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Hetman Data Recovery Pack 3.3 Unlimited Multilingual Portable


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Hetman Data Recovery Pack 3.3 Unlimited Multilingual Portable | 329.2 Mb
The complete data recovery pack from Hetman Software: eight data recovery tools for the price of one! Hetman Data Recovery Pack contains everything you need to recover all kinds of information from all types of storage media. The pack consists of eight tools you can run on the same or different computers.

Hetman Partition Recovery
Hetman Partition Recovery will reliably restore information from damaged FAT and NTFS disks, recovering the original file and folder structure. In addition to existing partitions, the tool discovers all previously created volumes. This allows the user to search and recover files from those deleted volumes. The tool can save the entire logical drive, recovering the original file and folder structure.
Hetman NTFS Recovery
Hetman NTFS Recovery restores information that goes missing after a storage accident. Formatted and repartitioned hard drives, deleted partitions, inaccessible disks or simply a bunch of deleted files and folders - Hetman NTFS Recovery can recover everything as long as the problem concerns an NTFS volume.
Hetman FAT Recovery
The tool will effectively restore information lost after a system accident, firmware malfunction and user error. Supporting all versions of the FAT file system including FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32, Hetman FAT Recovery is designed to recover files and folders from hard disks, USB pen drives, and all popular memory cards including the latest mini- and micro- varieties. In addition, the tool can recover information directly from many models of digital cameras, tablets, mobile phones and audio players.
Hetman Photo Recovery
Hetman Photo Recovery recovers digital pictures from all types of storage media. Undelete photos from hard disks, recover from USB drives, or restore from formatted, corrupted or inaccessible memory cards - Hetman Photo Recovery can do all this, and more. The tool can even recover pictures directly from the smartphones, tablets and many digital camera models. Simply connect your device to the computer via a USB cord and run Hetman Photo Recovery.
Hetman Office Recovery
Hetman Office Recovery is designed to help when your office documents go missing. Implementing a range of highly sophisticated low-level disk analysis algorithms, Hetman Office Recovery can retrieve the missing documents even if the disk is corrupted, inaccessible, or does not appear as a drive letter. A special extra-safe recovery more is available for heavily worn and physically unstable devices.
Hetman Excel Recovery
No matter what caused the loss of data, Hetman Excel Recovery can handle it. Formatted and repartitioned hard drives, inaccessible memory cards and unreadable flash drives are routinely encountered and taken care of by Hetman Excel Recovery. Got a hard drive covered with bad blocks or making unusual sounds? Hetman Excel Recovery offers a special extra-safe recovery mode to handle physically unstable devices, maximizing your chance of successful recovery.
Hetman Word Recovery
Hetman Word Recovery recovers lost and deleted documents in Microsoft Word and Open Office formats, Adobe PDF files and many types of plain text files. Supporting all types of storage media, Hetman Word Recovery can extract documents from FAT and NTFS volumes.
Hetman Uneraser
Hetman Uneraser quickly recovers deleted files and folders from just about any kind of storage media. Hard drives, memory cards, external storage, USB drives - you name it! The tool will reliably recover accidentally deleted files even if you used the "permanent delete" function with Shift + Delete, and restore data cleared from the Recycle Bin.
Eight Tools for the Price of One
Get the full pack of data recovery tools for the price of one! The total cost of tools included in this bundle and one year of priority customer support is close to $600 if purchased separately. By ordering a package deal, you will be getting all eight great data recovery tools for only $149.99 - a 65% savings compared to the total cost of individual licenses!
Ultimate Convenience
Are you a fan of the all-in-one approach or prefer a dedicated tool for each job? You no longer have to guess! By getting all eight data recovery tools in a single pack, you'll be able to use the most appropriate tool to handle each job. Recover pictures, documents, spreadsheets, restore information from hard drives and memory cards by using a tool best suited for the job!
What's new
At the beginning of the year, Hetman Software updates its entire range of data recovery tools, adding the ability to resume the scanning process if it gets interrupted. In addition, all tools comprising Hetman's 2015 range can now save the result of disk scanning and analysis, allowing the user to use any other Hetman Software tool to actually recover the data. As a result, the scanning and recovering stages become independent to allow much greater flexibility than ever.
Resuming Interrupted Disk Analysis
When analyzing unreliable, unstable or worn out hard drives, users of data recovery tools may experience multiple freezes and crashes throughout the process. Once interrupted, the data recovery process would have to restart from the beginning, making the already lengthy process of extracting data seemingly infinite. Not any longer! In its 2015 range, Hetman Software enhanced the entire product range with the ability to store current progress, automatically resuming an interrupted data recovery job if the task is interrupted for any reason. This major update makes recovering hard drives that are just about to fail a much faster and more reliable process.
Interchangeable Disk Analysis Data
If the user scans the disk with one data recovery tool only to find out it wasn't the right tool for the job, trying a different product would again require the complete analysis of the same hard drive. Not any longer! In its 2015 range, Hetman Software separated the analysis and recovery stages, making it possible to save the results of the disk scan and re-use the data with a different tool. As a result, users can analyze the disk with one Hetman product yet finish the recovery with a different Hetman tool. This allows choosing the best tool for a given job without wasting time on re-scanning the media being recovered.
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10
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    • By karadurak
      Km Boot & PE v3 (X86 X64) 

