, heavy, have used a lot, don't want to Restart the machine, want to refresh WinPE.

      Clear All Software: remove junk, Temp, delete all software.
      Mount Software: create a new software package as it was at the beginning.

      The Start menu is simple, with only a few essential functions.
      Ram takes up 1.1Gb on startup.
      Booting WinPE at USB 3.0 took 12 seconds on average.

      This PC, Explorer interface is simple, leaving only the necessary items.

      WinPE only accepts Driver for LAN, (network using cable)

      Want to use Wifi please double click Wifi LAN Driver to install the missing Driver with SDI package ( Snappy Driver Install ) and then click the network icon to start Wifi.

      WinPE recognizes File Image, Video, Ghost, Acronis True Image, Aomei Backkuper, Terabye Image ..
      Convenient for file search, file data recovery...

      Support AnyDesk and Ultraviewer support.

      After installing Ultraviewer Ram will take up 500Mb because of the support library for Ultraviewer.

      Support Video and media player with Potplayer.

      What's New
      Updates: Official Site Does Not Provide Any Info About Changes in This Version

      (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)



    • By artae
      Windows x64 | File size: 117.8 MB

      Say goodbye to camera limitations and bad lighting. Open the possibilities of using AI enhanced video in your business. This automatic video enhancement technology is revolutionizing the industry by using artificial intelligence to increase the quality of your video frame by frame.

      Implement AI video enhancement anywhere
      No matter what industry you're in, businesses have one thing in common when it comes to video: it can be a challenge. The quality of video has always been reliant on lighting, until now.

      Perfectly Clear Video is an automatic video enhancement solution that can be implemented wherever you need it. This groundbreaking technology can be used in real time or on pre recorded videos. Whether you're looking to put video quality enhancement in your app or directly into a phone, you can with this AI video enhancer. We created Perfectly Clear Video so you can use video anywhere, any way.

      What makes our AI video enhancement unique?
      The AI video enhancer system uses deep learning video enhancement to reproduce the corrections that professional manual editors made. The AI technology imitates light to locally light up specific areas of the shot and adds other corrections such as color vibrancy and tint correction. These corrections are then applied to the video, resulting in an AI-enhanced video that mimics professional work.

      Bye tedious editing, hello automatic!
      This technology was built for your business to license to your customers. Consumers no longer have to worry about how to color grade or adjust- they just use the slider bar or an automatic button. Our AI video enhancer is simple- we make video look its best, automatically.

      What's new
      Just realesed

      (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)



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