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  1. Sen niye gittin panpa :(

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Ultimately, we want Lightroom to be truly built from the ground up by photographers, for photographers, helping solve your unique workflow challenges. “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom” is a new, exciting product built from the ground up for professional photographers. It is an efficient, powerful way to import, select, develop and showcase large volumes of digital images. “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom” will allow you to spend less time organizing and sorting images, so you have more time to actually shoot and perfect them.The Lightroom program aims to get direct product feedback from the photography community, via Adobe Labs web site, so that photographers will have an impact in what Adobe actually ships. key features of “[b]Adobe Photoshop Lightroom[/b]“: Import [b]· Robust tools to handle large shoots[/b] Speedily process high-volume shoots by automatically importing images whenever media cards or cameras are connected to your computer. Then automatically rename files, organize folders, and make nondestructive adjustments as images are imported. [b]· Import/export presets[/b] Streamline the importing and exporting of your files by saving your frequently used settings in stored presets, which you can recall and apply when needed. [b]· Automatic conversion to DNG[/b] If desired, automatically convert your images from proprietary file formats to the publicly available Digital Negative (DNG) format as they are imported, or easily export photographs from your Library in DNG format. Manage [b]· Multiple viewing options[/b] Quickly find and select your best shots with flexible display options like the Grid view for groups of thumbnails, the Loupe view for zeroing in on fine detail in a single image, or the Compare view for displaying two or more images side by side. [b]· Flexible organization of images[/b] Bring order to voluminous image libraries by grouping your photographs in stored collections. Create collections for different tasks or subjects, and group similar images within a collection to organize them further. [b]· Manual thumbnail reordering[/b] Put your images in the order that you need them for any particular task by selecting any number of photographs in your Library – continuous or not – and then simply dragging them to a new location on the Grid. [b]· Easy file renaming[/b] Make your photographs easier to find and keep in sensible order using the Lightroom renaming feature. Simply set naming rules, and Lightroom automatically renames your images as they’re imported. [b]· Single or group metadata stamping[/b] Organize and annotate your images by adding metadata to a single photo or to groups of selected images. Save metadata sets as presets, which you can apply with one click. [b]· Image versions without duplication[/b] Create as many alternate versions of an image as you desire without overloading your hard drive. Then, switch between versions with a single click. [b]· IPTC/EXIF/XMP metadata support[/b] Read, add, or edit a comprehensive set of metadata entries, including IPTC, EXIF, and XMP data. [b]· Metadata stamping on output[/b] Stamp crucial metadata – such as copyright notification, captions, and keywords – on print jobs or exported images so you can search on it later. [b]· Keyword synchronization[/b] Make keywords consistent even if you’re using Lightroom on two different computers by importing and exporting keyword sets to external, transferable files. [b]· Offline image management[/b] Work with your image library in Lightroom even when some or all of the actual photo files are stored on offline media. [b]· Easy Library backup to CD/DVD[/b] Help ensure the safety and preservation of your photographs by backing them up to CD or DVD using simple built-in tools. [b]· Simple keywording[/b] Easily organize your photographs and make them searchable with keywords that make sense to you. Assign keywords to a single image or groups of selected images – just type and apply. Develop [b]· Easy-to-use white balance, exposure, and contrast controls[/b] Quickly perfect white balance, exposure, and tone curves in your images, including camera raw files, with familiar slider controls, or enter numeric values for the most precise adjustments. [b]· Simple yet powerful tone curve editor[/b] Precisely control the tonality and contrast of your images by individually targeting highlights, midtones, and shadows using sliders and visual controls. [b]· Integration with Adobe Photoshop[/b] Instantly send any number of images to Adobe Photoshop (sold separately) for advanced editing, and see the changes you’ve made reflected in the Lightroom Library when you’re done. [b]· Advanced hue, saturation, and luminance editing[/b] Enhance color saturation and remove color casts in your images with individual control over six color ranges each for hue, saturation, and luminance. [b]· Nondestructive editing[/b] Enjoy robust support for more than 140 camera raw formats, and experiment with confidence. Adjustments you make to images in Lightroom won’t alter the original data, whether you’re working on a JPEG, TIFF, DNG, or camera raw file. [b]· Fast zooming[/b] Check sharpness, noise, or small details with nearly instant zooming – a simple keyboard command or mouse click toggles between 100% magnification and a full-image view. Smoothly navigate highly magnified areas using the Hand tool in the photo preview pane. [b]· Convenient before/after comparison mode[/b] View a side-by-side display of your original picture and a duplicate that shows the effects of your edits as you make them, or display the before and after states in a split view of the image. Toggle either view between portrait and landscape modes, and even see images in “lights out” view. [b]· Finely tuned black-and-white conversions[/b] Convert color images to black-and-white with precision. Familiar sliders allow you to control the contrast and detail based on the colors in the original photograph. [b]· Synchronized adjustments across multiple images[/b] Edit large numbers of images faster by creating presets that you can apply to many photographs at once, or edit one image and then synchronize your adjustments to other photos you select. [b]· Explicit history tracking[/b] Retrace your adjustments to any image – the History panel tracks them automatically as you edit – and instantly return to any state of the photo that you choose. [b]· Dust buster[/b] Erase dust spots from an image with a single click. · Easy-to-use crop and straighten tools Crop and straighten your photographs in a snap. [b]· Red-eye removal[/b] Quickly eliminate red eye when it occurs in your flash photos. Present [b]· Fast, high-quality printing[/b] Quickly and visually format high-quality prints, whether working with one photo or 100, on one page or many. Recall your favorite layouts with saved presets and enjoy speedy output, even of large files. [b]· Live preview of HTML or Flash based web galleries[/b] Create HTML or Adobe Flash based web galleries for online presentation with little effort and no programming, and preview the results in Lightroom before you publish them to your site. [b]· Single-click web publishing[/b] Save your web server information in Lightroom as an FTP preset, and then publish your Flash or HTML galleries with a single click. There’s no more need for a separate FTP client application in your imaging workflow. [b]· Sophisticated slide shows[/b] Use the simple controls in Lightroom to create and play elegant slide shows, and include background music from your digital music library, including iTunes. [b]· Signature stamps[/b] Stamp your slide shows, web galleries, and printed output with your studio or business logo for an added professional touch. 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