      Km Boot içerik olarak güncellenmiştir. grub4dos ve grub2 görsel olarak aynıdır fakat zaman içerisinde farklı güncellemeler alarak yeni bir görünüme kavuşacaktır. 
      Grub4dos özel araçlar ile düzenlenip hızlandırılmıştır. Kullanımı hakkında ayrıntılı bilgi almak için KMPE konusunu ziyaret ediniz.
      Km Boot & PE v3 (X86 X64) 2020.09.01
      Iso Boyutu: 10,7 GB (11.570.769.920 bayt)
      Sistem gereksinimleri:
      CD / DVD sürücüsü veya USB'den önyükleme yapabilen PC.
      USB Sürücüye Kurulum: 
      Klasör Yapısı ve Kullanım:
        _ISO klasörü: Herhangi bir sürücünün ana dizinde _iso klasörü var ise windows isolarınızı 78-setup uygulaması otomatik olarak görür.  Hem Win Managerdan hemde KMPE den 78-setup a ulaşabilirsiniz. 78-setup'un kurulum imajlarını arayacağı klasörü değiştirebilirsiniz.  win manager için "_WIN\78SETUP.CFG" dosyası KMPE için "KMPE\_WIN\78SETUP.CFG" dosyasını notepad ile düzenleyiniz.     _WIN Klasörü: Herhangi bir sürücünün ana dizinde _win klasörü var ise windows imajlarınızı (wim,esd,swm) klasör konumuna atıp win managerden otomatik kurulum yapabilirsiniz. (örneğin:_WIN\1064\install.wim) Win manager menüsüne hem multiboot ana menüsünden hem de KMPE içerisinden ulaşabilirsiniz. Win managerin kurulum klasörünü, menüdeki programları ya da düzenini değiştirebilirsiniz.  Win Manager için "_WIN\MBOOTMGR_1064.wcs"  KMPE için "KMPE\_WIN\MBOOTMGR_1064.wcs" dosyalarını notepad düzenleyiniz. İnstall.wim/esd öğesinin yanında bir yanıt dosyası ( * unattend.xml ) ve/veya $OEM$ klasörü varsa , Windows'u iki şekilde yükleyebilirsiniz:
      Manual Kurulum => ( unattend.xml yanıt dosyası ve/veya $OEM$ klasörü yok sayılır ve kuruluma  kaldığı yerden devam eder.)
      Otomatik Kurulum => (  unattend.xml yanıt dosyası ve/veya $OEM$ klasörü alınır  ve  kuruluma  kaldığı yerden devam eder. ) Sistemde otomatik etkinleştirme özelligi de vardır (yalnızca Windows'u Otomatik kurulum modunda yüklerken ( $OEM$ klasörü kullanılır ) Kullanılan etkinleştirme yöntemleri: Windows Loader 2.2.2 by Daz, Ratiborus'tan KMS etkinleştiricisi , HWID Yöntemi (Dijital Lisans)   EFI Klasörü: Multiboot, EFI/UEFI modunda yükleme desteği içeriyor.   EFI-x64 menüsü: grub2 modunda açılır. rEFind menü ile değiştirmek için EFI klasöründeki CMD dosyalarını kullanınız. EFI-x32 menüsü:  rEFind menü ile açılır. NOT: EFI/UEFI modunda önyükleme yapmak için, flash sürücünüzdeki EFI klasörünün bulunduğu bölüm FAT32 formatında olmalı ve PC niz UEFI önyüklemesini desteklemelidir.   BOOT Klasörü: Grub4dos ve Grub2 için menü dosyalarının bulunduğu ayrıca starsetup ve winmanager gibi sistemlerin başlangıç dosyalarının yer aldığı bölümdür. \BOOT\grub klasöründen menü dosyalarını notepad ile düzenleyebilirsiniz. KMPE Klasörü: KMPE montaj klasörüdür. Ayrıntı için sayfayı ziyaret ediniz. https://www.tnctr.com/topic/658892-kmpe-xp-8-10-x86x64-nativex86-2020_02_12/   ÖNEMLİ BİLGİLER !!!:   Koleksiyonda birçok program için "ilaç" uygulandı . Bu nedenle, antivirüslerin yanlış uyarılarından kaçınmak için, dağıtımı indirirken bunları kapatmanız veya dağıtım klasörünü antivirüsünüzün hariç tutulanlarına eklemeniz önerilir. Ek Görüntüler: 
    • By qxqx
      Hetman Internet Spy v3.3 Multilingual

