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  1. https://github.com/a1ive/grub2-filemanager/blob/676e2cbaa7e94ec9b7223abf963b0315641b0b22/boot/grub/open.lua#L277 https://github.com/a1ive/grub2-filemanager/blob/676e2cbaa7e94ec9b7223abf963b0315641b0b22/lang/fm.pot#L232 https://github.com/a1ive/grub2-filemanager/blob/676e2cbaa7e94ec9b7223abf963b0315641b0b22/lang/fm.pot#L235 "Boot " + Windows + " from ISO"
  2. Which version of GRUB did you use? grubfm.efi in releases are signed. custom builds are unsigned.
  3. The compatibility of wimboot and GRUB2 under Legacy-BIOS is BAD. My suggestion is that avoid using grubfm under BIOS, except for Virtual Machine. There are plenty of tools (like easy2boot) work perfectly under BIOS, but not under UEFI.
  4. Actually, we need a WINDOWS driver to read the virtual disk under WINDOWS. Bootloaders can do nothing about it.
  5. Yes, I've already changed it. https://github.com/a1ive/grub2-filemanager/releases
  6. works fine for me. Is there any detailed info? https://i.postimg.cc/KvPjrfsm/20191111200437.gif
  7. can't reproduce. which platform (bios/uefi)?
  8. plz build from source code and try. https://github.com/a1ive/grub2-filemanager/commit/7928e54b4a19cad9e0be90fb8716f08739d50f15
  9. It's too complex.The code will be very ugly. Although it's correct, I don't like this way.
  10. I've uploaded the source code to github, plz try it. https://github.com/a1ive/grub2-filemanager/commit/ba77a80bcc0e389a2b02fc34781cad851afdd782
  11. Booting EFI Application is not supported by Windows Boot Manager (bootmgfw.efi/BCD). bootmgr.efi, winload.efi and memtest.efi are not EFI APPLICATION They are BOOT APPLICATION! Therefore we need a BOOT APPLICATION to load other EFI APPLICATIONs like GRUB. But I have not found yet. http://reboot.pro/topic/17655-boot-into-3rd-party-efi-application-via-bcd/ https://github.com/imbushuo/boot-shim
  12. WTF??? It's meaningless.I don't even know what you want to do.
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