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Kolor Panotour Pro 2.3.0 Final Portable Multilingu


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Kolor Panotour Pro 2.3.0 Final Portable Multilinguage




Kolor Panotour Pro 2.3.0 Final Portable | 73.2 MB
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese.
Panotour Pro is the reference software application for Windows, Mac & Linux to create interactive 360-degree virtual tours. Everything is done in a few clicks using the software's intuitive interface. Transform your panoramas into multi-views virtual tours by dragging the clickable area (hotspot) of an image onto a target imag
Kolor Panotour Pro - a program designed to create virtual tours of your photos. In the final form of this tour looks at the screen as if you are in the middle of the room and if the story the mouse right or left, it turns as if you are on the steep side, then for example if you click on the door, then you move to the next room and etc. The end result is that you can explore through the computer room. Such technology can be seen on the websites of the various resort hotels, etc. All you have to do - it's a photo. Also in your project, you can add the available program a variety of effects.
* Export in Flash, creation of virtual tours
* Add and create interactions between images of any size (up to 360 ° x 180 °)
* Supported file formats: JPG, PNG, PSD / PSB, KRO, TIFF and RAW files from most cameras;
* Customizable interface;
* Enable or disable certain components, move them,
* Choice of graphic themes or simple 2D and 3D, pick them color
* Intuitive interface.
* Create and add your own themes
* Add your logo and the logos of partners
* Add highlights and transition effects
* A large number of ways to navigate and zoom the mouse
* Navigation buttons and drop-down menu
* interactive map virtual tour with the addition of GPS data / coordinate radar
* Maps and miniatures use and configure hotspots card with a specific icon or a picture or sketch of other available views, etc.
Many crashes were reported with Panotour/Panotour Pro 2.2.0 version on MacOS.
It is highly recommended to update to this new version for all users on MacOS who experienced crashes with the previous version.
New Features
Backup project files
A new general option in the settings allows you to create a backup timestamped version of your project file each time you save it, allowing you to archive automatically your work.
Polygonal hotspots are now working on HTML5 player
PanotourMaps plugin
Add support of Yandex maps layer
Social Share plugin
Add support of Digg, Tumblr, Delicious, Reddit and StumbleUpon
Add possibility to resize the buttons displayed in the plugin
Add possibility to display the iframe code to embed the tour
Enhanced start options
Add new start options to hide hotspots, pause sounds and pause autorotation when the splashscreen is displayed
Mouse cursor
Ability to enable/disable the default and dedicated mouse cursor
Add support of rounded edges for tooltips
Double Click plugin
Add possibility to zoom in on double click
Gyroscope plugin
Support Android Chrome, Android Firefox and Windows Phone / IE11
FPS plugin
This new plugin available in Panotour Pro allows you to display the Frame rate (Frames per second) of your tour
New action : display a Web video
This action allows you to display a video hosted on Youtube or Vimeo directly from a spot, a button or any other action caller.
Context menu can be displayed on touch devices
Press and hold your finger to make the context menu appear.
You can disable context menu on touch device with an option in Context Menu plugin.
The regression that broke the panorama and group placement at each project opening is now fixed. Panoramas and groups are positioned correctly.
HomePage - http://www.kolor.com/blog-en/2014/12/01/virtual-tour- SOFtware-panotour-panotour-pro-2-3-final/


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