      Hetman Internet Spy v3.3 Multilingual
      This program analyzes the contents of both existing and deleted browser system files and collects detailed information on a user’s online activity. The utility allows you to analyze browsing history, social media messages, search history, emails, videos watched on YouTube, etc.
      The user-friendly interface is good not only for parents who would like to monitor their children’s online activity, but also for detectives working on digital evidence. The application will give you certain information even if the browsing history was deleted, the data was removed, or the disk was formatted.
      Ways you can use it
      If you’ve decided to clear your search history, browsing history, or the history of any other past online activities, you shouldn’t assume it will be gone forever. Browsing history can be read easily, and even restored, if necessary.
      Show a list of opened web pages
      The application collects the history of opened URLs and displays the opening date, total number of visits, and the time spent viewing a certain webpage. For convenient analysis, all websites are broken into categories, and you can filter or sort them by any category.
      Analyzes a user’s online activity on social media
      Communications on social media also leave a track in the operating system. There is a special section to show URLs, the accounts used, the people with whom the user interacted, and the total time spent on communication. Using the saved logins and passwords, you can get direct access to the private information of a person’s account – messaging history, photos and videos.
      Analyzes search queries and use of machine translation
      The history of all search queries is given as a separate section. It contains all the information about searches made with popular search engines such as Google or Bing, in online stores like Amazon or Ebay, online maps by Google, social media like Facebook and YouTube, dating websites such asBeNaughty, Match, Tinder or OkCupid, and millions of other web sites and services.
      Shows the user’s emails
      All emails – viewed or sent – are available for review in a separate section. In addition to the date, it shows you the name of the resource where the email was viewed, the user account, and the subject. By using the received passwords, you can read someone else’s correspondence.
      Shows created bookmarks and downloads
      All bookmarks created by the user will be shown after scanning the browser. You will have access to bookmarks created both from a desktop computer or a smartphone. The saved web page URLs contain the date of creation and are arranged as a directory tree. The history of all downloaded objects is given as a separate section. For every download, the complete address and the time of starting and finishing the download are shown, as well as the path to the file on the disk.
      Analyses the browser cache contents
      When visiting any webpage, Chrome, Yandex, Opera and Mozilla Firefox copy numerous images and other objects onto the hard disk – into the browser cache. Hetman Internet Spy restores the files and the date of first access from the browser cache and shows it for review.
      Shows saved passwords and entered addresses
      For convenience, modern browsers suggest remembering passwords to user accounts in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email services, etc. This utility extracts saved passwords and addresses entered in contact forms from a person’s user account. Using the login keys, you can view someone’s emails and social media messages. Entering a person’s accounts in Google and Facebook gives you access to complete browsing history and search queries, all movements (via Geolocation), all the person’s contacts, and lots of other private information.
      Recover browsing history after disk formatting
      Deleting browser system files from the hard disk with Shift + Del or formatting the partition with subsequent reinstallation of a Windows operating system gives no protection against the Internet Spy. Hetman Internet Spy scans the disk directly and recovers the deleted browsing history.
      Restores browsing history after it’s cleaned, or after Incognito or Private Mode have been used
      You will be able to recover browsing history after it is cleaned, reset to default settings, and even after the browser is uninstalled and reinstalled. Using an Incognito tab in Chrome and Yandex, or a Private tab in Opera and Mozilla Firefox does not hide the browsing history, and you’ll be able to view it.
      Exporting reports to Excel, HTML or PDF
      You can save all the received data to Excel, HTML or PDF for further use or to import to other systems. The Report Wizard will help you select and export any useful information.
      Browsers and operating systems
      You can download and try Hetman Internet Spy for free. This product supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and can recover browsing history for:
      Amigo Blisk Cent Browser Cốc Cốc Comodo Dragon Epic Privacy Browser FreeU GhostBrowser Google Chrome Internet Explorer Maelstrom Mirosoft Edge Mozilla Firefox Opera Browser Orbitum Safari SeaMonkey Slimjet SRWare Iron Torch UC Browser Vivaldi Yandex Browser Rambler Browser Home Page
      Hetman Internet Spy v3.3 Multilingual TEAM-Full.exe (16.65 MB)
    • By qxqx
      Hetman Partition Recovery v4.4 Multilingual

      Hetman Partition Recovery v4.4 Multilingual
      Hetman Partition Recovery is designed to reliably recover information and fix all types of issues with healthy, damaged, corrupted, formatted and inaccessible hard drives. This hard drive data recovery software offers a complete, all-in-one solution to take care of typical problems you’re your computer’s storage. The This hard drive data recovery software will help you recover lost and deleted files, recover missing documents, photos, audio and video files.
      In addition, Hetman Partition Recovery comes with a comprehensive set of tools to fix corrupted volumes, recover deleted partitions, unformat formatted disks, and repair all types of damage to your disk system structures.
      Hetman Partition Recovery can recover partition tables and MBR records, FAT and NTFS file systems complete with alternative data streams, recovering the entire hard drive complete with all volumes, files and original folder structure. All 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported.
      Key features
      – Recover all types of deleted files including documents, compressed archives, photos, music and videos;
      – Recover files and folders from formatted, repartitioned, corrupted and inaccessible disks;
      – Unformat formatted partitions and restore original volumes from repartitioned hard drives;
      – Fix corrupted file systems, partition tables, master boot records (MBR) and other system information;
      – Recover files and folders from built-in and external hard disks, USB flash drives, and all types of memory cards.
      Home Page
      Hetman Partition Recovery v4.4 Multilingual TEAM-Full.exe (35.34 MB)
    • By qxqx
      Macrorit Partition Expert Unlimited Edition v6.1.2 [En-Ru]

      Macrorit Partition Expert Unlimited Edition v6.1.2 [En-Ru]
      Macrorit Partition Expert Free Download Latest Version for Windows. Its full offline installer standalone setup of Macrorit Disk Partition Expert for Windows 32 bit 64 bit PC.
      Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Full Overview
      Macrorit Disk Partition Expert is a Good partition software allows you to extend partition, especially for system drive, settle low disk space problem, manage disk space easily on MBR and GUID partition table (GPT) disk.
      Features of Macrorit Partition Expert Full Download
      forever: It could assist you to solve common disk partition problems WITHOUT ANY CHARGE. Extremely easy-to-use: All tasks could be easily operated, undo/redo/commit operations with several mouse click. Feature-rich: HASSLE-FREE partition software fixes for your computer common disk partition problems. Macrorit New Technology: Although it is freeware, it possesses all the unique technology of power-off protection and data disaster recovery. Enjoy continual practical features, for free: There will be more practical features added based on users’ needs. Wide compatibility: *Support > 2T hard drive , 1024 sector size and MBR/GPT partition. *Support Windows native environment, any partition can be locked. *Support Multi- operating system environment. Fast working speed: The speed to resize/move, copy, wipe, surface test can reach the limit of IO devices. Unlimited Edition Features:
      CANCEL AT WILL – Able to cancel operations before it finishes while data stay intact TRULY PORTABLE – Easy and fast to run partition program without installing to system REAL 64-BIT APPs – Real 64-bit application on 64-bit Windows system, Performance Better and faster FAST RESIZING – Supper fast in resizing, moving and converting partition without losing data DISASTER-RECOVERY – Able to recovery complete data when pow-off or Natural disasters happen to system WINPE BOOTABLE CD – Now create WinPE bootable CD/DVD/USB of Partition Expert is now possible, both 32-bit and 64-bit. FASTER THAN FREE EDITION – Partition Expert Unlimited Edition is 3 times faster than Free Edition when resizing COMMERCIAL USE – Partition Expert Pro Edition can be used in companies, schools, governments and hospitals. Etc. WINDOWS SERVER OS – Server Edition Supports Windows Server 2016 /2012/ 2008/2003 and SBS 2011 /2008/2003 SERVER-OPTIMIZED – With server-optimized programs in , we’re now able to protect data and Minimize server downtime UNLIMITED LICENSE – Unlimited Edition provides Unlimited Usage of Partition Expert in one company  
      Title: Macrorit Partition Expert Unlimited Edition v6.1.2 [En-Ru] TEAM-Full
      Developer: Home Page
      License: Shareware
      Language: English --> [En-Ru]
      OS: Windows
      Macrorit Partition Expert Unlimited Edition v6.1.2 [En-Ru] TEAM-Full.exe (9.93 MB)
    • By qxqx
      Macrorit Data Wiper Unlimited Edition v6.2.5 [En-Ru]

      Macrorit Data Wiper Unlimited Edition v6.2.5 [En-Ru]
      Macrorit Data Wiper Overview
      Macrorit Data Wiper is a wide-ranging utility that promises to help users wipe clean all the drives, disks, and partitions, besides USB drives or other kinds of central storage devices with a least amount of trouble involved. With its intuitive user interface that is out of the way, users can set-up their own workspace. It can also be used as a very well-organized file shredder since it enables the users to perfectly add files so as to make sure that they are perpetually wiped out from computer’s drives. Some users may even be able to erase all data from computer’s free space or create bootable disks, as these features are also fully backed up by Macrorit Data Wiper.

      It uses a storage-overwriting process to overwrite the zones on the device. Moreover, the utility also offers some safety-associated features as it empowers the users to fill distributed sectors with zero, one or zero and one. All things considered, Macrorit Data Wiper is a fast and efficient data obliteration app that helps users to remove the whole thing from hard-drives to external sources.

      Features of Macrorit Data Wiper
      A wide-ranging utility that promises to help users wipe clean all the drives Perpetually wipes out total disk or a separate partition Removes sensitive data with comfort Lodges all system resources Wipes out the partitions, disks or other transferable devices Makes sure that data is erased removed permanently Abolishes sensitive data by retaining this lightweight yet proficient utility Wipes out system partition without having to use any disc Many other best and powerful tools
      Technical Details of Macrorit Data Wiper
      Software Name: Macrorit Data Wiper for Windows Software File Name: Macrorit Data Wiper Unlimited Edition v6.2.5 [En-Ru] TEAM-Full.exe Software Version: 6.2.5 Architectures: x64 File Size: (9.08 MB) Developers: Macrorit Language: English -> En-Ru  
      System Requirements for Macrorit Data Wiper Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10, Free Hard Disk Space: 5 GB of minimum free HDD Installed Memory: 4 GB of minimum RAM Processor: Intel Multi-Core Processor or higher Minimum Screen Resolution: 800 x 600 TEAM-Full
      Macrorit Data Wiper Unlimited Edition v6.2.5 [En-Ru] TEAM-Full.exe (9.08 MB)
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